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  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Italy is the Red Oni to Germany's and Japan's Blue Onis. Not that Germany and Japan were really acting like Blue Onis during their cock fight.
  • A Crown of Stars: Avalon's army commanders Ching and Bir. Ching is the Red Oni -enthusiastic, mirthful and passionate- and he is the Blue Oni -calm, serious and somewhat staid-. They are also a Battle Couple.
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  • Advice and Trust: Asuka and Rei. The differences between them become less extreme after Rei stops taking emotion-suppressor meds, but Asuka is still hot-blooded and impetuous and Rei is still quiet and calm. During the story their friendship develops and they become a very close-knit combat unit together with Shinji.
  • Aesir: Cross Wars: Inverted. Freya is the staff wielding, intelligent goddess of Love, while her Guardian, Azrael, is the scythe wielding angel with Idiot Hero tendencies. In spite of this, it is Azrael who comes off as the calmer of the two, often correcting his Goddess whenever she makes a mistake. Meanwhile, Freya is a massive Genki Girl.
    • Played straight with Azazel and Azrael respectively. Azazel is Hot-Blooded, a demon, has black hair, is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and knows Fire magic. Azrael is calm, an angel, has blond hair, is a Nice Guy (strictly speaking, he's also a Jerk with a Heart of Gold due to his near-constant snarking, but he is ultimately kind and definitely comes off as more tolerant than Azazel) and knows Lightning magic.
    • In general, Aesir: Cross Wars is the Red Oni to Iceaura39's second work, The Spectrum Game. Aesir: Cross Wars is a High Fantasy with heavy emphasis on Rule of Cool and Rule of Funny, and No Fourth Wall. Meanwhile, The Spectrum Game is a (heavily downplayed) Dark Fantasy with more of an emphasis on Reality Ensues. The protagonists of each book also play this straight, as Azrael Hardrada is friendly and outgoing, while Inigo Windflower is stoic and cynical.
  • A Triangle in the Stars: While Steven is undoubtedly the Red Oni to mostly everyone else, he's the Blue Oni to Bill Cipher's Red. Later, however, Bill evolves into more of a Blue Oni, and Steven himself bounces back and forth from Red to Blue.
    • While usually the Blue Oni in the show, Connie is actually the Red to Wendy's Blue. Though they very rarely switch roles.
    • Stanley Pines is the Red to Stanford Pines's Blue, and Peridot is the Blue, and sometimes Red, to both of them.
    • Garnet is the Blue to Pearl's and Amethyst's Red, and Pearl is the Blue to Amethyst's Red. When Keyhole joins, he becomes the Blue to Pearl's Red.
    • Gabriel is and has always been the Red to Bill Cipher's Blue.
    • And finally, Jasper is the Red to Lapis's Blue. It helps that they're actually a version of red and of blue respectively.
  • Blood and Honor: Vette - talkative, excitable, more at home in the underworld than anywhere else, wielding dual blasters and spending most of her free time in cantinas - versus Quinn - traditional, reserved, dedicated to the Empire and his duty, a consummate professional who looks down his nose at those he thinks are unprincipled or undisciplined.
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  • The Child of Love: Asuka is the Red Oni and Rei the Blue Oni. Shinji compares them in the first chapter, saying Asuka is fierce and loud whereas Rei is calm and quiet.
  • Seth In The Pokecity: While both share the Only Sane Man role, Tim Tim is a short-tempered, impulsive Fiery Redhead, especially when Flosshead is involved (Red) while Seth is mostly laid-back, rational and sarcastic (Blue).
  • Child of the Storm: Harry and Carol alternate between the two roles. On the one hand, Harry's the one with emotional repression issues, Nerves of Steel, a habit of very dry snarking, and when he gets really angry, the result is Tranquil Fury. Carol, meanwhile, is a loud, Hot-Blooded teenager with anger issues and a bit of impetuosity. On the other hand, Harry's also increasingly got a Hair-Trigger Temper which he struggles to keep in check, is practically the poster boy for the Indy Ploy and Didn't Think This Through and his signature power is Playing with Fire. Meanwhile, Carol is reserved, cautious about trusting people, Harry's self-appointed Morality Chain who never loses control of herself, functions as The Strategist for Harry and his friends, and has an increasingly disciplined mind, sufficient to earn the right to wield the Green Lantern Ring.
    • Steve is the Red Oni to Bucky's Blue Oni, with the former being more emotional and explicitly more connected to his humanity, while the latter is/used to be the Winter Soldier, and retains a cold, ruthless and intensely pragmatic streak, as well as tending to be quiet, thoughtful and patient, while Steve - though not lacking caution or pragmatism himself, will always stride straight into battle as soon as required.
