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When you absolutely, positively have to smash a trap and ensure it stays smashed, accept no substitutes. (Some traps need to be smashed)

  • In addition to the series title, Deadly Rooms of Death has a DLC level set where at one point an "Unscheduled Announcement" is broadcast that begins by explaining that it does not appear on the schedule due to being an "Unscheduled Announcement."
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive: "Added a Boiler to Boiler."
  • Nintendo DS Lite, on startup:
    • The Wii has a similar warning.
    • Late Game Boy Advance and GameCube games had a "play from a safe distance and Blah Blah Blah" disclaimer. The DS and Wii show these disclaimers when you turn them on, so if you play one of said GBA/GCN games via retrocompatibility, you see the disclaimer twice.
  • Tsukihime: This chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair. This Chair!
  • Franziska von Karma from the Ace Attorney games loves using the word "fool". Chew on that for a moment, you "foolish fool who foolishly dreams of foolish dreams"!
    • For a supposed top-flight lawyer, she certainly has a distressingly limited vocabulary.
      • In her defense, she only recently came to America (or Japan) from Germany (or America).
      • And in Investigations, her vocabulary is expanded.
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    • Also in case 3-5 we get this:
    Gumshoe: Prosecutor Edgeworth is a prosecutor, and that's why he's Prosecutor Edgeworth! "Prosecutor Edgeworth, Defense Attorney" just sounds plain old weird, pal!
  • This section's title has been changed to include handheld gaming systems, as the only example in this section (see above) was not a game you can play on a TV or a computer, but on a handheld gaming system. This is obviously because this trope is used on this very wiki not nearly enough. It should be used more often... repeatedly, if you will.
  • According to the Spoony One, the selectable footage in the Make My Video game/editing tool series includes, in addition to the original music videos, "a load of random Public Domain footage from the Steamboat Willie era cartoons, lots of black-and-white footage from people dancing from the 1930s, stock sports videos of people skiing or wakeboarding, and cartoons. I know I said 'cartoons' before, but there are a lot of cartoons."
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  • The PC Computer game Callahan's Crosstime Saloon contains a song called "Belaboring the Obvious", in which the singer sings about all of the different ways he loves his wife. He goes on to state that the song is brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department ("Bureau of unnecessary repetition and pointless redundancy").
  • Hotel Mario:
    Mario: "You know what they say: All toasters toast toast!"
    Mario: "If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the enclosed instruction book.
  • Team Fortress 2: When any character is on fire, they yell about being on fire.
    Spy: I appear to have burst into flame!/Fire. Fire! FIRE!
    Soldier: I! AM! ON! FIRE!!!
    Medic: I'M MELTING!
    Heavy: MY FLESH! IT BURNS!
    • Granted, it does serve a gameplay purpose, as it can help alert a medic, who may be busy concentrating on healing someone while not dying, that someone is on fire, and desperately needs some healing.
    • Under certain conditions an item can get a special "Vintage" tag, reflected in their readout name, usually from being created before that item got a craft recipe or the item drop system began. However, two items already had the word "Vintage" in their names, resulting in the "Vintage Vintage Tyrolean" and the "Vintage Vintage Merryweather".
      • The same happens with the "Haunted Hat". You can have a "Haunted Haunted Hat".
    • The description for the Rainblower weapon reads "Your friends (enemies) will squeal with delight (be consumed with fire) when you cover them with sparkling rainbows (all consuming fire)."
    • One of the fake items released as part of April Fools' Day 2012 is a disc for the nonexistant Ricochet 2 called the "Circular Circlesaw".
  • Portal: "It was a Morality Core they installed after I flooded the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin to make me stop flooding the enrichment center with a deadly neurotoxin. So get comfortable while I warm up the neurotoxin emitters."
    • Also from Portal is the delightfully redundant cake recipe. Fish-shaped crackers. Fish-shaped candies. Fish-shaped solid waste. Fish-shaped dirt. Fish-shaped ethyl benzene.... Fish-shaped volatile organic compounds and sediment-shaped sediment. Candy coated peanut butter pieces, shaped like fish.... Two cups rhubarb, sliced. Two slash three cup granulated rhubarb. One tablespoon all-purpose rhubarb. One teaspoon grated orange rhubarb. Three tablespoons rhubarb... on fire. One large rhubarb. One cross-borehole electromagnetic imaging rhubarb. Two tablespoons rhubarb juice.
