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Recap / Yuki Yuna is a Hero

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     Season 1 
  1. A Maiden's True Heart note 
  2. Noble Thoughts note 
  3. Moral Poise note 
  4. Shining Hearts note 
  5. Overcoming Adversity note 
  6. In Anticipation of Tomorrow note 
  7. Idyllic Happiness note 
  8. Blessings of the Gods note 
  9. Those Who Know Grief note 
  10. Bonds of Love note 
  11. Passion note 
  12. Smile At You note 

     Washio Sumi Chapter 
  1. Sumi Washio note 
  2. Friends note 
  3. Everyday Life note 
  4. Soul note 
  5. Goodbye note 
  6. Promise note 

     Nogi Wakaba Is a Hero 
  1. Origin note 
  2. Flower Bud note 
  3. Blooming note 
  4. Hidden Leaf note 
  5. First Leaf note 
  6. Root of Evil note 
  7. Sprout note 
  8. Glowing Flower note 
  9. Flowers of Light note 
  10. Lingering Snow note 
  11. Seed note 
  12. Forgotten Seed note 
  13. Falling Petals note 
  14. Thorny Path note 
  15. Blighted Leaves note 
  16. Mad Flower note 
  17. Funeral Flowers note 
  18. Uproot (Part 1) note 
  19. Uproot (Part 2) note 
  • Extra: Utano Shiratori is a Hero note 
  • Extra: The Passed Baton note 

     Kusunoki Mebuki Is a Hero 
  1. As If a Dead Flower Could Bloom note 
  2. To Cut One's Belly With a Branch note 
  3. A Strong Wind Knows a Sturdy Reed note 
  4. Even a Starving Hawk Will Not Eat Grass note 
  5. Clouded Moon, Flowers in the Wind note 
  6. A Lotus in the Mud note 
  • Extra: Willows are Green, Flowers are Red note 

     Hero Chapter 
0. A Sunny Place note 
  1. Spectacular Days note 
  2. Important Memories note 
  3. My Heart Aches When I Think Of You note 
  4. Unspoken Intentions note 
  5. Incorruptible Heart note 
  6. Only You Can Make Me Happy note 

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