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A large number of creative works have referenced or paid tribute to the late comedian Bill Hicks over the years. This is an incomplete list:

Comic Books

  • Garth Ennis' Preacher has several references to him; he even appears in a flashback in the story "Underworld" (issue #31).


  • In the 1999 British film Human Traffic, the protagonist extols Bill Hicks' comedy ("first a daily injection of the late prophet Bill Hicks... just to remind me not to take life too seriously") and watches one of his segments on drugs.
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  • Richard Linklater is set to direct a biopic based on Hicks' life.


  • Built To Spill's 2009 song "Planting Seeds" refers to Hicks' thoughts on marketing and advertising.
  • The English electronica duo Fila Brazila's 1995 album Maim That Tune is dedicated to Hicks.
  • British DJ and producer Adam Freeland's song "We Want Your Soul" samples Hicks.
  • Radiohead dedicated their sophomore album, 1994's The Bends, to Hicks.
  • The Seattle-based Progressive Rock band Rishloo has a song titled "Just a Ride" in tribute to Hicks' routine of the same name, which the band has quoted on Twitter. The final lines of the song can be read as their tribute to Hicks.
  • The British pop band SPA dedicated their eponymous 1997 album to him.
  • Super Furry Animals have sampled him during some of their live performances of their song "The Man Don't Give a Fuck".
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  • tool dedicated their sophomore album Ænima to him. The sort-of title song, "Ænema" (note the spelling difference), is based on Hicks' "Arizona Bay" routine, which it directly references in its chorus, and which the album artwork also references. The song "Third Eye" has several samples of Hicks extolling the virtues of psychedelic drugs. Additionally, he is depicted in the album artwork and referenced as "Another Dead Hero".


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