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  • In several episodes of Dennis the Menace, Dennis, Mr. Wilson, or Mrs. Wilson hums the Inspector Gadget theme song. This should come as no surprise, since both cartoons were created by DiC Entertainment.
  • Robot Chicken has parodied Inspector Gadget many times. In these sketches, Cree Summer and Frank Welker reprised their roles as Penny Gadget and Dr. Claw, respectively:
    • A sketch from "Easter Basket" has Inspector Gadget engage in intercourse with a hooker.
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    • A sketch from "Adoption's an Option" features Inspector Gadget becoming a Terminator-esque killing machine controlled by Dr. Claw thanks to installing an upgrade from Cyberdyne.
    • A sketch from "Executed by the State" features Inspector Gadget as a stripper.
    • A sketch from "Choked on a Bottle Cap" features MAD Cat peeing on Dr. Claw's chair as revenge for all the times Dr. Claw mistreated him.
    • A sketch from "Rebel Appliance" features Dr. Claw calling Tom for his wi-fi password after he gets disconnected from his network.
    • A sketch from "Legion of Super Gyros" has Nev Schulman of Catfish fame setting Dr. Claw and Inspector Gadget up with each other.
    • A sketch from "Triple Hot Dog Sandwich on Wheat" features Chief Quimby reprogramming Inspector Gadget to use him as a weapon for the US army. Meanwhile, Dr. Claw makes an honest living selling herbal supplements.

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