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References to Frank Herbert's literary series Dune and its 1984 and 2021 film adaptations.

Fan Works
  • In Captain Proton and the Planet of Lesbians, Buster Kincaid gives the student version of the Litany Against Fear.
    "I must drink beer. Beer is the mind killer. Beer brings the hangover that causes total obliteration. I will scull my beer. I will let it pass through me, till only urine remains!"

Films - Live-Action

  • The nerdy Sherman from My Science Project is shown reading Dune at one point.
  • In the opening classroom scene, Javier Perez in Stand and Deliver is shown with the book as well.


  • The Expanse:
    • In Leviathan Wakes a portion of Julies's notes goes, Panic doesn't help. It never helps. Deep breaths, figure this out, make the right moves. Fear is the mind-killer. Ha. Geek.
    • In Babylon's Ashes Holden initially wants to call the new Belter government the "Spacing Guild".


  • Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind originally had a track titled Dune. It's a shame Frank Herbert wasn't quite so accommodating regarding Dune - the song had to be renamed To Tame a Land. This lack of accommodation was "mentioned" by Bruce in the 1983 World Piece Tour:
    Next song is all about a gentleman who wrote a science-fiction book called Dune(...). He's an American called Mr. Frank Herbert, this particular gentleman, alright? And Mr. Herbert, as it turns out, is a bit of a cunt actually, because he... among other things he said that if we called this track that we wrote on the album "Dune", that he'd sue us and stop the album coming out, and all kinds of very unpleasant things... So we had to re-title the track which is on the new album, and we had to call it "To Tame a Land".
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  • In Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice", a line quotes, "If you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm."

Video Games

  • Civilization: Beyond Earth: Arid worlds are said by the developers to have more Siege Worms than other planets, a reference to Dune.
    • Further developing this, the achievement for killing one is "Walk Without Rhythm".
    • An in-game quest for defeating a Siege Worm makes it seem like Shai-Hulud in all but name. The flavour text is very Moby-Dick, though.
      • And in Rising Tide, a Harmony unit that leashes a siege worm specifically earns the "Shai-Hulud" achievement.
  • Terraria: In hardmode Underground Desert you can find Sand Worms called Dune Splicers.

Web Comics

Web Video

  • Bennett the Sage:
    • In the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust review, Sage hearkens to the "[...] the likes of which God has never seen" line in the film...and punishes himself by drinking from a bottle of Dawn detergent.
    • In the MD Geist review, Sage starts to say the "Fear is the mind-killer" line, but is interrupted by The Nostalgia Critic threatening him at gunpoint. Rob Walker breaks in to finish the line, and is chased out of the room by the Critic. In the review's "Nuts and Bolts" video, Bennett and his friend Marc Swint talk about how Doug Walker had gotten sick of Rob and Spoony overdoing Dune references, which led to his appearance in this review.
    • A few more nods are given in his review of Hyper Doll. First, the thumbnail of the video has Sage riding on the back of a giant worm in a Fremen stillsuit. Then when said worm appears in the show itself, Sage can't help play the Dune (1984) theme full blast.
      Sage: *covering his face with his arms* Don't look at me right now!
    • While recapping the second episode of the Bubblegum Crisis sequel series Bubblegum Crash, Sage mocks how Obviously Evil the episode's villain, Dr. Yuri, is by saying he looks like "Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen if he were playing Loki from Sandman." That said, he spends the rest of that episode's recap calling Yuri "Loki" rather than "Feyd".

Western Animation

  • Earthworm Jim: Peter Puppy often tries to keep himself calm by reciting the first few lines of the "Litany Against Fear."
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Someone on the show must have been a fan of Dune, because it gets more shout-outs than you'd expect from a children's show.
    • The episode "Mandy the Merciless" was a straight-up parody of God-Emperor of Dune, with Mandy in the Leto II role, Billy in the Duncan Idaho role, and Grim still as Mandy's servant. Spice is replaced with cinnamon, which spice is said to similar to in smell and texture.
    • In "My Fair Mandy", one of the tests turns out to be gom jabbar.
      Mindy: It burns! (removes hand from the box)
      Pirate judge: Arr, that'll cost 'er some points. (other judges nod)
    • At the end of the episode "Scary Poppins", Mandy uses the Bene Gesserit Voice to command the neighborhood adults to attack the nanny.
    • The Secret Snake Club's second attempt to summon a big snake involved a thumper.
  • Rick and Morty: In "The Rickshank Redemption" someone unseen says at one point "He who controls the pants controls the galaxy!", paraphrasing Dune's "He who controls the spice, controls the universe".

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