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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 8 You Show Schools Crisis LDS Invasion

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After Sawatari is "injured" dueling Yuya's look-alike, the chairwoman of the LDS takes advantage of the situation to try to take over the You Show Duel School. Whether or not she gets it is, of course, decided by dueling. Thus, a best of three competition begins where Yuya, Yuzu, and Sora, will duel three Leo students. However, they're not just any students; Hokuto Shijima (Dipper O'rion), Masumi Kotsu (Julia Krystal), and Yaiba Todo (Kit Blade), are respectively the school's top ranked students in their Xyz, Fusion, and Synchro courses.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Ambulance Cut: Inverted. After being stated to be in great pain by his friends, we cut to Sawatari happily chowing down on melons in his hospital bed.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Sawatari's father (Curio Sawatari) as well as Himika, (Henrietta Akaba) Reiji's mother. The former wants to use Sawatari's injury to further his mayoral election campaign via a sympathy vote, while the latter wishes to use the opportunity to further Leo's own agenda of becoming the largest Duel School in the world, as well as learn everything about Pendulum Summoning.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Yuya was able to tell something was up when Yuzu didn't hit Sora for messing around.
    • Happens to her father as well: when Himika proposes to make the You Show school part of the LDS, he loses his comedic persona and defends his indepedence against the possible economic advantages, also criticizing LDS recent aggressive expansion's policy (remember, in the first episode he accepted to let one of his student with a mediocre record to duel a pro because that would have meant getting better instruments, if it weren't already clear that would have been a clear sign that something's wrong with LDS).
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  • Punny Name: Applies on the Dub names. Dipper O'rion, who uses Constellar monsters; Julia Krystal, who uses Gem-Knights and Kit Blade, who uses X-Sabers.

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