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People with impressive noms de guerre in live-action TV.

  • Johnny Carson, best known as the second host of The Tonight Shownote  was known as "The Master of Laughs", and "The King of Late Night".
  • Milton Berle, one of TV's early successes was known as "Mr. Television".
  • Bozo, "The World's Most Famous Clown"
  • The Mexican clown Piponote , known as "El Rey de los Payasos" (The King of the Clowns).

  • The 100: After the events of the first two seasons, Clarke has become known among the Grounders as "Wanheda", meaning "The Commander of Death".
  • John Sheridan, Captain of Babylon 5 from season 2 onward, was known as "Star Killer". He was the only one who managed to destroy a Minbari vessel (The Black Star) during the Earth-Minbari War.
    • He's the only captain (or acting captain) to destroy a Minbari warship and survive. There were a few Sharlins lost to ramming. The Minbari warriors mainly hate him because of what they consider to be underhanded tactics (he lured the Black Star with a distress call and detonated planted nukes). They conveniently ignore the fact that Minbari don't take prisoners, and the Black Star was coming back to finish the job and destroy a crippled ship. That the ship was crippled because the Black Star had used an almost identical tactic in an earlier engagement (using a Hyperspeed Ambush instead of mines) is similarly ignored.
    • Then there's Deathwalker.
    • Dr Franklin's father, known to all and sundry as the optimism-inspiring "Firestorm" Franklin.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003) had a Cylon ace nicknamed Scar, named for the battle damage that covered his ship/armor. He was the scourge of Galactica and Pegasus's fighter wings for a short time, and was reputed to really have it in for Starbuck, who, due to the Cylon habit of cloning backup copies, had defeated and killed him several times in battle.
    • It's heavily implied that Scar is, in fact, the Raider that Starbuck had shot down, cut open, and flown by poking its insides.
  • Breaking Bad's Walter White is better known in-universe as Heisenberg.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Spike has several: Spike (for murder by railway spike), the Scourge of Europe (well 1/4 the Scourge of Europe anyway), William the Bloody (which was originally about his bad poetry, then became about the swathe of destruction he left behind him everywhere he went). And when Hell-A is split up between various demon "Lords", Spike crowns himself Lord of Beverly Hills. (After the Fall)
    • Buffy is 'The Slayer'. Note that she's not the only vampire slayer anymore, but everyone calls her The Slayer because she's that much of a badass.
    • The Master.
    • Angelus/Angel. He long since ceased to use his birth name, Liam. Another 1/4 of the Scourge of Europe, also known as "The Demon with an Angel's Face", "The Vampire with a Soul", "King of Pain" and "Twilight".
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    • Maggie Walsh is also known as The Evil Bitch Monster of Death.
    • Connor is known as The Destroyer in Quor'toth. It isn't until season 9 of Buffy that we get to see exactly why.
    • Lorne ends up becoming one the more benign demon "lords" of L.A. after it is banished to Hell. Lorne is elected the Lord of Silver Lake, and does his very best to make his territory "a Heaven in Hell". (After the Fall).
  • Community:
    • Entertainingly parodied in the episode "A Fistful of Paintballs", where Josh Holloway's character is known only as "The Black Rider", resulting in this exchange:
      Annie: Who is he?
      Troy: We just call him the Black Rider.
      Annie: Ok... But he's not really riding anything—
      Troy: Look, I don't name people, Annie! I'm a deputy. I deputize.
    • Annie herself notes that she's occasionally just called "Psycho" due to her pill addiction and resulting Freak Out in high school.
  • Dead Man's Gun: "King Snake" Dawtry, a con man in the second episode, is called that because King snakes only eat king snakes and he only cons other con men.
  • Doctor Who:
    • The Doctor. Just the Doctor. The nickname is self-bestowed and is so legendary that it commands instant fear and respect in innumerable galaxies. In-universe, River Song tells the Eleventh Doctor that the word "Doctor" means "healer" or "wise person" in most languages across time and space because of him. She also points out a language in which Doctor means "mighty warrior", implying that his current course of action is changing his legacy in way he would find abhorrent. This is underlined when it's revealed that the 'War Doctor' incarnation, who fought in the Time War, was referred to as "the Doctor of War". While this initially seems like a rejig of the War Doctor title, a Doctorate is an academic title given to someone who has not merely 'mastered' a discipline, but taken it to a whole new level - which, in turn, makes the name one hell of a lot more frightening.