    • "Thank you for helping us help you help us all."
    • From Portal 2, after falling into Wheatley's trap:
      GLaDOS: Well. This is the part where he kills us.
      Wheatley: Hello! This is the part where I kill you!
      CHAPTER 9: The Part Where He Kills You
      Background Music: The Part Where He Kills You
      Achievement/Trophy Unlocked: The Part Where He Kills You
      Achievement/Trophy description: This is that part.
    • One of the Space Sphere's many lines is:
      What's your favorite thing about space? Mine is space.
  • Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: President Ackerman's now-famous "You know those Russians can't be trusted, they hate everything we stand for: Freedom, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, Apple Pie... did I say Freedom? Well, it's worth saying again!" (Incidentally, "liberty" and "freedom" are technically synonyms)
  • The debut trailer of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon has this gem:
    "It is the near future...the apocalypse has had an apocalypse."
  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike has a mission in space with a Black Hole satellite named the "Black Onyx". Onyxes are gemstones, traditionally black; they can be other colors, but without the descriptor, most will assume that the onyx in question is black anyway. Basically, it'd be like calling something the "White Diamond" or the "Blue Sapphire".
  • If you play the Sorceress in the game Arkadian Warriors, you will eventually get the chance to buy a piece of armor called Jen's Black Robe of Dark Blackness. Guess what? It's black.
  • Game titles can also fall into this from time to time. Divine Divinity, FTL: Faster Than Light, and The Legend of Legacy are notable offenders.
  • The NPC in Pokémon Gold and Silver/Crystal (and likely HeartGold and SoulSilver as well) who gives the protagonist the ItemFinder asks if he/she agrees with his love of treasure-hunting by asking, "Am I right or am I right?" (It's still possible to say "no.")
    • Blaziken, the Blaze Pokémon: Its ability, Blaze, can power up its Blaze Kick attack by quite a bit.
    • Darkrai, It's a Dark type whose name is a combination of the english word "Dark" and the Japanese word "Kurai", meaning Dark. Its most powerful moves are Dark Void which puts enemies to sleep and Dark Pulse.
    • Clefairy is classified as the Fairy Pokemon, but starting in Gen VI, it's now a Fairy type and is able to use Fairy Wind.
    • The Spanish editions of HeartGold and SoulSilver, instead of the current tradition of literally translating the versions' names (in this case, Oro Corazón and Plata Alma), are called "Oro-HeartGold" and "Plata-SoulSilver", with "Oro" being the Spanish word for Gold while "Plata" is Spanish for Silver (therefore, the names will be "Gold-Heart-Gold" and "Silver-Soul-Silver")... Other languages fell victim to this, too.
      • All versions of Heart Gold and Soul Silver (including the Japanese version, and with the exception of the English version) are titled with a similar pattern the language's word for Gold/Silver followed by the English title.
    • In the Celebi Event for HGSS, your opposite gender counterpart tells you "My grandpa once told me that Celebi can travel through time using a mystic power called Time Travel!" before it sends you back in time three years.
    • Here's a small oversight on the game designers' part for HeartGold and SoulSilver. When the lead Pokémon that follows you around can use the HM move Fly to travel to different locations, you'll see an animation when you reach your designated location of your character holding up a Poké Ball as the Pokémon flies back into it. When you move, that very same flyer follows behind you immediately after.
    • A sign in Pokémon Black and White: "Marvelous Bridge - Truly marvelous! And also a bridge!"
    • Pokémon received an incredibly bad one in the form of Rotom. Rotom is normally a Ghost/Electric Pokémon, and it can change its form (altering its stats and giving it a unique move) by possessing an appliance (lawn mower, oven, etc). Recently, they changed it so that Rotom's Ghost typing is changed to one suiting the new form. The Fan Form becomes an Electric/Flying type, and it still has Levitate. Why is this redundant? Because Flying types and Pokémon with Levitate are both immune to Ground-type attacks.
