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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 94 The Right Arm That Carved Souls

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Jack and Sergey’s duel continues. With his Field Spell "Earthbound Plain," Sergey picks up Action cards and banishes them to deal damage and sap the ATK of "Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light." Jack falls to 2500 Life Points as Scar-Light is down to 1500 ATK. With his new form, Sergey prevents Jack from getting ahead of him to reach Action cards first. The city watches in shock as the Duel King is dominated, unable to defend himself. Sergey performs another Fusion and Synchro Summon, summoning the Synchro monster "Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlin" and the Fusion monster "Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlina." Using Gremlin's effect, Sergey forces Jack to choose between destroying Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light and forcing Sergey to skip his Battle Phase, or Sergey can recover Life Points equal to Scar-Light's ATK. Jack chooses the latter and Sergey recovers 1500 Life Points, to 2500. Sergey attacks Scar-Light and Jack uses the effect of "Red Crystal" to prevent its destruction, but he still takes damage and drops to 1500 Life Points.


Sergey is furious that Jack would refuse to destroy his monster, but Jack declares that Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light is a symbol of his soul and his dueling, and he would never let it be destroyed. Confused, Sergey's cybernetics begin to malfunction. There are several Action cards ahead that Sergey intends to use to deal Jack the game ending damage, but Jack uses Sergey's slipstream to slip ahead and grab one before him. By the effect of "Earthbound Plain," now that Jack has grabbed an Action card, Sergey must discard his own, and without a pre-existing Action card in his hand when he picks one up, he cannot use Earthbound Plain's damage-dealing effect. Jack avoids the next card, declaring he will duel on his terms. Sergey, confused and angry, malfunctions and does not pick up the card himself. Jack sets a card and ends his turn.


Sergey begins his turn and declares his attacks. Jack uses the Action card "Tenacity" to prevent Scar-light from being destroyed, but Jack still takes damage and drops to 500 Life Points. Sergey then uses the Quickplay spell "Earthbound Fusion" to fuse his monsters into "Earthbound Servant Geo Glasya-Labolas." Glasya-Labolas attacks, its effect sapping the ATK of Scar-light to 0. Jack activates "Red Soul" and uses its effect to discard monsters and reduce his battle damage, leaving him with 200 points. With the destruction he and his cards have caused, Sergey begins to fall off the course, but Jack has Scar-light save him, insisting that their dueling will decide the outcome.

Sergey's cybernetics shut down, and he ignores an Action card that would win him the duel, calling for Jack to show him the beauty of the King's duel. Watching, Roget keeps calling out orders, but Yuzu tells him that Sergey and Jack's souls have connected through their duel, and no power Roget holds over Sergey can override that. Jack takes his turn and activates "Engrave Soul Light," equipping it to Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light. The effect of Engrave Soul Light saps the ATK of Glasya-Labolas to 0 since its ATK is higher than Scar-light's. He then uses Scar-light's effect to destroy Glasya-Labolas and deal 500 damage to Sergey. The second effect of Engrave Soul Light triggers since an opponent's monster was destroyed, and Scar-light gains ATK equal to its. Back to 3000 ATK, Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light attacks directly and ends the duel in Jack's victory.


With this, Sergey flies off the course. Jack orders Scar-light to save him again, but Sergey bats it away, telling Jack not to interfere with his beautiful finish. Jack watches as Sergey falls into the depths of Commons.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Badass Boast: Sergey declares that with his deck and current body, he is the perfect being. Jack counters there is no perfect being... but if there was, it would be him.
  • Battle in the Rain: It begins to rain harder as the duel intensifies.
  • Blood Knight: Sergey, as always. He's actually angered at Jack's stoicness, because it makes the duel boring for him.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Sergey tears up the road and uses his motorcycle's claws to keep Jack from pulling in front of him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good:
    • Jack's proud boasts about how Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light is his soul confuses Sergey and causes his cybernetic implants to malfunction. It reaches a head when Jack saves Sergey from falling to his death, confusing him so much that he ignores the Action Card that would have allowed him to win the Duel.
    • Yuzu tells Roget that a world based on power can never be ideal; an ideal world should use smiles and dueling to connect people and bring them together. Roget thinks the idea is ridiculous.
  • Graceful Loser: Sergey has no hard feelings losing to Jack, refusing the latter's help as the former wishes for a beautiful finish uninterrupted as he plunges into the depths of Commons.
  • Honor Before Reason: Jack avoids grabbing a second Action card to use the effects of Earthbound Plains, as he duels on his own terms.
  • Hot-Blooded: Jack and his Burning Soul blaze as strong as ever. His Red Demon's Dragon Scarlight even wreathes itself in fire near the end of the Duel.
  • Sadistic Choice: Sergey forces one on Jack with Geo Gremlin's effect; let Red Demon's Dragon Scar-light be destroyed to keep Sergey from conducting his Battle Phase, buying Jack a turn to make a comeback, or let Sergey gain Life Points and conduct his Battle Phase to destroy Scar-light and then attack to end the duel. Will Jack destroy his trademark monster to avoid losing the duel? Subverted when Sergey doesn't stop to think Jack's facedown card might help...
  • Save the Villain: Jack, on two opportunities. The first time, as the road starts falling apart because of Sergey wrecking it, and the second time when the winning attack knocks Sergey off the road. The second time fail as Sergey knocks Scar-light's hand away.
  • Say My Name: After Sergey deliberately misses grabbing an Action Card which would let him win the duel with Earthbound Plains' effect, Roget absolutely shrieks his name in anger and disbelief.
  • Shout-Out: In the dub version of this episode, one of Jack's fans calls him "The Sultan of Speed." Sorry, Jack. That one's taken.
  • So Last Season: When Sergey pulls off another Synchro and Fusion Summon, using the same card as before to do it, too, Jack just comments he's bored seeing the same move again.
  • Sore Loser: Roget does not take Sergey's loss to Jack well at all.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When Sergey deliberately does not make the game-ending move, Roget loses it, screaming his head off.

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