    • The Doctor has many other titles as well, but it always comes back to the Doctor. Their real name is said to be the greatest secret in the universe, and the only other person confirmed to know it is River Song.
    • Discussed in the episode "Twice Upon A Time", as the Glass Woman shows the First Doctor his future:
      Glass Woman: The Doctor has many names... the Imp of the Pandorica. The Shadow of the Valeyard. The Beast of Trenzalore. The Butcher of Skull Moon. The Last Tree of Garsennon. The Destroyer of Skaro. He is the Doctor of War.
    • The Daleks have given the Doctor multiple titles, most famously "The Oncoming Storm", as a sign of just how much they've come to hate and fear their Arch-Enemy over the centuries. Others include "The Destroyer of Worlds" and "The Predator of the Daleks".
    • The Master, again a case of a Time Lord with a self-bestowed title. This seems to be a Time Lord affectation, but unlike the Doctor, the Master is strictly a villain.
  • Rita earns the nickname "spatula" after she proves to be a kung fu prodigy in Eve. Shelly comes up with the "Icyhot patch".
  • F Troop: Captain Wilton Parmenter led the final charge in the Battle of Appomattox, earning him the moniker "Scourge of the West".
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Sandor Clegane is nicknamed "The Hound" and was the personal bodyguard (sworn shield) of Joffrey Baratheon.
    • Gregor Clegane is known as "The Mountain that Rides" for his immense size and unstoppable nature.
    • Ser Jaime "The Kingslayer" Lannister. He previously served in the Kingsguard of Aerys Targaryen, known as the Mad King, before infamously backstabbing him during the Sack of King's Landing, earning Jaime his nickname. This trope is actually being played with, as in universe this is a mark of shame.
    • Aerys Targaryen being known as "The Mad King" also counts. Although his rule began benevolently, he succumbed to madness.
    • Robb "The Young Wolf" Stark. Despite his young age, he commands a great respect and is notable for never having lost a battle, thus earning himself his nickname - after the sigil of his house.
    • Tyrion "The Imp" Lannister. A dwarf, he uses his wit and intellect to overcome the prejudice he faces.
    • Ser Brynden Tully is popularly called "The Blackfish". He is a knight and a member of House Tully. His badassery is mentioned in-universe.
    • Qhorin "Halfhand" or "The Halfhand". He is a member of the Night's Watch, a senior and experienced ranger who is regarded as an elite scout and soldier.
    • Oberyn "The Red Viper" Martell, also known as "The Red Viper of Dorne". He was well known for his fighting skills, passionate temper, and sexual appetites.
    • Jon Snow becomes known as the "White Wolf" after his coronation as the King in the North.
    • While Daenerys Targaryen has acquired or taken upon several titles, 'Mother of Dragons' is becoming her most famous moniker. Her other titles,'The Unburnt' and 'Breaker of Chains' are just a little less badass.
    • It isn't made explicitly clear in the show, but Varys' nickname "The Spider" isn't his own idea; the other members of the court gave it to him due to his "web of information". Varys never claims or uses the nickname himself.
  • Heroes
    • René was a lot more threatening back when he was only known as "The Haitian".
    • There's also Claude, which may or may not be his real name. It's likely a pun on Claude Rains, who played the eponymous character in The Invisible Man (1933). More than likely; that's literally how he introduced himself to Peter in his very first appearance.
    • Gabriel Gray, of course, was better known as Sylar.
  • Kamen Rider:
  • Leverage:
    • "The Butcher of Kiev" from The Wedding Job. As Hardison put it, "the Cakemaker of Kiev would whoop all our asses. This is the Butcher."
    • One of the show's recurring characters is a master hacker and Hardison's rival, naturally, who everybody calls "Chaos". In addition, government agencies like to call him the "Kobayashi Maru" because he's unbeatable.