      • In Random Battles on Pokemon Showdown, Fan Rotom is always given an Air Balloon as an item.
    • The Regigigas event in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. Taking the three legendary golems to Snowpoint temple awakens Regigigas. These could be brought over from Gen III with Pal Park or traded for on the GTS. But there was a third option which is where the redundancy comes in. Nintendo made available for download a special Regigigas celebrating the 11th Pokémon movie. It could be taken to three points in Sinnoh to awaken the legendary golems, which could then be taken to Snowpoint Temple to awaken the other Regigigas.
    • The messages whenever you're about to have a Double Battle or winning said battle against the Grunts of any evil organization is this. For example, in the case of Team Flare in Pokémon X and Y, the messages won't say "You are challenged by Team Flare Grunts!" and "You beat the Team Flare Grunts!". Instead, you'll get "You are challenged by Team Flare Grunt and Team Flare Grunt!" and "You beat Team Flare Grunt and Team Flare Grunt!".
    • Delibird gained the Hidden Ability Insomnia in Gen V, which does the exact same thing as one of its existing abilities, Vital Spirit.
    • In the Gen I games, Tauros can learn the moves Tail Whip and Leer by leveling up. The problem is that both moves do the exact same thing, which is lower an opponent's Defense by one stage. However, this has been averted since Gen II, where Tauros can still learn Tail Whip by leveling up, but Leer has been removed from his move list entirely.
    • One of Stunfisk's possible abilities is Limber, which prevents it from being paralyzed. Come X and Y, Electric-type Pokémon gained immunity to paralysis, and given that Stunfisk is Electric-type...
    • In Pokémon Red and Blue, Nidoran was split into male and female variants. At the time, they were the only Pokémon to be divided by sex. Sexes were introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver and a Pokémon's sex would be shown on screen. However, both male and female Nidoran did not get their names changed. This creates a redundancy where you see Nidoran (male/female) followed by its sex next to its level. The game is basically showing its sex twice.
    • Pokémon Sun and Moon has:
    Lighthouse point: a point that has a lighthouse.
  • A sign in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: "Mysterious Forest - It's a little bit mysterious."
  • Diablo II has this in two different shapes.
    • When passing the mouse over a corpse with a skill that uses corpses, the corpse will be listed as "(Monster's name) Corpse", which is fine and all until you realize that a ton of enemies are undead, which leads to beautiful things like "Skeleton Corpse", "Mummy Corpse" and "Unholy Corpse Corpse".
    • Then there's the items. It's entirely possible to get a "Light Belt of Light", a lightweight belt which increases the light radius, or a "Strong Field Plate of Strength", a strong - as in, resistant - armor which increases the Strength stat. If using a save editor, then it's perfectly possible to make a, say, "Fiery Axe of Fire". Or, for a more fancy version, a "Flaming Glorious Axe of Incineration". It should be noted, though, that the game precludes said combinations from happening normally.
  • The Plugin "The Box" for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion starts with a flyer that has the subtitle "Misteriously odd horn is vaguely rumored to be strangely weird!" and reads "Following promises of great wealth of wealth, really powerful power, and knowledge of knowledgeable knowledge (try slipping that past the department of redundancy department 3 times fast), most have simply given up after mere HOURS of blowing the Horn without results!".
  • Sonic Riders.
    Dr. Eggman: Not just a race, but a special race to see who's the fastest!
    Sonic: We're on our way to the ARK, so I guess that means we're going too!
  • The English translation of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite features the imaginatively named 'Darkness Darkblade.'
  • Fossil Fighters has this one commentary track:
    First commentator: What do you say is the key to winning a duel?
    Second commentator: Oh, I'd say dedication, good strategy, and dedication.
    First commentator: *looking shocked* You said dedication twice.
  • Metal Gear Solid has Otacon make the remark "This is just like one of my Japanese animes!" when confronted by the Cyborg Ninja. This is probably the translator's fault, since the word "anime" in a Japanese context refers to animation in general and not exclusively to Japanese-produced animation like it would to an English speaker.
    • That is not redundant it is not, unless it's repeated.
    • Parrot Exposition was originally named "Metal Gearing" for a reason.
