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Reconstructions in video games.

  • School Days is another case in which a deconstruction can potentially be a reconstruction. Yes, we know, the anime and some routes of the game can totally smash Love Triangle and Unwanted Harem to pieces - but if the player takes the right decision, both tropes can be played straight. Or, with lots of effort and planning, evolve into One True Threesome.
  • Singularity manages to simultaneously deconstruct and reconstruct the Last-Second Ending Choice, where if you manage to jump the rails of one man's plot you end up on the rails of the other's, and the choice is presented as just another extension of one plot or the other, but at the same time, the entire game has been building up to this one moment of free will, the first chance you've had to actually choose anything, and at that moment the fate of the world really is in your hands. Especially if you Take a Third Option.
  • Skies of Arcadia rebuilt the heroic, swashbuckling fantasy RPG hero and world after Final Fantasy VII's deconstruction and fleet of imitators.
  • Star Wars Legends:
  • A meta example occurs with Street Fighter V. Even though the Downloadable Content is very expensive, if you put much effort into it, you can eventually get the content for free.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine reconstructs the portrayal of the Ultramarines chapter of Space Marines, who take a lot of flak for being a Creator's Pet (and Matt Ward elevated them to Canon Sue until he discovered the Grey Knights, but that's another discussion). This game's version of the Ultramarines are still Nice Guys,note  but they're not invincible. The portrayal also doesn't fall into the opposite problem, i.e. making them nearly useless if they face a problem that the Codex Astartes doesn't have a specified solution for.note  Captain Titus gently rebukes one of his squadmates for this in an early cutscene, pointing out that sometimes you need to throw out the manual and think on your feet. Titus' rebuttal shows that Relic "did their homework" in regards to 40k fluff since Gulliman intended the Codex as a guideline in terms of strategy by creating a set of precedents to use in case a new scenario showed up.
  • XCOM2 deconstruct and reconstruct Training from Hell. While the training your soldiers can undertake with the Reapers, the Skirmishers, and the Templars carry a "moderate" chance of injuring your soldiers so that they need hospitalization (for reference, going deep behind enemy lines to steal pass codes for the fortress of an enemy Hero Unit so you can bypass their Resurrective Immortality to have them Killed Off for Real carries an injury risk of "low"]), said training never actually kills or permanently cripple your soldiers (even if they're a rookie), showing that while their training is harsh, the three resistance factions know when to stop, and when you send your soldiers there to train, they do learn a lot, gaining both XP and stat increases.


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