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Red Oni Blue Oni / Religion

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  • The Bible has several examples:
    • Adam & Eve are Blue Oni, Red Oni in straightest terms. Adam was the one who named the animals and was in full charge of Eden, second only to God while Eve was Red due to having being fully loving to Adam. Deconstructed when Eve easily succumbs to the temptation to eat the apple while Adam passively allowed it to happen.
    • Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary are complicated examples, yet remain a perfect Reconstruction. Jesus was outwardly Red Oni due to being active in His duty to God and even got angry when His Church was being misused as a market place and while accosting the Pharisees (There is even a whole chapter in Matthew devoted to a single "Reason You Suck" Speech about them), but was inwardly Blue Oni due to being peaceful in His approach and remained loving even toward his enemies. Mary, on the other hand, was outwardly Blue Oni by remaining peaceful while inwardly Red Oni by not hesitating to risk being (unjustly) stoned to death and being a loving Mother.
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    • David and Goliath is a classic example. As powerful as Goliath was, it was David who won the battle between them. Goliath was a strong and powerful warrior who was said to be far taller than poor David. But armed with a mere slingshot, David skilfully outwitted Goliath thus turned the tables on the brute.


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