    • Thor and Loki, of course. Thor's the Red Oni, Loki's the Blue Oni.
    • Jean Grey and Maddie Pryor/Rachel Grey. Jean is sweet, lovely, an absolute sweetheart who's open with her emotions... and possessed of a spectacular and terrifying temper. Maddie/Rachel, by contrast, is almost entirely calm, practical, logical, reserved, and capable of being very, very cold - though post Heel–Face Turn, the facade cracks somewhat.
  • Children of an Elder God: Asuka is the Red Oni -being fiery, high-spirited and loud- and Rei the Blue Oni -she is quieter, colder and usually emotionless-. As a bonus, Asuka has fire-related powers.
  • Doing It Right This Time: Asuka was the Red Oni -temperamental and impulsive- and Rei the Blue Oni -emotionless and quiet-. After returning to the past Asuka is calmer and Rei is learning to recognize and express her emotions, so differences between both are less extreme, but Asuka is still the passionate half of the duo and Rei the calm one.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami features Jadite and Ami, occasionally. Jadeite also fills the same role to Cathy. On the other hand, Tiger is a red oni to everyone, even Jadeite.
  • Evangelion 303: Asuka is the Red Oni -she is hot-tempered, hot-headed, loud, boisterous, proud and impulsive-, and Shinji is the Blue Oni -calm, modest, quiet, patient, wary, understanding-. They are a Battle Couple.
  • In Ghosts of Evangelion Asuka is the Red to Shinji's Blue. She is hot-blooded, quick-tempered and impetuous, and Shinji is calm, rational and passive. She helps him be more assertive and he keeps her calm.
  • HERZ: Asuka is the red oni (she is temperamental, rash and hot-headed) and Rei the blue one (she is calm and soft-spoken). Due to their clashing personalities there was some hostility between them when they were young, but after twelve years it has mostly faded.
  • Higher Learning: Asuka and Shinji were this for a long time. They were always together, and Asuka was the hot-headed, enthusiastic Red Oni and Shinji the quiet, meek Blue Oni. This changed after Asuka's Mind Rape, and she became silent and gloomy.
  • In the The Horsewomen Of Las Vegas, Becky Lynch is hands-down the Red Oni. She's brash, obnoxious, hot-headed and will kill without a second thought, but fiercely loyal to her people. She's such a Red Oni that it takes TWO Blue Onis to balance her out: 1) her working relationship with Charlotte Flair, who is an ice queen, diplomatic, The Chessmaster and very detached from others (Becky delights in driving her crazy) and 2) one of the Co-Dragons of her own merry band, Brooke Tessmacher, who handles most of Becky's business affairs because she's too impatient and impulsive to be able to do it herself.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Passionate and fiery Asuka is the Red Oni while collected and silent Rei is the Blue Oni. It was specially noticeable in scenes where Asuka reacted and acted while Rei prefered waiting and analyzing the situation.
  • Once More with Feeling:
    • Asuka and Shinji are like this. Asuka is the Red Oni -temperamental, bold and daring- is the Shinji is the Blue -tranquil and quiet even when he is angry-.
    • Rei -calm, soft-spoken- is also the Blue Oni to Asuka's Red one. Due to Shinji changing the timeline events they unexpectedly become friends, and better teammates (and Rei actually saves Asuka's from dying inside a volcano.
  • Our Blades Are Sharp: Roose Bolton's sons Domeric (blue) and Ramsay (red). Domeric is calm, pragmatic, and kind-hearted, while Ramsay is impulsive, hedonistic and sadistic. This is reflected in their clothing; Domeric mostly wears blue or black with hints of red, while Ramsay is shown wearing predominantly red and no traces of cooler colors.
  • Professor Layton and the Beam Katana Chronicles pairs the hot headed and rash Travis Touchdown with the calm gentleman, Hershel Layton.
  • Ragnarok Ragna Guardian:
    • Shiro (Hot-Blooded, sanguine, Nice Guy, loud and extroverted) and Reiko (Choleric, even louder, bossy) as the red to either either Saya (Introverted, Shrinking Violet, quiet, phlegmatic) or Roku (Melancholic, Jerk with a Heart of Gold)
    • Also Shiro and Kuro respectively
    • Shiro can only be out-redded by Reiko and his sister, Shiki
  • The wrestling fic The Return-Remixed has DEAR's Big Bad Duumvirate, Trish Stratus (Red) and Lita (Blue). Trish is cocky and arrogant when things are going her way, but loud and hot-headed whenever they're not, while Lita is more level-headed and rational.
