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  • The Bob & Tom Show has as one of its fan favorite prerecorded skits that the fans like very much, the "Jim Johnson Memory Program", which helps you remember where your car keys are, important dates or phrases, where your car keys are, long strings of information, and important dates or phrases. This skit gave us a second in the series skit called the "Joe Johannsen Vocabulary Builder-Upper", which was even more funnier than the one before it, which was about remembering where your car keys were. Both products work, or the creator's name isn't John Jacobs.
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  • Punt and Dennis: It's Been A Bad Week showcases amusing news stories in order to figure out who qualifies for "The Worst Week of the Week Award, Awarded Weekly on a Week-by-Week Basis". One Christmas Episode Clip Show, showcasing the best stories from the past season, gave us "The Worst Week of the Year Award, Awarded Yearly on an Annual, Yearly ... Thing".
  • One episode of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour had him listing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease as "memory loss, confusion, disorientation, memory loss, societal withdrawal, memory loss, and memory loss".
  • A series of short radio comedy skits called The Adventures of Manman and Boyboy had as a villain in episode 42: Man who is Redundant Man.
  • The sketch show I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again once did a parody of Star Trek, introducing Scotty as "our Scottish engineer from Scotland, Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott".
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  • Voltaire's song Robber Baron combines this trope with No Kill Like Over Kill about halfway through: "With their flags and guns, And guns and drums and boots, And blood red banners, dogs and guns."
  • The Goon Show had many of these.
    • The episode "Dishonoured - Again" begins with the announcement:
    From the book I Knew Terence Nuke by Eileen Beardsmore-Lewisham (tiddley-doo-spot!), we present the play I Knew Terence Nuke from the book by Eileen Beardsmore-Lewisham.
    • "The Affair of the Lone Banana" includes the exclamation
    Fred Nerk?! That's Fred Nerk's name!
    • And then of course there's "The Mystery of the Marie Celeste Solved"
    He was a tall, vile man dressed in the naval uniform of a seagoing sailor.
    • In "The Junk Affair", Neddy declares his intention to 'kill myself with death and other accepted means'.
    • And in "The Mummified Priest":
    Give me that script, or I'll kill you by death!
  • In the Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation episode "How to Speak", Paul Basset-Davies claims to be a lecturer at the National Institute for the Study of Verbal Talking and Redundant Tautology.
  • The BBC Radio 2 quiz Popmaster regularly features questions in the form "X was a hit for which chart act?". And that's not shorthand for "recurring chart act", as it's also applied to acts with no other hits to their name.