  • Nobuo Uematsu's band, the Black Mages, plays heavy-metal versions of Final Fantasy songs. On their third album, they renamed the final boss music from Final Fantasy III into KURAYAMINOKUMO, which is Japanese for "the Cloud of Dark Darkness".
    • Many, many literal translations to English from Japanese and a few other languages fall under this trope inadvertently. This does not mean they actually invoke the trope. It is a demonstration that literal translations do not always convey the correct point of an expression.
    • Additionally, Kurayami no kumo (暗闇の雲) is the Japanese name for the Cloud of Darkness, whose theme that music is.
  • Final Fantasy V: "The twelve legendary weapons. They are weapons. They are legendary. There are even twelve of them." Mind you, it was a sarcastic response to Bartz's constant repetition.
  • The Umineko: When They Cry sound novels can be bad about this.
    "Shannon was uncharacteristically verbose. Compared to how she normally was, this was very verbose."
  • The visual novel Kira-Kira, English version on PC (nonono, not that Engrish-filled iPhone version), 'nough said... No really, enough with saying those longass lines already!
  • Fawful already draws out his metaphors and similes beyond belief, but in Bowser's Inside Story, he possibly says the most overkill-inducing 'this is the end!' speech in existence:
    • For now is is the end of the final act of the final closing last encore!
  • Kingdom of Loathing has a class called Seal Clubbers, who start out with a seal-clubbing club (for clubbing seals). With different amounts of tainted seal blood, it's possible to sequentially upgrade the seal-clubbing club into a club of corruption, corrupt club of corruption, and corrupt club of corrupt corruption, which do progressively more damage at the cost of draining some of your health whenever you win a fight.
    • Quoth the description of the GameInformPowerDailyPro magazine: "GameInformPowerDailyPro is a fairly typical video game magazine, filled with game reviews, advertisements, previews, advertisements, pro-tips, industry news, advertisements, and advertisements."
  • In Saints Row, Dex is apparently the only member of the Saints that understands any Spanish, and gets annoyed with the others whenever they refer to the local Latino gang as "the Los Carnales", because "los" means "the", so they're saying "the The Carnales". He eventually starts doing it himself, which pisses him off him even more.
    • Campy and snooty fashion designer Stefan is the proprietor of Impressions, the clothing shop where you shop for clothing, you see. He also promotes Foreign Power (FOREIGN POWER!) with an announcer that emphatically repeats the place's name.
  • A gem of a drop in World of Warcraft called the "Defender Cloak of Defense". Made possible via the fact that said Defender Cloak exists in several variants, and ironically only one of them gives defense.
    • One of the phrases said by female humans from the /flirt emote is "My turn offs are rude people, mean people and people who aren't nice."
  • In Runescape, some quests' requirements are somewhat more than necessary:
    • The quest Jungle Potion rquires; Druidic Ritual and Level 3 Herblore. Druidic Ritual rewards more than enough experience to level up to level three.
    • That, along with any other time a Quest requirement and a Skill requirement are given where you need to have at least that high of said skill in order to finish said required Quest in the first place.
    • A stepping stone in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves has the dialogue "You leap across with a mighty leap!"
  • Terraria:
    • Before a fix, there was a an NPC during Christmas called Santa Claus the Santa Claus.
    • Due to the way item reforging works, you can end up with:
      • Demonic Demon Scythe
      • Demonic Demon Bow
      • Armored Armor Polish
      • Spiked Shoe Spikes
      • Lucky Lucky Horseshoe
      • Lucky Lucky Coin
      • Deadly Deadly Sphere Staff
      • Hurtful Ball O' Hurt
    • One of the possible splash texts you can get at the top of the game window is "Terraria: Terraria: Terraria:"
  • Touhou: "Innocent oblivious Marisa is innocent".
  • In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the final level is called 'Bowser's Fortified Fortress'. Well, it's the mission title for his Galaxy Generator...
  • In the original Devil May Cry, Dante blurts out this redundelicious line: "eventually I should hit the jackpot sooner or later!"
  • Elvis from Perfect Dark has a funny moment when he realizes that they've found what is essentially the Skedar Mecca.
