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  • Aaron features two brothers — the reckless and impulsive Adam (Red) and the calm and reserved Chris (Blue). They're even wearing the respective shades throughout the film. At the end, when they've come to a reconciliation, Adam is now wearing blue.
  • The checkered knights Telvin and Gedjind in Aegeroth: A Checkered History represent blue and red, respectively.
  • The Annoying Orange: Orange is obviously the Red Oni, being immature by belittling other foods and being a Gasshole. Pear is the Blue Oni, being much more reasonable and mature than Orange.
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  • The Call of Warr has The Captain Gravesite and his Number Two, Prince. While Gravesite is calm, rational, wise and peaceful, looking for non-violent solutions to problems. Prince, meanwhile, is impulsive, Hot-Blooded, aggressive and prone to violence, begging Gravesite to let him kill their prisoner.
  • The Rival Dojos' Opposing Combat Philosophies in the second season of Cobra Kai: the red titular dojo, based firmly in power and strength (and dealing with a relapse into the Thug Dojo of their sensei's day); and the blue Miyagi-Do, based more in defense and counterbalance (whose sensei would become a Well-Intentioned Extremist in the process). Comes to a head in the third season, when both dojos are forced into an Enemy Mine against Johnny's sensei.
  • Death Battle: Red: Boomstick, Blue: Wizard
  • Demon Thesis has the contrast between Val and Clady. They're two of the main characters, college roommates and friends, but Val is Hot-Blooded, impulsive, aggressive, and develops a slightly disturbing passion for burning things after being gifted with the Elemental Power of fire, while Clady is a level headed Deadpan Snarker intellectual who gets wind powers that can trap enemies in Anti-Magic fields.
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  • DesuDesBrigade has the two female-presenting reviewers JesuOtaku and Vixen to match up to this trope. While Vixen is the more emotional and tends to freak out more often (see: Papa To Kiss in the Dark), JesuOtaku is far more reserved and analytical. The same goes for Professor Otaku and Arkada, though not nearly as stark of a contrast.
  • The Mondo Media series Dick Figures features a red stick man and a blue stick man with distinctly opposite personalities.
  • Dreamscape: Soya is the Red Oni, and his rival Vladmare is the Blue Oni.
    • Soya is expressive, talkative, and full of energy.
    • Vladmare is calm, reserved, and serious.
    • Keedran, the Red Oni, and Drake, the Blue Oni. Both of them are very powerful, and the two non-Druid planet protectors.
      • Keedran is a wildcard and gets very emotional.
      • Drake keeps a calm and level head.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Lisa, the Red Oni, is always teasing Asia, the Blue Oni.
    • Lisa is loud, a troublemaker, and rather unhelpful.
    • Asia keeps a cool head, is very nice, and acts like proper young woman.
  • A few of the Epic Rap Battles of History feature the dynamic, with the red rapper essentially shouting their lines or otherwise showing much enthusiasm during the match and the blue rapper keeping a low profile in one or both regards. Usually Peter is the blue oni and Lloyd is the red oni, but inversions are seen as well.
    • Examples where Peter is blue and/or Lloyd is red:
      • Adolf Hitler (red) vs Darth Vader (blue)
      • Sarah Palin (red) vs Lady Gaga (blue)
      • Albert Einstein (red) vs Steven Hawking (blue)
      • Genghis Khan (red) vs the Easter Bunny (blue)
      • Napoleon Bonaparte (red) vs. Napoleon Dynamite (blue)
      • Mr. T (red) vs Mr. Rogers (blue)
      • Leonidas (red) vs Master Chief (blue)
      • Bill Gates (red) vs Steve Jobs (blue). When Steve Jobs dies, he is replaced by the even bluer HAL 9000.
      • The tenth doctor (blue) eventually turns into the fourth doctor (red).
