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Animated Films

  • Toy Story:
    • Toy Story 2:
      • Many Barbie dolls first appear in their respective aisle in Al's Toy Barn. Most of them are minor characters and are mostly just used for a few gags. One in particular serves as a tour guide who gives Andy's toys a tour of the store rather than take them directly to Al's office as they intended.
      • When Andy's toys save Woody from Stinky Pete, they stuff the latter into a Barbie backpack. Amy, the girl who owns the backpack, has a Barbie doll who reveals to Stinky Pete that Amy likes to give her dolls makeovers, much to the latter's horror.
      • When Wheezy sings a reprise of "You've Got a Friend in Me" at the end of the movie, three Barbie dolls appear as backup singers.
      • In the blooper reel, Woody turns Stinky Pete's box to reveal him talking to a pair of twin Barbies, telling them he's sure he can get them a part in Toy Story 3. This blooper, unfortunately, was cut from the 2019 4K and Digital releases.
      • Tour Guide Barbie appears again at the very end of the blooper reel, where she says goodbye to the viewers and reminds them to properly dispose of their trash. After bidding everyone goodbye, she finally stops smiling and comments on it exaggeratedly:
      Barbie: Oh, my gosh, my cheeks are killing me! I can't even keep smiling like this anymore! I am exhausted!
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    • Barbie and Ken are prominent characters in Toy Story 3. Barbie is donated to Sunnyside by Molly, and Ken originally worked for Lotso. Barbie's relationship with Ken is what leads the latter to switch sides, and by the end of the movie, they become the new rulers of Sunnyside.
    • Barbie and Ken re-appear in the Toy Story Toons short, "Hawaiian Vacation". The two end up in Bonnie's bedroom after a failed attempt to stow away on her trip to Hawaii, so the toys all try to create their own island paradise.
    • At the beginning of Toy Story 4, three Barbie dolls appear in a flashback sequence where they assist Woody and Bo Peep in rescuing RC.
    • In Lamp Life, a Barbie doll that previously belonged to Molly makes a cameo appearance as one of the little girl's toys.

Comic Strips

Live-Action Films

  • Jingle All the Way: There is a scene near the end with a large parade of famous cartoon characters and mascots. Barbie (portrayed by Deena Driskill) can be seen driving a pink convertible in the parade in a few shots.
  • In Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde, Ellie gets a job in Washington, D.C., and a member of Victoria Rudd's staff refers to her as "Capitol Barbie".
  • Halfway through Small Soldiers, Chip Hazard stumbles across a collection of Christy's "Gwendy" dolls, which are pretty obviously meant to be Bland-Name Product versions of Barbie.


  • In The Berenstain Bears Count Their Blessings, the Bearbie doll is a spoof of Barbie.
  • In the The Dresden Files short "A Restoration of Faith" Faith Astor relates that her parents bought her a bunch of Barbie toys (when she wanted a simple baby doll), then told her to leave them in their packages so they'd retain their collectible value.
  • In Parable of the Talents, Asha recalls an incident with a doll that matches Barbie's description (a young white woman with a very thin build, blonde hair, blue eyes, feet shaped in a permanent tip-toe, and a scrap of pink cloth for clothing). Her adopted mother burns the doll in front of her and makes three-year-old Asha hold the still-burning lump of melted plastic to instill a fear of Hell in the kid.
  • In Rules, David drops a Barbie doll into the fishtank. Catherine has to rescue her.


  • Aqua's hit single "Barbie Girl" depicts Barbie as the ultimate submissive girlfriend, and earned the band a lawsuit from Mattel.

Web Video

Western Animation

  • In one Dexter's Laboratory episode, Dexter and his friends accidentally end up involved with people (mostly women) who collect Kristal dolls. Kristal is a blonde fashion doll with such sets as "Bicentennial Kristal".
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch from "Shoe" has Barbie and Ken engage in intercourse, only for Barbie to be turned off over Ken's lack of a penis.
    • A sketch from "Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy" has Barbie as a contestant on MTV's Exposed.
    • A sketch from "Due to Constraints of Time and Budget" has a mother give her daughter a Barbie doll against the wishes of her grandmother, due to Barbie being an Affirmative Action Girl. The daughter decides to go on adventures with her Barbie doll and dies in a race car accident as a result.
    • A sketch from "Choked on a Bottle Cap" has Ken in a parody of Fight Club.
    • A sketch from "Catdog on a Stick" features the Bratz killing Barbie in a parody of I Know What You Did Last Summer.
    • A sketch from "Poisoned By Relatives" features Barbie on "The Fattest Fat Loser", not as a contestantnote , but as a trainer in a gym.
    • A sketch from "Hopefully Salt" has Barbie and Ken in a parody of Gone Girl.
    • A sketch from "Joel Hurwitz" has Barbie and Ken rescue Skipper from being a reluctant contestant on Bone Bus.
    • A sketch from "Hermie Nursery in: Seafood Sensation" features a commercial for Ryan, Barbie's new toxic boyfriend.
    • A sketch from "Snoopy Camino Lindo in: Quick and Dirty Squirrel Shot" has the pregnant Midge doll as one of the inhabitants of The Island of Recalled Toys.
  • Rugrats: Angelica's Cynthia doll is a parody of Barbie.
  • The Simpsons has Malibu Stacy. She's a ditzy blonde that was the focus of a whole episode, inspired by a real controversy over a talking Barbie which could say, "Math class is tough!".
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: In "Once Upon a Star" (part of "Toon Physics"), Elmyra makes a wish that her Barbette doll were real so they could play together. Her wish comes true, but Barbette proves to be a big handful, and her attractive looks make Elmyra envious.

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