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  • In Jack and Jill, Jack's daughter Sofia is often seen with a "My Tiny Me" doll in matching outfits, parodying the "Truly Me" doll lineup by American Girl. Jill and Sofia are also seen early in the film shopping at a "My Tiny Me" store, also a parody of the American Girl store.


  • Iris from Harmony (2016) used to have two American Girl dolls, including Samantha, who had nail polish painted on her mouth and cheeks.
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  • In the Goosebumps book Egg Monsters from Mars, an unspecified American Girl doll is the prize for winning the egg hunt at Dana's little sister's birthday party.
  • Sierra from Every Shiny Thing remembers having a Target-brand American Girl doll named Cynthia back when her parents were together.
  • In Too Bright to See, the dress Bug has to wear at Uncle Roderick's funeral looks like Samantha's.

Live-Action TV

  • The Baby-Sitters Club (2020) has Mary Anne, before she remodels her room, have a modern doll among her decor.
  • An episode of Shooter has Bob Lee Swagger's daughter Mary play with a BeForever Julie doll, the latter apparently purchased as they share the same name as Bob's wife.
  • Ted Lasso: In "Do The Right-est Thing", Rebecca and her goddaughter Nora stop outside a British Girl doll store (which is likely a reference to the A Girl for All Time doll line) and snark about how all the dolls have tragic backstories. Rebecca admits that Americans do the "historical doll" concept better than the British, in reference to American Girl.
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  • Several American Girl dolls can be seen in an episode of the Wansapanataym arc "My Hair Lady", as shown in this behind the scenes reel.

Video Games

  • A parody of an American Girl Store called "American Princess" is featured prominently in The Last of Us DLC "Left Behind".
  • The Gender Role Doll in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned possibly alluded to American Girl, especially with its educational-themed premise and character dolls with extensive backstories. In keeping with GTA's brand of social satire directed at contemporary American society and crude humour, the two dolls in the Gender Role Doll collection are portrayed with negative stereotypes, with Kyle as a redneck drunkard and Stacey as a subservient Dumb Blonde. Even the dolls' face moulds are more or less similar to a typical American Girl or baby dolls.
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  • It is speculated that Molly Schulz in Grand Theft Auto V is a veiled reference to Molly McIntire. Both Mollys are brunettes and wear glasses, and while that may be dismissed as a mere coincidence, the book A Spy on the Home Front has Molly McIntire spend time with her friend Anna Schulz and her family. In addition, Devin Weston's surname may have been taken from the novel, as Anna's father Fritz works at a garage in Weston, Illinois.

Western Animation

  • The Arthur episode "Muffy's Classy Classics Club" has the Pretty Pioneers, a toyline where each doll comes with a book, which are clearly a reference to the American Girls Collection. It's not a very flattering portrayal; the dolls are noted to look almost exactly the same aside from their hairstyles and outfits, the books that come with them are subpar (Muffy's friends either find them boring or unintentionally hilarious) and Muffy's father even says outright that the books are just meant to sell more dolls.
  • An "American Princess" parody similar to the one in The Last of Us can be seen in The Simpsons episode "The D'oh-cial Network".
  • The Bob's Burgers episode "The Laser-inth" has the Belchers shop and dine at the Special Girl store, where Linda's friend Gretchen works as a doll hair stylist. As with the real-life American Girl store, the Special Girl store has all the trappings and paraphernalia of the doll line it is parodying.