      • Batman (blue) and his sidekick Robin (red)
      • Pablo Picasso (red) vs. Bob Ross (blue)
      • Walter White (red) vs Rick Grimes (blue)
      • Isaac Newton (red) vs Bill Nye (blue)
      • The Mythbusters Adam Savage (red) and Jamie Hyneman (blue)
      • Bonnie and Clyde (red) vs Romeo and Juliet (blue)
      • Harry Houdini (red) vs. David Copperfield (blue)
      • Shaka Zulu (red) vs. Julius Caesar (blue)
      • Stan Lee (red) vs. Jim Henson (blue) before Walt Disney (even more of a red than Stan Lee) arrives
      • Deadpool (red) vs Boba Fett (blue)
      • Gordon Ramsay (red) vs. Julia Child (blue)
      • Frederick Douglass (red) vs Thomas Jefferson (blue)
      • Ash Ketchum (red) vs Charles Darwin (blue)
      • Teddy Roosevelt (red) vs Winston Churchill (blue)
      • Elon Musk (red) vs Mark Zuckerberg (blue)
    • Examples where Peter is red and/or Lloyd is blue:
      • Christopher Columbus (red) vs. Captain Kirk (blue)
      • Freddie Mercury (red) vs Frank Sinatra (blue)
      • Bruce Lee (red) vs. Clint Eastwood (blue)
      • Blackbeard (red) vs. Al Capone (blue)
      • Zeus (red) vs Thor (blue)
      • Jack the Ripper (red) vs. Hannibal Lector (blue)
      • Austin Powers (red) vs. James Bond (blue) before Sean Connery (even bluer than Daniel Craig) arrives
      • Tony Hawk (red) vs Wayne Gretzky (blue)
    • Miscellaneous examples:
      • Dr. Seuss's characters (red) vs William Shakespeare (blue)
      • The artists form a team of two red (Raphael and Michelangelo) and two blue (Leonardo and Donatello), like the turtles named after them
      • Stevie Wonder (red) vs Wonder Woman (blue)
  • In Everyman HYBRID, HABIT and The Slender Man come off this way, especially in the fights between the two on Twitter. (Yes, Slender Man actually says something. It's actually pretty creepy.) HABIT types in ALLCAPS and is absolutely insane and unambiguously evil. Slender Man seems condescendingly amused by his shenanigans and his messages are typed normally.
    • Before HABIT's nature came to light, The Rake was typically thought to be the Red Oni instead.
  • The Sentinel and Overseer of Gaia Online.
    • Interesting case: they fit the roles to a T during the Halloween event, but then get partially inverted during the Xmas event.
  • Gaming Garbage relies very much on the interaction between the blue Lowtax and the red Shmorky.
  • Gantz Abridged actually calls this trope out in a full-on Shout-Out to the Wiki, with an actual Red Oni alien telling a Green Oni alien that he's supposed to be Blue and asking if they're subverting the trope. The trope is then furthered carried out when the Red Oni decides to immediately resort to smashing things, to which the Green Oni replies, "You WOULD say that."
    • And in hbi2k's earlier work, Berserk Abridged, Zodd compared Guts and Griffith to Naruto and Sasuke. Griffith however believed that Guts should fulfill the Sasuke role since he's the angstiest of the two.
  • Egoraptor's anime parody Girlchan in Paradise!! contains two non-human characters, one with blue skin and one with red skin. The blue one, Kotobarusan-sama, is a cool and collected Old Master, and the red one, Galacti(ca)maru, is a power-mad Large Ham who likes smashing through walls and happens to be the Big Bad.
  • GoAnimate: Boris is more actively sociopathic, evil, and insanely cruel and angered more easily (Red Oni) than Caillou, who is still actively mean, hostile, and sociopathic, but is softer (barely) and less evil (again, barely) than Boris, despite both being very insane and easily angered.
    • Caillou's Red to Dora's Blue. Again, the differences are as minor as the Beavis And Butthead example.
  • Hazbin Hotel: Vaggie, the Spicy Latina demon and her Girlfriend Charlie, the kind-hearted Princess of Hell .
  • Human Kind Of: Judy is the calm and careful Blue Oni, opposed to Cory and Iris' exciting and upbeat Red Onis.
  • When Po Ping and Tai Lung arrived in Ink City at the same time, both ended up on the Paint Side of the currently split City and wound up temporarily recolored in the spirit of this. Po found his black and white replaced with vibrant shades of red and yellow and deemed his unexpected makeover awesome. Tai Lung, on the other hand, finds his fur turned various shades of blue and was considerably less amused.
