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A list of references, shout-outs, spoofs, parodies,... to Bob Marley.




Live-Action TV



Video Games

  • Splatoon references an in-universe music artist named Bob Dub, who seems to be inspired by Marley and his music. His only known song, "Dubble Bath", is a relaxing, slow song that takes heavy inspiration from reggae music (specifically, the dub subgenre). The reference is made more obvious in the Japanese version, where the artist is named Cala Marley while his song is titled "Ika Jamaica".

Western Animation

  • The Simpsons:
    • In "The Canine Mutiny", Chief Wiggum busts a man for marijuana possession, yet just decides to have a party smokin' weed. The episode closes with an outside shot of their house, while "Jammin'" from Exodus plays over the end credits.
    • In "Thirty Minutes over Tokyo", when Homer says he wants to go to Jamaica, he wears a "One Love" badge on his shirt.
  • Futurama: In "The Route of All Evil", (3:55 in, specifically), Hermes is briefly heard singing a version of "Get Up, Stand Up" with lyrics changed to bureaucratic themes, natch.
  • South Park: In "Medicinal Fried Chicken", after Randy gets free marihuana on a doctor's prescription he walks out while singing "Buffalo Soldier", from Confrontation.
  • In one of Seth MacFarlane's Cartoon Cavalcade cartoon sketches Marley is held captive by two police officers who want to arrest him for the murder of a deputy, though he keeps denying his involvement. As the cops huddle together one of them wonders why he defends himself against murder by confessing to a completely different murder. One cop says: "We don't need to get him on the deputy. If we prove he killed the sherrif, that's a life sentence right there." His companion replies: "I have this weird hunch he might be high."
  • Celebrity Death Match: One episode had Bob Marley fight Shaggy and defeat him.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: In "A Lost Claus", Bloo tries to scare Mr. Herriman by imitating the spirits from A Christmas Carol; for the first spirit, he dresses as Bob Marley instead of Jacob.