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Professional Wrestling is chock-full of these. To wit:

  • The Brothers of Destruction: The Undertaker (Blue) and Kane (Red).
    • In Kane's second most notable tag team, with The Big Show, Kane played the Blue Oni to Show's Red. Kane tended to be the more stoic (if psychotic) of the two, while Show ranged anywhere between Hot-Blooded to Big Fun.
    • Kane's most recent notable tag team, Team Hell No, saw him again play the Blue Oni to Daniel Bryan's Red.
  • The Hardy Brothers: Jeff Hardy (impulsive and aerial Red) and Matt Hardy (more calculated and ground-based Blue).
  • Edge (blue) and Christian (red)
    • Maybe during their initial run, but after going singles, Edge is a much wilder, crazier Red, and since his return, Christian is a calm, relaxed Blue.
  • Former WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (angry Red) and John Morrison (mellow Blue).
  • The Rockers (originally AWA's Expies of The Rock 'n' Roll Express from the NWA), Marty Jannetty (Blue) and Shawn Michaels (Red); notable for the fact that the group originally split after they gradually switched roles over the course of their 5-year tag team career.
    • In the same vein, the most recent iteration of D-Generation X, with Shawn Michaels back in the Red Oni role and partner/best friend Triple H in the Blue Oni role (it can also be noted that Hunter can switch the colors pretty much on demand now as a story needs him to).
  • Classic big-man tag team The Twin Towers, where the Big Bossman (prior to his Heel–Face Turn) was the Red Oni and Akeem "The African Dream" (after switching gimmicks from The One Man Gang) was the Blue Oni.
  • The Outsiders, Kevin Nash (Blue) and Scott Hall (firmly entrenched in Red terrritory).
  • Even Mick Foley (jokey Red) and Al Snow (serious Blue) meet this trope head-on!
    • The Rock and Sock Connection: Foley remains the jokey Red while The Rock is the serious blue.
  • During the Attitude Era, the WWF's top two stars were Steve Austin (the surly, boisterous Red Oni) and The Rock (the suave, snarky Blue Oni).
  • TNA's Beer Money, Inc. James Storm (red) and Robert Roode (blue)
  • Even the ANNOUNCERS get in on the action!
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  • The APA was a good example with Bradshaw as the Ranting Red and Farrooq as the Blue of a single word. That word, of course, being "DAMN!".
  • In TNA, you have Mr Anderson (rule-breaking, stubborn asshole Red) and Matt Morgan (higher-minded, honourable Blue), although, in an ironic twist, Anderson's entrance lighting is very blue-themed whereas Morgan's is very red.
  • Raw and Smackdown are this right down to their colors. RAW has more crazy segments and is most of the time aired live while Smackdown is usually geared towards wrestling and was always taped until 2016.
  • In Japan, there is the classic rivalry between New Japan Pro-Wrestling (Red; focuses on high flying maneuvers and fast-paced martial arts move exchanges) and All Japan Pro Wrestling (Blue; focuses on traditional heavyweight bouts and slow-burning feuds and matches). This in turn extends to their founders, with New Japan founder Antonio Inoki being the brash and self-aggrandizing Red Oni and All Japan founder Giant Baba being the stoic and traditionalist Blue Oni.
  • Legendary All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling tag team the Crush Gals: Chigusa Nagayo (Red) and Lioness Asuka (Blue). Neither fell into the absolute territory but Nagayo was usually the more emotional, passionate one while Asuka was the cooler, calmer one. They even wore red (for Chigusa) and blue (for Asuka).
  • MsChif is the Red Oni of MSEERIE, where her partner is the comparatively quieter and less outlandish of the two and the Blue Oni of Diabolic Khaos where she is the comparatively subtle strategist while her partner runs around wild, hitting people with foreign objects while babbling about random topics.
  • Delirious is also the red oni of Incoherence, not that Hallowicked was particularly subdued, but he is downright stoic compared to to Delirious.
  • Curry Man wore yellow and red, but he was the blue oni to the confrontational Shark Boy, who incidentally was a red oni dressed in blue.
  • Los Sicarios del Ring, the two wrestlers El Satanico Dr. No brainwashed in 2005. Mephisto, the brutish red devil and Averno, the cunning manipulative blue devil.
  • Of the main two members of the second Bullet Club incarnation, AJ Styles is the blue oni, being pretty laid back and somewhat content to wrestle cleanly (at one point even asking one of New Japan's referees just what he was and wasn't allowed to do), to Karl Anderson's red, who became the de facto leader after the departure of Fergal Devitt and is responsible for maintaining the group's vicious, evil, reputation.
  • Rocky Romero the red to Roppongi Vice partner Berreta the blue, who is fine with saying little and being cool, whereas Romero was used to a partner he'd always fight and make up with as well as screaming at people.
  • The Funk Brothers: Terry Funk, the "middle-aged and crazy" "Hardcore Legend", is the Red, and Dory is the quieter, more reserved Blue.
  • One of the reasons why Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage could never team together for too long was that they were both Reds. Miss Elizabeth was a Non Action Blue to Savage's Red.
  • While never a full-time team, CHIKARA's Aces Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston were this kind of contrast. Kingston, "The War King", was the Red, a rage and pain-fueled tough guy who preferred beating people up to applying sophisticated holds and would not give up no matter the injury. Quack was the Blue, "The Master of A Thousand Holds", who saw wrestling as a human chess game and preferred to take his opponents down to the mat and defeat them by thinking far ahead of them. That said, Quack could also be case of Beware the Nice Ones/You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry, since his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against GEKIDO in 2012 led to the original leader, 17note  and combatANTnote  out of CHIKARA altogether.

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