  • From the Library Of The Damned, we have Elysium and Rimura. Elysium is the more energetic and expressive of the two, and is rather shouty, whereas Rimura leans more on the Deadpan Snarker side (until children get involved). They're also Color-Coded for Your Convenience—Elysium has red hair and Rimura has blue.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School:
  • In Noob:
  • In the Burning Bridges Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke, Moira's the calmer foil to Donahue the Squirtle, which is fitting, since the two of them used to be partners in the police force. See for yourself. Ironically, Donahue's body is largely blue and Moira is a redhead.
  • Overly Sarcastic Productions evokes this with the two hosts, helpfully referred to as 'Red' and 'Blue' respectively. Red is passionate, excitable and hotheaded within her episodes while Blue generally shows cooler and calmer snark throughout.
  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum gives us Agents Suicide (Red Oni Spartan squire) and Dio (Blue Oni who does not even have a registered Lust Object).
    • Suicide is also Red Oni to Ithalond, and Rowan.
    • Agent Lux is Red Oni to any Agent she works with.
    • Which of Jay Thorntree and Acacia Bird is the Red Oni is determined by whether Elrond or Boromir (respectively) is more OOC.
    • Tawaki Penguin's Bloodwrath makes him Red Oni to Dustin O'Grady's Blue. Dustin is also implied to be Blue Oni to his sister Madison's Red.
    • Agent Ilraen is Red Oni to Supernumerary's Blue.
  • The Questport Chronicles has the DuLac sisters, with Sabriel as the Blue Oni and Lirael as the Red.
  • While most of the characters tend towards red oni, Red vs. Blue has a bit of this going on in the different teams, mostly their leaders. Church, the man in charge of the blue team, is fairly on-the-ball and tries to get things done, and he took over from Butch Flowers, a soft-spoken, thoughtful man whose only flaw seemed to be in thinking that the whole Red Army versus Blue Army conflict was something of a game and strategizing accordingly (in a flashback, when Church reports on Red activity, Flowers refers to them as "Those rascals!" in a no-hard-feelings sort of way). Sarge, leader of the red team, puts exactly no thought into his battle plans beyond how they can be used to kill Grif, but he goes at them with such a fervor that, if he did think about his plans for three seconds straight, he might actually win.
    • On a more individualized level, the Freelancer Dakota twins. North is the Blue Oni—calm, cautious, and strictly by-the-book during missions, and rather mild-mannered and friendly during downtime. South is the Red, a hasty, Hot-Blooded Leeroy Jenkins during battle, and bitchy, abrasive, and almost anti-social the rest of time.
    • Also, Blue Team tends to be the origin of most of the show's drama and plot while Red Team tends to just provide the slapstick and comedy.
    • Furthermore, the Chorus Arc introduces us to Felix and Locus, a pair of mercenaries who form their own Oni Duo. Felix is the Red Oni, being sarcastic, higher-energy, and generally more frivolous. Locus is the Blue Oni, being calm, quiet, and almost obsessively mission-focused.
  • Both of the main Retsupurae duos:
    • Slowbeef is often more expressive, whether it's getting angry at the creators of the video or game they're mocking or laughing more at something unintentionally funny in it. Diabetus, on the other hand, is more of a laid back Deadpan Snarker.
    • Likewise, Chip Cheezum is excitable (though usually less angry than Slowbeef), while General Ironicus tends to be more calm and, like Diabetus, more of a Deadpan Snarker.
  • The Runaway Guys: A few examples.
    • In any and all instances, Emile serves as the Red Oni to nearly everybody else, being loud, bombastic, and almost always optimistic. Often serves this role to Jon and Masae's Blue Oni. That being said...
    • While Jon and Masae usually come across as the more reserved and level-headed members, they don't always serve the role of Blue Oni. Often times, their bouts of rage at in-game mishaps or sabotages can throw them over into Red Oni territory, to the point of even being louder than Emile himself (though, not as consistently).
