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    Comic Books 
  • In a Hack/Slash story set at a comic convention, Cassie gets sarcastically asked if she's a Buffy cosplayer (of course, Buffy would never wear the kind of thing Cassie usually does).
  • In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl V1 #6, Doreen's friend Nancy, on discovering that two more of her fellow students have animal-themed powers, laments "I'm the Xander".
  • The Chick Tract "The Devil's Night" has a girl named Buffy who's afraid of vampires and monsters.

  • My Name Is Bruce has Ash, the original Deadpan Snarker demon hunter, horror's OG, feeling that the forces of darkness are just about beyond him and, after winning the day, humbly asking that Buffy get the call should this happen again.
  • Veronica Mars; when Piz visits Veronica's ten-year high school reunion, and sees the tape of him and Veronica having sex (from back in college, in the third season of the series), we get this exchange:
    Veronica: Neptune High. What do you think of it so far?
    Piz: It actually does sit on a Hellmouth.

  • In Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series, Barbi Winters in Johnny Alucard is a parody of Buffy and Drusilla Zark, the vampire Mad Prophet from One Thousand Monsters, is blatantly inspired by Drusilla.
  • At one point in M John Harrison's SF novel Light, one of the PoV characters (who is a misogynistic serial killer) is upset by the fact that there's nothing to watch on TV except Buffy reruns.
  • Hard Time, one of Sara Paretsky's VI Warshawski feminist private-eye novels, partly involves a series of action-horror films called Mad Virgin, which appears to be a very hostile parody of Buffy. The films are described as wallowing in constant physical and emotional abuse of their heroine under a veneer of depicting her as a "strong female character" Action Girl, and their merchandise is made by horribly abused female prison labour.

    Live-Action TV 


  • The British dance group Basement Jaxx did several live and TV performances of their track "Where's Your Head At?" with a dancer who was dressed and painted exactly like the First Slayer.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the action-horror RPG Monster of the Week, all of the player-character classes are transparently based on characters from popular action-horror works. For this page, "The Chosen" is Buffy, "The Expert" is Giles, and "The Mundane" is Xander.

    Video Games 
  • Spike's crypt makes an appearance in the cemetery of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There is also a stand in for Winifred called... Winifred, whose employers are far more moral than Wolfram & Hart.
  • Max Payne is on the run from police after being framed for the murder of his partner. Breaking into a abandoned building he finds a body with a stake through the heart, the victim having been able to write, Buff...before he died.
  • Saints Row 4 gives us Josh Birk, an actor who plays a character called Nyteblade, who is a homage or parody of modern vampire fiction including Angel. Well there is a Streets of Rage homage as well, and on the Winners Don't Use Drugs message it's given by Nyteblade, Vampire Slayer.
  • Secret of Mana gave us a boss battle against a vampire bat named Buffy, in tribute to the film.
  • The X-Files has surprisingly resisted making any shout outs to the show in the main TV series, but the opening for The X-Files: Resist or Serve has Mulder suggest that he watches the show, and seeing Willow and Tara do magic is where the persecuted girls they are investigating got the idea to get into witchcraft.
  • Heroes of Dragon Age, a smart phone spinoff of Dragon Age, could not resist making a reference with two epic nugs (think a cross between a rabbit and a pig) being named Fluffy and Spike.

    Web Comics 

    Web Videos 
  • Outside Xbox are clearly fans of the show, from saying how The Iron Bull is made hotter by being voiced by Mr. Buffy Summers (sploosh) to Ellen wearing a Sunnydale High top.

    Western Animation 
  • After getting a freaky science partner who goes off the deep end in Spiderman The New Animated Series, Peter complains that he has the partner from Sunnydale.
  • As well as making up action figures of his co stars as gifts, Seth Green also got Gellar to reprise her role on Robot Chicken. The series would also use numerous people and riffs from the show, up to and including Joss Whedon himself.
  • The X Men Evolution episode Spyke Cam aired not long after Dirty Girls with the infamous Buffy/Faith dance. Word of God is they loved that scene so much they copied it verbatim for Kitty/Rogue.
  • Kim Possible could be considered a Spiritual Successor to the show and includes a couple of sly references (such as combusting cheerleaders), Buffy Speak including Kim doing a spot on Buffy impression, and funnily enough her default civilian outfit looking like a carbon copy of one of Buffy's costumes in "The Dark Age".

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