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Anime and Manga

  • A Yaoi Genre anthology published by Poe Backs is titled BLT48, down to using the same font stylization for the logo. However, it does not reference Idol Singers.
  • Gintama features a raunchy parody of the group called Galaxy Kingdom Bitches 48 (or GKB48 for short), a group formed from the prettiest girls from across the galaxy, whose popularity is owed to their simulating sexual favors for their fans. They're also a ruthless invading force who have brainwashed most of their fans and have destroyed countless planets.
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  • King of Prism: Shiny Seven Stars introduces YMT29, a male example from protagonist school Edel Rose's natural enemy Schwartz Rose. All members are broken up into several subunits, and part of an even larger unit called The Shuffle.
  • Wake Up, Girls! features a rival group to the titular unit, called I-1 Club, that they face in the first two seasons.
  • In the Yo-Kai Watch anime, Jibanyan is a huge fan of the girl group NyaaKB48 (Next Harmeowny in the dub)


  • After AKB's run away success, many different prefectures have had their own takes on the group, to varying levels of success. The "official rival", of sorts, to the group is Nogizaka46.

Video Games

  • In Persona 5, one of the presents Joker can buy for a girl is a CD titled Best of KGB49.
  • In Dead or Alive 5, the downloadable Idol Singer costumes are divided up into Team D, Team O, and Team A.
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  • Touhou: One of the stories in Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia has Hata no Kokoro, a Mind Hive of the spirits of 66 theatre masks, rebrand herself as "KKR48" and put on a 48-mask play titled "Ningyo-yaki in Love" (a parody of AKB48's "Fortune Cookie in Love").

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