    • No matter which way you slice it, Tim always plays the Blue Oni. Whereas Emile is always rambunctious, and Jon and Masae have a tendency of crossing over that line, Tim is always laid-back, quiet, and never has moments of rage in the videos. Even when things go wrong for every member of TRG, he's likely to be the only member to take it in stride.
  • RWBY:
    • Yang and Blake. Yang is the Red Oni and Blake is the Blue Oni. Yang is a sun-themed, bright-coloured brash, physical fighter who appears to be carefree and light-hearted. Blake is a shadow-themed, acrobatic fighter who puts distance between herself and her opponents. She is aloof, brooding and acts like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. However, Blake allows herself to be controlled by her emotions and problems, and views herself as a coward. Yang, who is much more confident in both combat and social situations, tells her that she has to learn how to channel this so that she can gain control of her problems. Yang does have problems, but they're not as visible because she controls them and refuses to wallow. She's already learned the hard way and seeks to guide Blake from making the same mistakes.
    • Penny and Winter. Penny is the Red Oni and Winter is the Blue Oni. Ironwood relies on both in his fight against Salem. Winter is a cold, calculating human who buries her emotions beneath dutiful, rational behaviour. Penny is a warm, outgoing robot who speaks from the heart and challenges the morally questionable. In Volume 7, Penny's empathy, humanity and compassionate idealism clash with Winter's stoicism, professionalism and detached obedience, leading to Penny receiving the Winter Maiden's power instead of Ironwood's intended recipient, Winter. In Volume 8, Penny sacrifices her life to protect the power from Cinder by passing it to Winter, who embraces Penny's ideals and abandons Ironwood.
    • Elm and Vine. Vine is the Blue Oni, a very calm and quiet individual who shows very little emotion and tends to fight by standing in one place and extending his Aura out like stretching limbs. He is always paired with Elm; as the Red Oni, she is a loud, passionate woman, wears her heart on her sleeve and tends to fight by rooting herself into the earth with her Aura so that she can withstand the recoil from her own rocket-launcher.
    • Robyn and Ironwood. Robyn is the Red Oni to Ironwood's Blue. Both stubborn and convinced they're right, their respective Fatal Flaws clash when Ironwood prioritises Atlas and Robyn prioritises Mantle. Ironwood is initially an ally commanding overwhelming authority and a powerful military while Robyn is initially an antagonist commanding no formal power and rag-tag band of misfits. Ironwood is mistrustful, haunted, uncooperative, and uncompromising; by sacrificing empathy and humanity to achieve his goals, he is seen as increasingly villainous by both the kingdom and heroes. Robyn is open, engaging, cooperative and flexible; by embracing empathy and humanity to achieve her goals, she is seen as increasingly heroic by both the kingdom and heroes.
  • Lyle and Dex of Sanity Not Included. It's even displayed in the title sequence.
  • Kyle from Statless and Tactless is the level, balanced player to Joe's sociopathic antics. They even have blue and red text.
  • Invoked in Survival of the Fittest during a fight scene between Maxwell Lombardi and Maria Graham, who have red and blue streaks in their hair respectively. Though, in this case, it's inverted, as Lombardi is the cool, calculated, and ruthless one and Maria is the energetic goofy one (going even farther into red territory when she succumbs to murderous rage during the fight).
  • The Veronica Exclusive: Veronica's the sarcastic, melancholic, good-hearted, easily swayed blue to Jane's blood-thirsty, passionate, angry, manipulative red.
  • Joel the Large Ham Cloudcuckoolander and Vinny the Deadpan Snarker Straight Man, the two primary hosts and administrators of Vinesauce.
  • We're Alive has Latch as the blue with Scratch as red.
  • Trunks2585 has an example in Xander's Reviews. Xander is emotional and gregarious, while Alejandro is logical and reserved. This counts as an inversion, because Xander wears cool colors (usually green), and Alejandro wears warm colors (usually orange)
  • Jiang Wei and Xiahou Ba in Farce of the Three Kingdoms. Jiang Wei is a Blood Knight, and Xiahou Ba deals with his boss's psychotic tendencies by means of calm resignation, to the point where he tells the death scene judges "I'm good," when prompted for last words.


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