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Comic Books

  • Josie And The Pussy Cats: The 2015 reboot features a reference in a twist of the classical "hero, then villain" phrase.
    You die the Archer or live long enough to become the BoJack Horseman, am I right?
  • In Spider-Ham: Aporkalypse Now, Mojo decides Spider-Ham's World of Funny Animals needs to be more "mature", and reinvents Black Colt (an equine version of Black Bolt) as "Blackcolt Horseguy", which he calls "More wry than funny. In a depressing way."

Live-Action TV

  • Atlanta: "Sportin' Waves" has this brief exchange between Earn and Tracy where the latter seems very upset about something.
    Tracy: I mean, don't get me wrong. It's still a funny show, but when they dive into depression and especially after what he did with her daughter, I was like...I mean, can I even feel bad for this horse anymore?


Web Animation

  • "Bojack" (even using similar logo) appears in a drug vending machine in Hell in the Hazbin Hotel pilot.

Web Original

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons: In a Season 30 episode entitled 'Krusty the Clown,' Homer reviews TV shows for Lisa's school newspaper. His reviews are so brutally honest that he's recruited by an official agency. The CEO is telling him that none of the shows he always hears about (namely shows on the USA network) actually exist, they just have their reviewers pump out great reviews of nonexistent shows. Behind him is a screen with the names of TV shows that don't actually exist scrolling – one of them is BoJack Horseman. In another episode, Homer is tempted to binge-watch a Stranger Things expy without Marge. He then suddenly sees Marge on the TV telling him not to watch it without her. When he switches programs, he sees Marge as BoJack, telling him he can watch this program instead. But Homer refuses, since it's "too depressing"
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  • Family Guy: In the episode "Disney's The Reboot", a focus group offers suggestions on how to retool the series. One of the participants suggest doing the show like BoJack, with Peter in the title role. It then cuts away to Peter as BoJack in the iconic mansion set. (Though with the "Hollywoo" sign still having the "D" on it for some reason.)


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