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Anime & Manga

  • Alabaster: The plot develops in a way designed to create a rather clever Stealth Pun. It's a story about a black man struggling against racism in America who then becomes a twisted, violent monster after using an invisibility device made by a mad scientist. In other words, it starts out as Invisible Man and turns into The Invisible Man.


  • The Equalizer has a character driven thematic Shout-Out to the novel. Robert is African-American, and the book deals with black identity. However, the title is obviously more of a reference to the fact that Robert is an unknown quantity to the evil-doers in the world, and thus "invisible" to them.
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  • Stand by Me: Gordy protests that after reading Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, he feels down.

Video Games

  • BioShock Infinite: Daisy, at one point, says the only advantage colored children get is that they are "invisible" - ignored by society. This is the definition used in Invisible Man - a minority completely ignored by society.

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