    Elvis: This is the Skedar fanatics’ most holy place. They believe this planet is sacred ground. The Battle Shrine is located at the most holy part of this holy planet.
    Joanna: So let me get this straight: It's holy.
  • "An old evil book made more evil with the evil power. Great evil dwelled evilly in this strong, evil book, but now it's really, really evil."
  • From Disgaea, we have this ability from the pierrot demons: Poison Poison. "It's poison [.]"
  • From UFC Undisputed 2010's career mode, when you ask your trainer about Stat Decay. "Each Skill and Attribute is represented as either Stable or Decreasing, this is represented as Stable or Decreasing on the Stat Bar, and through two stages: Stable and Decreasing."
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, if you lose as Broly when fighting against Vegeta on the first Movie 8 stage, Vegeta will claim "If you're the Legendary Super Saiyan, I'm the Chou Super Saiyan!". Chou means super, so he's the... "Super Super Saiyan".
    • You're sure he wasn't saying "True Super Saiyan"? Cuz that would make a ton more sense.
  • In Bioshock: "Bottom of the ocean, boyo. All oxygen comes from the trees! No trees, no oxygen!"
  • From Fallout: New Vegas, the command to "Open Greenhouse door to Greenhouse."
    • To be fair, this is because Gamebryo engine games list the description of an area portal as "<portal name> to <destination name>". Most often it's "Door to <place>", but the greenhouse door was probably different enough to justify a label.
    • From the DLC Old World Blues, right at the start, you get this little gem from Doctor Mobius ( he has an excuse... All this psycho and mentats overuse ddn't do him any favor:
    "It is I, Dr. Mobius, transmitting from my dome-shaped... dome in the Forbidden Zone. A zone... that is, yes... forbidden to you."
  • Fallout 3 lists a comic in the Hubris Comics Database called "Captain Cosmos: the Radioactive Space-Men from Space!"
  • In Dragon Age: Origins, a young dwarf who wants to study magic theory at the Circle Tower complains "Here in Orzammar, we're surrounded by stone and tradition and more stone."
  • Dragon Quest IX has a sign post inside one of its dungeons that reads: "WARNING! You ave bin warned."
  • The Flash horror game The Bright in the Screen has this for two Red Freak Facts. "Red Freak Fact #2: Red Freaks learn through repetition." "Red Freak Fact #3: Red Freaks learn through repetition."
  • The Steam description for Driver: Parallel Lines advertises how you can "Experience New York's gritty underworld as the most lethal wheelman for hire in the both the 70's of the past and the modern times of today." Giving them the benefit of the doubt, the '70s COULD refer to future '70s. But modern times are today.
  • The marvelously titled Invasion of the Space Invaders from Outer Space!
  • Shenmue's Ryo upon finding a key: "A key, but what for? What do I do with this key?". Followed shortly by a label: Mysterious Key.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a book titled Events of the Third Era contains numerous typos and mistakes, including two entries that say "Death of Emperor Pelagius dies" and "defeat of Camoran Usurper defeated."
    • In Dawnguard, Harkon tells you that he will give you one chance to hand over Auriel's Bow. There will not be a second chance.
  • The trailer of Magical Whip: Wizards of Phantasmal Forest gives us this gem:
    "My magic may be weak.. But my strength is strong!"
  • If The Game of the Ages's Village Idiot of Stupidity isn't enough for you, buy a suit of Magic Armor of Magic.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The concept is meant to be a portmanteau of "REVENGE + VENGEANCE = REVENGEANCE", but ignores the fact that, on a fundamental level, they both mean the same thing (i.e. getting even).
    • It's worth mentioning that "revengeance" actually is a real word, it's just not really used anymore due to revenge and vengeance already in use, making revengeance... well, redundant.
  • Most of the phone messages you can listen to in First Encounter Assault Recon have the person making the message introducing themselves by stating their full name to the person they're talking to. Even within the Armacham complex, wherein presumably everybody already knows each other and they have a system for determining who sent the message (i.e. "First message from: <caller's name>.").
  • The 2011 reboot of You Don't Know Jack and its 2015 sequel features a category titled "Cookie's Fortune Cookie Fortunes with Cookie 'Fortune Cookie' Masterson". Also, one of the sponsors in the Facebook version of the game is The Warehouse Supply Warehouse.
