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Comic Books

  • Batman villain Bane's origin, as revealed in Knightfall, was devised as a dark-mirror version of Doc's origin. In Knightfall he also has a group of henchmen who are parodies of Doc's companions.
  • Marvels: An unnamed Doc Savage appears in a crowd scene.
  • Planetary: An early issue retells the final world-saving adventure of a group of pulp-era heroes including Axel Brass, who closely resembles the Man of Bronze.
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  • The Rocketeer: It's implied that Doc Savage is the inventor of the rocket pack. Two of his companions have cameo appearances.
  • Tom Strong: Tom's upbringing is partly inspired by Doc Savage's.


  • Doc Sidhe is Doc Savage but he's an elf.
  • Doc Wilde is a Doc Savage parody.
  • Grand Central Arena: Part of the backstory is the Hyperion Project, an attempt to create superhumans inspired by the old pulp heroes. "Clark Savage" is mentioned as one of the inspirations.
  • "Helping Them Take the Old Man Down" and sequels by William Preston revolve around a figure known as "the Old Man" who bears a striking but not copyright-infringing resemblance to an aged Doc Savage, exploring the role of heroes in the modern world.
  • Roadmarks includes an unnamed cameo by Doc Savage.

Tabletop Games

  • Champions, supplement Champions II:
    • Hideouts and Headquarters (rules for constructing bases). One example mentions a waterfront warehouse that contains vehicles, which is separate from the main base in a prominent New York skyscraper.
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    • The picture on page 63 is clearly Doc Savage, including the supermachine pistol he's holding with the distinctive ram's head ammo clip.
  • Toon, supplement Tooniversal Tour Guide: In the "Supertoon" setting, a superhero team have their headquarters in the 86th floor of the Umpire's Plate Building.

Western Animation

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In the episode "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows", a poster of heroic pony Smash Fortune is drawn to resemble Doc Savage.
  • The Venture Bros.: Doc Savage is one of the inspirations for the Brothers' famous grandfather, Dr. Jonas Venture.


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