  • The One I Love Is: Asuka -Hot-Blooded, hot-headed, angry, loud- and Rei -emotionless, detached, calm, quiet-. Their relationship greatly evolves throughout the story. At the beginning Asuka detests Rei and Rei ignores Asuka. Later, when they start competing over Shinji, they can not stand each other. Finally, after a violent fight, they make up, call a truce, and they gradually become friends.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton:
    • Asuka was the Red Oni -passionate and temperamental- and Shinji the Blue Oni -meek and quiet-. Actually, Asuka liked Shinji -among other reasons- because he knew how to listen.
    • When Asuka and Rei hang together and fight together, Rei -quiet and passive- is the Blue Oni.
  • In the Great Chicken Miasma's Mario fanfic Better Off Alone, the young Yoshi Waffles is the Red to everyone else in the group's Blue.
  • In the fanfic Disgaea: Jewel of the Gods, Laharl is the red oni to Adell and Mao's blue oni. Adell and Mao tend to trade role for who's the red oni and who's the blue oni of the two.
  • What About Witch Queen? has two pairs like this on opposite sides of war. On Arendelle side, general Kristiani is impulsive, "let's crush them now" red to Olafsen's more careful blue. On Weselton side, general Potter is red with More Dakka approach, while general Windsor is blue and described as "cold-blooded, sneaky bastard" by one of the Arendellans.
  • Winter War gives us Ikkaku and Nanao, the co-leaders of the Hueco Mundo mission. Ikkaku is a Hot-Blooded Blood Knight with a newly acquired habit of giving nicknames and a physical fighter with no aptitude for kidou. Nanao is a serious, methodical, control obsessive Badass Bookworm and kidou specialist who so far has avoided hand-to-hand combat.
  • Eri's Game has Eri as the Red Oni and her best friend, Shiki, as the Blue Oni.
  • Swing123 and garfieldodie's Calvinverse has Dr. Brainstorm as the red oni, with his foil Jack being the blue.
    • The main cast also has this distinction. From most red to most blue, they are as follows: Socrates, Calvin, the MTM, Hobbes, Sherman, and Andy.
  • To Kill A Thief has Light Yagami as red due to being crazy with Knight Templar ideas, while his partner, Miyako Toudaiji, is blue due to being sane with By-the-Book Cop tendencies.
  • In White Rain, it is Sasuke who is the Red Oni to Naruto's Blue, strangely enough. Their relationships also have the same distinction.
  • The Wizard in the Shadows has Harry as the Red Oni to Aragorn's blue.
  • Apprentice has Sasuke and Mecha Sally.
  • Children of Time has Beth's red to Holmes's blue.
  • The dynamic between Chaos and Takato in the Tamers Forever Series is an interesting inversion of this trope. ChaosGallantmon has blue highlights on his armour, while Gallantmon has red highlights, and Chaos is also much more ruthless than Takato, but surprisingly enough, Takato is actually the Blue Oni, being much more subtle and thoughtful than the impulsive Chaos.
  • Working Together has Rika Nonaka as the Red Oni and Arch-Enemy Valmont as the Blue Oni.
  • Vale Whitaker, the Shrinking Violet heroine of the Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, is the Blue Oni in contrast to several Red Oni in the story, including her sister Maybelle, her district partner Kit, and Fiery Redhead Fen.
  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox gives us Suigetsu and Jugo, red and blue respectively. Suigetsu is Hot-Blooded, while Jugo's more calm and methodical.
  • The Medaka Box fanfic World As Myth has the friendship between the violent Unzen and the phlegmatic Choujabaru.
  • A Necromancer's Wild Card has Ayumu Aikawa as the Red Oni to Minato Arisato's blue.
  • Peace Forged in Fire plays this contrast between Rahaen'Enriov D'trel ir'Aehallhah t'Rihannsu and Khre'Riov Morgaiah "Morgan" ir'Sheratan t'Thavrau, the two lead members of the Romulan Republic diplomatic team. D'trel doesn't like Velal, the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, and has diametrically opposed political views, and runs on Unstoppable Rage in battle, while Morgan is a more traditionalist Romulan, shares a friendly drink with Velal to hold the negotiations together, and has a much calmer, more rational fighting style. Also visible in their ship choices: D'trel's Kholhr is a Glass Cannon/Fragile Speedster T'varo-class light warbird, while Morgan captains a Mighty Glacier D'deridex-class battlecruiser.
  • In contrast to the source material, in Traveler, Ash is blue to Gary's red. He serves a similar role to his early travelling companion Jonathan. Lance and Steven's relationship has tones of this, with Lance as red and Steven as blue.
    • Appropriately, among Ash's Pokemon, Infernus plays the red to Torrent's (post-evolution) blue.
