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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 83 Bonds With The Disciple

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After Crow's duel, Amanda, Frank and Tanner are heading home with Yuzu, when Security finds them and surrounds them. Without her own duel disk to fight back, Yuzu seems helpless; then, Sora arrives, tosses her a duel disk, and enters the duel. Together the two swiftly Fusion Summon, and Sora uses a trap card to destroy Security's monsters and deal them all a KO. The group escapes, and Yuzu introduces Sora to the three as her mentor in Fusion Summoning. Sora tells Yuzu about his conversation with Yuya, and his capture by Security. Yuzu resolves to free him, but Sora points out it's unlikely Security is tracking her like this just to send her underground, and suspects someone in Security has ties to Academia. With Dennis back and their invasion imminent, he refuses to let her go for her own safety.


Yuzu questions Sora's loyalties and insists he's left Academia in his heart, but Sora says he can never do that no matter what he does. Sora realizes his plans for Yuzu and Serena were foolish, and decides to send Yuzu back to Standard now. Before he can issue the command on his duel disk, Yuzu stops him and says she refuses to abandon her friends. Sora senses someone watching and calls out to them; it's Tsukikage, seeking vengeance for Hikage after Sora's carded him during the Maiami Championship. Sora prepares to duel, but Yuzu protests and says Sora has switched sides. Sora lowers his duel disk and agrees to let Tsukikage have his vengeance, but only once his mission is fulfilled: protect Yuzu and reunite her with Yuya. Tsukikage agrees to take Yuzu and the kids to the underground facility for safety while Sora contacts Yuya.


Security radios to Roget about their encounter. Roget realizes the kid who Fusion Summoned must be Sora, and orders all of Security mobilized to find Yuzu before Sora alerts Academia. Roget also contacts the surgeon that implanted a control device in Sergey do the same to Yuya, and have it done by morning before the semi-finals duels begin.

Back in the duel arena, the last duel of the day is announced, Yugo vs Serena. Roget moves the white queen on his chess board into place, and says Serena also has a role to play in his plans: to become the star of hope that both Commons and Tops will rally around. The four pieces are in place: the white queen (Serena), the white knight (Yuya), and the white rook (Sergey) against Jack, the black king.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Badass in Distress: Yuya is held in a jail cell due to the last episode and Jean is planning on implanting a control device in his head that night.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Sora rushes in and gives Yuzu his Standard duel disk allowing her to fight back against the Security.
  • Chess Motifs: At the end of the episode, Jack, Serena, Yuya and Sergey are represented by certain chess pieces. Jack is the Black King, Serena is the White Queen, Yuya is the White Knight and Sergey is the White Rook. There are significant reasons why.
  • Continuity Nod: This isn't the first time someone from You Show Duel School did something ridiculous during a duel that left Security speechless.
  • Easily Forgiven: Subverted, while Sora apologized to Tsukikage for his actions, he admits a simple apology can't fix what was done and promises to face Tsukikage when he has saved Yuya. Tsukikage accepts this, mainly as there are more important issues going on.
  • Forced into Evil: Sora seems to feel no matter what he does, he is stuck to Academia.
  • Mood Whiplash: The activation of Sora's trap card that will end the duel quickly becomes a sparkly waltz between Bloom Prima and Mad Chimera. Even Security, normally a No-Nonsense Nemesis, is surprised by it.
  • It's Personal: Tsukikage appears near the end of the episode, demanding to duel Sora as revenge for what he did to Hikage.
  • The Promise: Yuya's promises to Sora and Yuzu are referenced here, where Sora states he'll protect Yuzu till he can find Yuya and Yuzu refusing to leave the Synchro Dimension as they have a time when everyone will go home.
  • Put on a Bus: Sora attempts to send Yuzu back to Standard, but she stops him.
  • Ship Tease:
    • Yuya is incredibly worried about Yuzu this episode.
    • Yuzu learns of how much Yuya wanted to save her from Crow's kids and Sora. She was also incredibly worried about where he was and tried to save him till Sora tells her, she's wanted by the Academia.
  • Shout-Out: The waltz between Bloom Prima and Mad Chimera is obviously a reference to Beauty and the Beast.
  • True Companions: This episode shows that Sora sees the entire You Show group as this.
  • Viewers Are Goldfish: While it's fully understandable that Sora needs to explain to Yuzu what happened with him and Yuya, it's a bit much to have a flashback to their conversation when it happened only three episodes ago and was the focus of said episode.

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