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Recap / Zekkyou Gakkyuu Period 37 The Witch Of The Library Room

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"This happened because Riri was trying to get close to Hijiri-kun. Doesn't it seem like divine punishment?"


Filled with excitement Riri runs straight to her friends Misao and Mako to inform them of great news; Hijiri just broke up with Kurose, a girl from Class B. The girls are delighted and she joins them as their other classmates begin to show up, and they admire their object of affection as his friends congratulate him for helping an old man earlier. He claims it isn't that big of a deal, leading Riri to think about how kind and compassionate he is. He is also handsome, so she and her friends see him as their class idol and started the Hijiri Alliance in his honor.


More than anything she would love to confess to him, but she finds it hard to approach him like other girls easily do. The trio admire him from afar until his friends overhear them and begin to make fun of them, which annoys them until Riri notices the misanga around his wrist. She suggests they make some for themselves as part of their alliance and the other two agree.

After class the trio head to the library while discussing how frequently Riri copies Hijiri. She doesn't see any harm in being a little closer to him though, and points out that they will all match. The girls look for a crafting book but find themselves stumped by the instructions when they overhear two girls discussing "The Witch's Book". A legendary book that came from an overseas school as part of a trade. In the mixture of books rested a single, entirely black book a curious girl took upon herself to translate. It was filled with spells and charms, and she tested it out to see if she could make a boy she likes fall in love with her. It worked, along with the other spells she did.


Today the book is said to still be in this library...

As the story concludes Riri begins to get lost in a fantasy of Hijiri, wondering if such a thing could really work. But she snaps out of it and forces herself to think about other things, since he is not an option. She loves Mako and Misao and wouldn't want to hurt them. With that decision, the girls find a design that closely matches Hijiri's and they begin working on it.

A few days later Riri makes her way to the Beautification committee meeting when she bumps into Hijiri, surprised as he informs her that he has transferred to it. Riri nervously begins to chat with him when he asks that she helps him adjust to the change. She agrees and rushes off to inform Misao and Mako of the news- while they are happy for her, they remind her not to get careless. She agrees and claims not to have any intention of it just as he approaches to suggest they spend every morning together to pick up trash with the group. She happily agrees.


As she begins to get closer to Hijiri, Riri is oblivious to her friends apparent frustration.

One day Riri rushes through the corridor when she spots Hijiri heading up a flight of stairs. She trails after him and calls out his name, only for something to suddenly latch onto her and pull her down. Shaken, Riri wonders what could have possibly happened when nobody was there as someone checks on her, and when she meets up with her friends to tell them of what happened, the girls don't seem very concerned. They remind her that it only seems to be a scratch, and because of her not having P.E. today she won't have to worry about making it worse.

Riri doesn't think much about their response until later, when she gets up to speak to Hijiri and apologize for not showing up as planned. But before she can approach him, one of the lights from the ceiling suddenly comes crashing down!

Everyone stares in shock as Riri falls back in fright. As someone runs off to fetch a teacher she thinks about how this is the second time today that a strange accident occurred as Misao and Mako show up, and as she begins to wonder if they have any involvement and begins to see them in a new light...

Later in the day Riri is shown to have been anxious and stressed out. She sits alone, wondering if Misao or Mako could really do such a thing like this and remembers the Witch's Book, wondering if they found it. Recalling they are in P.E. Riri approaches Mako's bag to check and see if the book is inside, but with her hand in the bag they suddenly show up. Riri quickly accuses them of trying to hurt her because of her growing closer to Hijiri, but neither girl can understand her suspicions and instead accuse her of using it to make him join the Beautification committee. All three girls deny having used the book, and seeing more classmates begin to show up Riri quickly makes up an excuse to get away from them.

She runs down the hallway until she is sure she's escaped them. Hurt and feeling alone, she wonders how her friends could do this to her and pulls at her misanga, preparing to remove it until Hijiri shows up. He sees her distress as she begins to cry and asks if she is okay, offering to take her to the nurses office.

