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The stories and characters created by Dr. Seuss have been beloved by children and adults alike for generations, so its only appropriate that the good doctor's works get a fair amount of tributes and parodies in media.

Works with their own pages

Other works:

    In General 
Comic Book
  • Batman: Black and White: "Batsman: Swarming Scourge of the Underworld" includes a billboard featuring a lawyer-friendly but still easily recognizable version of the "Quick, Henry, the Flit!" advertisement.
  • DC: The New Frontier begins with a children's author writing about the Eldritch Abomination threatening everyone before committing suicide. The author is implied to be Seuss.
  • In Love Anthony, the marriage counselor Dr. Campbell's office is described as a library constructed by Dr. Seuss, full of teetering towers of books and magazines that reminds Beth of a game of Jenga just before someone loses.
Live-Action TelevisionMusic
  • "This Machine Is 4" by NOFX contains several references to the plot of The Sneetches.
  • R.E.M.'s "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite" mentions "a reading from Dr. Seuss" as one of the things the narrator lists in a search for "something more substantial" than his soup. The following verse recounts the plot of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

    Horton Hears a Who! 
  • Deee-Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart" references the name of the book.
Western Animation
  • Dexter's Laboratory: At the beginning of "Monstory", Dexter is studying a tiny civilization with a microscope and says he's studying "Horton's theory of Who".
  • Family Guy:
    • A Cutaway Gag from "Love Blactually" is about the story Horton Hears Domestic Violence in the Next Apartment and Doesn't Call 911.
    • In "Back to the Pilot", one of the books in 1999!Stewie's bedroom is Horton Hears a Suicide.
  • MAD: The final sketch of "Pacific Ring / Horton Hears a Whodunnit!" is a mashup of this book and Whodunnit? (2013).
  • Robot Chicken: A sketch from "Due to Constraints of Time and Budget" features a delinquent elephant named Morton hearing tiny partying people on a crack rock.

    The Lorax 
  • Gracefully Grayson: When Grayson and Emma were in first grade, they appeared in a class production of The Lorax as pink trees.
  • Lily and Dunkin: Lily's grandfather used to read The Lorax to her under their favorite banyan tree. She brings a copy of the book to her tree-sit when the tree is scheduled to be cut down.
  • In the book Pet Trouble: Oh No, Newf!, a 4-year old Heidi tries to read this under the covers, except she can't read yet so she just looks at the pictures.
Web Comics
  • Questionable Content: In "Doctor Seuph" Dora and Martin trade some drunk puns when talking about interpreting their friend Faye:
    Dora: He is the Lor-ass, and he speaks for the Fayes.
    Martin: Does that make you the Punceler?

Web Video

Western Animation