  • From LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Doctor Doom's Doom Ray of Doom!!!
  • The name of the video game genre "RPG" is an acronym that stands for "role-playing game", yet there's no shortage of people that call the games from said genre "RPG games".
  • There's a somewhat stealthy example in the names of some of the dream eaters in Kingdom Hearts 3D like the Komory Bat and Ryu Dragon, which are simply a combination of the Japanese and English name for the animal (Meaning their names would translate to Bat Bat and Dragon Dragon).
  • In Wolverine's ending from X-Men vs. Street Fighter, he tells Jubilee that Ryu "is an honorable fighter with great honor...".
  • This line by Leo from Culdcept: "My monster has battle combat skills!"
  • In Space Quest IV you discover in a bargain bin among other things a game called "Boom", described as "a post-holocaust adventure set in post-holocaust America after the holocaust."
  • Windows Vista and 7 have a Games folder that automatically detects various games installed on your computer. Occasionally it will make two shortcuts for one game.
  • A Reality-On-The-Norm game is called Invasion of the Space Aliens Who Are Not From Earth But From Some Other Planet.
  • In Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, one enemy in the fifth dungeon is called "Sleeping Lion". Whenever a character in this game misses a turn in battle due to being asleep, the message box will display "[Character] is sleeping". The Sleeping Lion, as its name implies, starts the battle sleeping, so you'll get the message "Sleeping Lion is sleeping" until you wake it up.
  • A Doom mod, TurboCharged ARCADE!, has this line:
  • Super Mario 63 has a sign in a passageway that says: "Shhh! You are in Princess Peach's secret passageway of secrets, secretly used to secretly travel secretly from room to room in secretistical secretism."
  • A minor one in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is Earthwake's mid battle comment, which goes "BAD-DAMAGE! DAMAGE-BAD! BAD-STACHES! MUST DEFEAT!"
  • In Super Paper Mario, there are silhouetted versions of normal enemies with the prefix "Dark" added to their name. Among them is the Dark Dark Boo, named so because there's already a Dark Boo enemy that is a purple Palette Swap of the regular Boo.
    When introducing himself, Luigi says "I'm my bro's bro."
  • Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V gives us this quote:
    "My friend Ron met these Chinese assholes. They're from Yangshan in China."
  • At one point in Gunpoint, the chief of police asks you to break into his own HQ, get something there, and deliver it to him. One of the things the Deadpan Snarker protagonist can say to him is "Can't you, police chief of the actual police, get this police thing from the police?"
  • Metal Man from Mega Man 2. As Seanbaby put it:
    "He was sort of like the dork of the group. I mean, all of the other guys are made out of metal too, but they have other cool stuff. It's like you getting a costume that says, "Human Man," and trying to fight crime."
  • In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, selecting the "Omega Form" of any stage simply made it a variant of the Final Destination stage, complete with its own unique scenery and music. This gives players more variety if they wanted to battle on the aforementioned stage. For some reason, players also had the option of changing Final Destination itself into its Omega Form... which does absolutely nothing.
    • In the Wii U version, the name of Duck Hunt's stage is "Duck Hunt" from the game Duck Hunt.
    • A staple of Kirby games is a world called "Green Greens."
    • One of the items introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee gives the user the Screw Attack ability from the Metroid series. You can use it as Samus, the protagonist of the series, who already has the ability built into her moveset.
  • Someone in Earthbound gives you the "Machine that Opens Doors, especially when you have a slightly bad key" machine.
    • You also have the Tessie hunting group at Lake Tessie searching for Tessie.
  • One of the possible mentors for an asura character in Guild Wars 2 is Blipp, who "was known for his redundancies as well as his redundancies".
  • In the Halo series there is a type of weapon called a MAC, which stands for Magnetic Accelerator Cannon. Sometimes people call them MAC Cannons. Halo: Reach is guilty of calling it a MAC Cannon.
  • Because of the way that gear prefixes are set up in Borderlands 2, it's possible to spawn some weapons with rather...interesting names. Most of these belong to the comically illiterate Bandits. For instance, the "Wyld Asss Ass Beeter!" assault rifle, or the "Akurate Acurate smgg" submachine gun, which is notable for managing to misspell the same word twice in two different ways.
