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Anime and Manga

  • Soul Eater references him a number of times:
    • The AFX-T Soul Resonance technique (either an abbreviation of Aphex Twin or a nod to one of Richard's other stage names, AFX).
    • In the first chapter of the manga, Soul Eater has an Aphex Twin poster in his bedroom.
    • The demon Asura is inspired by the demon from the "Come to Daddy" video, most explicitly with this shot, which is a pretty direct reference to the video.
  • JoJolion has also referenced him with the A. Phex Brothers, who use Stands called Schott Key No. 1 and 2, after Richard's song "Schottkey 7th Path".
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  • Short Cuts features a parody ad for a weight loss product, "Creepy Richard", which is just a giant-headed grinning Richard D. James who sits across the table from you at meals, leaving you too scared to eat anything.
  • A Strawberry Marshmallow comic has the characters speculating on what would happen if they got Aphex Twin to make the theme song for their anime adaptation. This includes an Imagine Spot where Nobue visits Richard himself, who agrees to give her something from his pile of unreleased tracks.

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