  • The Snow Has Stopped The Rain has Zangetsu, who's crude, violent and hot-blooded (red) and Shirayuki who is (usually) calm, collected and proper (blue).
  • Wonderful! has Taylor, who is the Red to Emma’s Blue. The former is bold and loud whereas the latter is calm and rational. Emma often helps to keep Taylor grounded.
  • In Thousand Shinji:
    • Asuka is the red oni and Rei the blue one. Reinforced because Asuka's powers are fueled by fury and fierceness, and Rei's by joy and despair.
    • Shinji is also the blue to Asuka's red. She is a furious, passionate physical fighter. He is a calm, conniving schemer.
  • In The Second Try, Asuka is the Red Oni to Shinji's Blue. Although she's calmer and he's less timid due to their increased maturity, she's still daring, bold and passionate whereas he tries to be a calming, pacifying influence.
  • The crossover Crossfire has Vash and Brandon as the Red and the Blue respectively. Vash is a loud, cheerful donut-loving goofball who always tries to resolve every conflict peacefully. His favorite flower is red geranium, and when he somehow gets in a fight, he will always find a way out with various tricks. On the other hand, Brandon is a cool and quiet undead mobster who won't hesitate to injure or even kill people when it's necessary to resolve a conflict. His favorite flower is forget-me-not, and whenever he gets in a fight, he tends to bulldoze everything in his path with brute strength.
  • In Cardcaptor Rad, there's eager and passionate Hot Shot whose something of a Blood Knight, and calm, meticulous Red Alert, who'd rather wait and plan things out. Unsurprisingly they clash a lot.
  • In Blade Dance Academy, we have Yona and Tegami, respectively. Yona is a Genki Girl, Nice Girl, uses fire, and wields a BFS. Tegami is a Mellow Fellow, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, uses wind, and wields a katana. Their eye colours and Character Alignment aren't a clear indicator of this, however, as Yona is a Lawful Good character with blue eyes, and Tegami is a Chaotic Good character with pink eyes.
  • In Infinite Gate Of Hope, we have our two male leads. Shura is Hot-Blooded, Chaotic Good, a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, is coded with red and wields an axe, seemingly embodying Thor. Naito is a Mellow Fellow, Lawful Good, a Nice Guy, is coded with light blue, and wields twin shortswords. Even so, he doesn't rely on them, preferring to use the extremely powerful magic at his disposal.
    • Their stat distributions fit this too. Shura is a Mighty Glacier, with heavy emphasis on Attack and Vitality. Naito is more of a Squishy Wizard, with more focus on Magic and Speed.
  • Sky Blade Academy: Fire-using Keet Kaiba and Hot-Blooded Wind-using Shiki as the Red, and The Stoic Water-wielding Atsuya and Earth-using Extreme Doormat with Troll tendencies Samekou as the Blue. On the Four-Temperament Ensemble, they are respectively Sanguine (Kaiba), Choleric (Shiki), Melancholic (Atsuya), and Phlegmatic (Same).
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines shows it often:
    • Ash is the red to Paul's blue. Ash is exuberant, warm, and thinks on his feet; whereas Paul is subdued, cold, and prefers to plan ahead.
    • Gary and Red also have this sort of dynamic. Ironically, Red's the Blue Oni, being quiet and stoic; while Gary is the loud, emotional Red Oni.
    • Ash and Red also have this dynamic, with Ash as the red and Red as the blue. This is reflected in their respective abilities. Ash has the ability to temporarily increase his Pokémon's power, while Red is able to see "victory odds".
  • In Just A Child, Kanna's twin brothers Kim-un and Yushkep act in this fashion, with Yushkep as the red and Kim-un as the blue.
  • Tokyo Ghoul fanfic, You Have To Help Me has this dynamic between Touka and her Muggle Best Friend turned One-Eyed Ghoul Yoriko. While Touka is obviously the Hot-Blooded one, Yoriko is cheerful and being careful. Ironically, their Kagunes show the opposite; Touka uses an Ukaku, while Yoriko uses a Rinkaku.
  • Duos like this are widespread in the Teen Titans Our Own League novels, but the most prominent is Gar and Raven. The only ten year-olds in a school for teen heroes, they spend a lot of time together and are close friends (possibly more) despite the contrasts: Gar wears warm colors with white, Raven wears cool colors with black. Gar is hyperactive, mischievous and impulsive, Raven is quiet, pensive and Wise Beyond Her Years. Gar has a flashy power he cannot yet control, Raven's sorcery is understated because of how much control she has. In a reversal, Gar is a Sad Clown who hides his pain, while Raven always says exactly how she feels.


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