In this moment, Riri falls for him even harder.

Before she can agree, a large window next to them suddenly shatters, throwing shards of glass everywhere. Riri is frightened when she sees Misao and Mako staring at her through the broken window, but seeing them smirk she is instantly filled with rage. Hijiri attempts to help her stop the bleeding from the cuts as she goes silent, and she rips off the misanga.

They were never her friends.

They were only pretending.

And now that she's become closer to Hijiri, they are trying to kill her.

Deciding they are unforgivable, Riri worries that she might be the only victim now. But soon others will begin to get hurt, including Hijiri. She is overcome by grief and she runs through the hallway to locate them, finding the duo alone in the hall standing before a long stair case. Enraged, she shoves them down the stairs and walks off to find Misao's bag. But after finding nothing she assumes they probably hid it and she heads to the school library as an ambulance shows up.

There are many dangerous girls...

She has to protect Hijiri...

Upon arrival Riri finds two girls chatting and she recognizes the book near one of them. She asks about it and the girl hands it over, mentioning that someone just returned it. Something that seems curious to Riri. Her friends couldn't have done it in that case, and the reality of what she did begins to sink in.

But now that she has it, why should she care anyway?

Riri quickly begins to finger through the pages wondering what spell she could use to protect Hijiri as she walks through the library. But she is so focused that she fails to acknowledge the nearby creaking bookcase as she spots the check-out card of the book. She pulls it out and expresses shock- only to look and find the bookcase some crashing down on top of her!

Meanwhile, Hijiri is in the middle of helping a small child with his bruised knee. He runs off afterwards and Hijiri's friends compliment his angelic kindness, only to warn him that if he keeps being this way girls might begin to fight over him and misunderstand his intentions. Hijiri doesn't believe that would happen though.

It's then one of his friends notice the misanga and asks about it, and Hijiri mentions that his little sister asked him to make her one. He had to find a book on how to do it and afterwards, he decided to make himself one. It was said to work like a talisman in that it would keep him safe from danger.

Within the library, the book case lays on the lifeless Riri as the students inside surround it in shock, along with many scattered books. Unguarded is the Witch's Book with blood slowly seeping from beneath, and on it the check-out card...

The name written is Hijiri Amano.

Hijiri's friend asks him if the charm works, but he claims not to know.


  • Conflicting Loyalty: Riri desperately wants a Relationship Upgrade with Hijiri but she forces herself to stay loyal to her friends. But her loyalty is cast aside after she begins to think her friends are trying to kill her.
  • Fangirl: Riri and her friends, who have a fan club in Hijiri's honor. His friends insult and berate them over it.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Riri being crushed by the bookcase isn't shown, although there is a panel of her blood seeping out beneath it.
    • Misao and Mako aren't shown hitting the ground either.
  • Insecure Love Interest: Riri doesn't believe someone like Hijiri would ever like her.
  • Meganekko: One of Riri's friends.
  • Nice Guy: The reason Hijiri is so popular; not only is he handsome but he's very sweet. He helps old people, he tries to cheer up those who are sad and offers to help them, and he's even shown trading boys love manga with a shy classmate.
  • The Cameo: The girls are shown with Zekkyou Gakkyuu manga.
  • With Friends Like These...: The group as a whole crumbles after Riri begins to get closer to Hijiri. Her friends Lack of Empathy firmly leads her to believe they want her dead, and the paranoia from this eventually causes her to lash out at them. She is only shown sympathetic for a split second afterwards.
  • Yandere: At the end of the chapter Riri is revealed to have traits of this and she begins to get erratic with her thought process. One can only imagine what she would have done if she wasn't stopped...
    • Her being a danger is also implied with the misanga Hijiri made, which was said to grant its wearer protection. Notice how nothing happened to Misao or Mako until Riri attacked them, implying that they weren't a threat.

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