    • One episode's villain, himself a master conman, really wanted to apply this trope to himself with the alias of "The Mako". The crew digs into him rather mercilessly with it. First, Nathan's cover identity has a ridiculous nickname (Count Chocula, if you're wondering), but they point out it's not like he was lame enough to pick it himself, how pathetic would that be? And then they start pretending they can't even remember what he wants to be called, using every silly fish they could come up with instead (i.e.: "The Blowfish", "The Guppy", "The Goldfish", "The Trout", etc.). By the time they actually take him down, it's become a Berserk Button for him.
  • Inverted on M*A*S*H with Five-O'-Clock Charlie, a North Korean pilot who was so terrible at his job that the whole camp would gather to watch him drop a small bomb on a nearby ammo dump, and place bets about how far off target his utterly-predictable attack would fall.
  • Space: Above and Beyond had a Chig ace who habitually shredded entire human squadrons in single engagements, using his prototype interceptor. On one occasion, the humans found out where he was going to be, and sent fifteen squadrons out with the sole mission of finding him and ending him. Thirteen squadrons came back, and they only managed to ward him off temporarily. His nickname? Chiggy Von Richthofen.
    • Space also had the 127th squadron: Supposedly the very best of the best, enjoying respect and privileges like drinks on the house and non-standard (and much cooler) uniforms. Their nickname: The Angry Angels. Averted when the entire squadron save for McQueen are destroyed by the chigs in the early stages of the war.
  • There are several in Spartacus: Blood and Sand: "I give you..."
    • "Spartacus: The Bringer of Rain!"
    • "Crixus: The Undefeated Gaul!"
    • "Gannicus: A True God of the Arena!"
    • "Barca: The Beast of Carthage!"
    • "Theokoles: The Shadow of Death!"
  • The eponymous Super Robot Red Baron itself is occasionally referred to as "The Crimson Phoenix". Bonus points for already being called Red Baron.
  • A few teams of Super Sentai have superlatives, which share a running theme.
    • The Gaorangers' titles are based off of their patron animal: Red is "Blazing Lion", Yellow is "Noble Eagle", Blue is "Surging Shark", Black is "Iron Bison", White is "Belle Tiger", and Silver is "The Sparking Silver Wolf". Power Rangers Wild Force retained most of these out of necessity (they appear in giant letters when the Rangers use a Finishing Move), but Yellow was changed to "Soaring Eagle", White to "Noble Tiger", and Silver to "Howling Wolf".
    • The Boukengers' nicknames all take the format "The X Adventurer": Red is "Fiery", Black is "Fast", Blue is "High-Flying", Yellow is "Strong", Pink is "Deep Sea", and Silver is "Dazzling".
    • The Gekirangers' nicknames all refer to their specialties as martial artists: Red is "Unbreakable Body", Yellow is "Honest Heart", Blue is "Fantastic Technique", Violet is "Iron Will", and Chopper is "Amazing Ability".
    • In an individual example, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger's "Boss" Doggie Kruger (a canine alien) calls himself "The Guard Dog of Hell".
    • Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger offers a villainous version with The Dragon Damaras, who's called "The Strongest Man in Space". He then backs this name up by curb-stomping The Rival who had up to that point been curb-stomping the Gokaigers, then taking on all six Gokaigers at the same time.
  • Survivor has quite a few contestants that are given these, including Richard Hatch (The King, The Emperor), Jerri Manthey (The Black Widow, The Wicked Witch), Robert DeCanio (The General), Vecepia Towery (The Sneak), Rupert Boneham (The Pirate), Sandra Diaz-Twine (The Queen, The Empress), Cirie Fields, (The Puppet Master), Earl Cole (The Godfather), Benjamin "Coach" Wade (The Dragon Slayer).
  • Top Gear: All we know is, he's called The Stig.
  • Enforced in WMAC Masters, where all of the competitors use a "ki symbol". Examples include Ho Sung Pak ("Superstar"), his brother Ho Young Pak ("Star Warrior"), Herb Perez ("Olympus"note ), Chris Casamassa ("Red Dragon"), Willie Johnson ([The] Bam), Michael Bernardonote  ("Turbo"), Christine Rodriguez ("Lady Lightning"), and Hien Nguyen ("Tsunami").


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