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References to Édith Piaf in popular culture.

  • A British ad campaign featured real footage of Edith Piaf singing "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien." Instead of an accurate translation, the subtitles claimed she's singing that there's actually one thing she does regret- she could have got cheap glasses from Specsavers.

Comic Books

  • Wolverine: An instrumental of Piaf's "La Vie en Rose" plays before Javert interrupts.


  • Soldiers listen to a recording of her in Saving Private Ryan while waiting for the Germans to arrive.
  • "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" plays an important part in Inception as a Musical Trigger.
  • "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" is also used as Soundtrack Dissonance during a scene in Princess when August destroys all the pornographic images of his dead sister.
  • Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted: Captain DeBois sings "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" to rally up her team while in the hospital.
  • Although "La Vie en Rose" serves as Sebastian Shaw's Leitmotif in X-Men: First Class, the title (which can be roughly translated as "Life Through Rose-Tinted Glasses") is actually an apt description of how the optimistic Charles Xavier perceives the world.
  • She's "that crazy Mexican singer" that Annie listens to in Bull Durham.


  • Jeff Buckley covered "Je n'en connais pas la fin" on "Live At Sinn-É".

Video Games

  • Bioshock Infinite: "La Vie en Rose" is played at the beginning and the end of Burial at Sea Episode 2.

Western Animation


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