    • A quest in the game is given to you by a guy who keeps screaming to be shot in the face. His name is Face Mcshooty. The turn-in box reads as follows: "Shoot This Guy in the Face/Shoot Face Mcshooty in the face./You shot him in the face./Turn In: Face Mcshooty"
  • The infamous NES accessory R.O.B. is sometimes referred to as "R.O.B. the Robot", or "Robotic Operating Buddy the Robot".
  • The way the battle strings are put together in Pokémon Stadium 2, combined with the game's somewhat more literal translation when compared to other games in the series, can result in such lovely sentences as "[Pokémon]'s WING ATTACK attack!"
  • If you view the on-screen User's Guide on the PlayStation 4, you will find a section about the User's Guide which says "This User's Guide is displayed when you select [User's Guide]."
  • In Touhou Project (specifically one of the fighting spinoffs), Remilia Scarlet (who's not that good at naming her spellcards) named one of her strongest attacks Scarlet Devil [Scarlet Devil].
  • PAYDAY The Heist has Special SWAT officers. Special Special Weapons and Tactics.
  • A poem line in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger goes; "Choose the path you decide to take". Well, yes, that is what 'choice' means.
  • In Plants vs. Zombies, Repeater has a tendency to repeat what he says, possibly as a reference to his name.
    "Everyone always asks me if we've met before." says Repeater. "Everyone always asks me if we've met before. Wait, did I just say that?"
  • Resident Evil Outbreak's first playable scenario is called "Outbreak", and it details the T-virus outbreak that struck Raccoon City.
  • In The Darkside Detective, this is news anchor Dick Brickman's default mode of speech.
    Dick Brickman: This is Twin Lakes FM featuring me, Dick Brickman, bringing you 'Dick Brickman Presents The Weather' with me, Dick Brickman.
  • When you use a Game Boy Color game cartridge in a regular Game Boy, you get a specially programmed message telling you it doesn't work. Many of these screens tell you to "please" play the game in question on Game Boy Color after already telling you it only works on that particular system.
  • In LEGO Marvel's Avengers, one line that Crimson Dynamo may utter during a takedown is "Beware my laser light pistol of light lasers!".
  • The baseball-themed One Piece game for the Game Boy Advance is called "One Piece: Going Baseball - Pirates' Baseball" (the first instance of "baseball" is in Gratuitous English). Then you look in the game's logo and you see it goes even further with "~Baseball of One Piece~".
  • Tomodachi Life can have redundancy in your Mii's name. Every Mii needs a first name, last name, and a nickname, but the game will only ever address them by their given nickname (exception being in the news where the reporter Mii uses their full name). If you want your Mii's first or last name to be the spoken name, it has to be their nickname. By doing so, you can get this funny gem during their personality creation process where describe themselves (you can even have all three names as a single name for even more redundancy):
    Mii: My name is [first name] [last name]. My nickname is [first name].
  • EarthBound has the Carbon Dog enemy, which transforms into the Diamond Dog after taking enough damage. If you cast Brainshock on it, the boss can start feeling strange, where it may bite itself and diamondize itself for instant death. Yes, a diamond dog can turn itself into diamond again. Funnily, defeating the boss this way won't remove its sprite from the battle screen after the "YOU WON!" message pops up.
  • In the English version Ayakashi: Romance Reborn, several of the Youkai characters are described by the Japanese and then the English word for the kind of Youkai they are.
    • Koga Kitamakado is an "Oni ogre," which could be translated as "ogre ogre."
    • Ginnojo is a "mizuchi dragon" (water dragon dragon).
    • Toichiro Yuri is a "Kitsune fox" (fox fox).
    • Nachi is a "nekomata cat spirit." "Nekomata" is already a name for a kind of cat youkai, so he's a "cat youkai cat spirit."
    • Averted in the case of Yura and Gaku, who are called "tsukumogami flute" and "tsukumogami drum," respectively. "Tsukumogami" simply describes an inanimate object with a soul, so the instruments specify exactly what objects they are.


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