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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 79 The Enlightened Paladin

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Trusting in Sora's message that Yuzu is fine, Yuya focuses on his duel with Shinji. Shinji revives Azusa the Spirit Bow and reveals it's a Tuner as well as a Synchro Monster, and uses it to Tune with his three Pin the Hit to summon the Level 8 "Bee Force - Hama the Evil-Crushing Bow." Shinji uses Hama to destroy Yuya's Entermate Silver Claw and Timesword Magician, taking Yuya down to 900 life points. Shinji continues to call out for the Commons to begin a revolution, but Yuya insists there's another way. While the Executive Council begins to fear a riot, Jean-Michael Roget is confident the Commons lack the bite to go with their bark.


Yuya activates Match Pump to draw a card and summon it if it's a monster. He draws, and is surprised to see Tuning Magician, the card Sam gave him to defeat Jack with. Yuya summons it and uses its effect, increasing Shinji's life points while lowering his own further. Everyone watching questions this and declares it a useless monster, including Sam himself, while Jack wonders how Yuya got that card. Shinji begins his turn and destroys Tuning Magician, and attempts to end the duel, but Yuya defends himself. On his turn, Yuya draws Monster Reborn, and has a vision of what he must do to win the duel. He Pendulum Summons Timesword Magician and Silver Claw, and uses Monster Reborn to revive Tuning Magician, activating its effect again to take him to 100 life points, while Shinji has 3600. Then, to the surprise of everyone watching, Yuya performs a Synchro Summon!


Yuya tunes Silver Claw and Timesword Magician with Tuning Magician to summon the Level 8 Enlightenment Paladin. Yuya uses its effect to add Gap Power from his Graveyard to his hand, and activates it to power up Enlightenment Paladin by half the difference between his and Shinji's life points. With an ATK of 4250, the Paladin attacks. Hama is destroyed, and by Enlightenment Paladin's second effect, Shinji takes damage equal to Hama's ATK. With a single blow, Shinji is defeated.

As Yuya returns to the stadium, the Tops sigh in relief as the Commons cheer. Roget stands up and walks away, smiling.


This episode contains the following:

  • Big "WHAT?!": Shinji does one when Yuya announces that he's tuning his monsters together.
  • Call-Back: When he plans out his strategy, Yuya sees a shadowed vision of Enlightenment Paladin, similar to when he first Fusion Summoned and saw Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon the same way.
  • Character Development: Yuya's development is shown in this episode, where he does not once try to use his entertainment persona. He is fully serious about winning the duel, even if Shinji has to go to forced labor.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Tuning Magician gets used here, 14 episodes after Sam gave it to Yuya.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Enlightenment Paladin was revealed in the card game quite a few weeks before this episode aired.
  • Foil: Yuya and Shinji in this episode. They both want to change City, but while Yuya is a pacifist and wants to change City so everyone is happy, Shinji wants a City where the Commons are on top and the Tops are punished. They both use "weak" cards, but where Shinji believes only in the strength of his own "weak" cards to join together to become a great force, Yuya believes that every card has its purpose.
  • Genre Blind: The audience, Melissa and Shinji spend the entire episode calling Tuning Magician a useless card and act completely shocked when it becomes central to Yuya's victory strategy.
  • Hope Bringer: Jack, previously. Crow says that he had entrusted his hope to Jack only for Jack to not change anything.
  • Hypocrite: After spending every episode in which he duels pointing out that his Bee Forces are weak individually but strong when they come together, Shinji still mocks Tuning Magician as a useless card repeatedly.
  • Meaningful Name: Enlightenment Paladin
  • Mythology Gag: This episode had multiple references to Yusei.
    • When Tuning Magician is called useless, Yuya responds by saying that every card has its worth.
    • Once Yuya decides which monster to summon using Monster Reborn, we're shown the card sequence for his winning move. Notably different from when Yugo had a similar mythology gag in that Yugo used Yusei's flow chart where Yuya envisioned each monster.
  • Not the Intended Use: Yuya manages to use Tuning Magician's detrimental effect to his advantage this episode. Namely, increase the LP gap between him and Shinji enough so Gap Power could power up Enlightenment Paladin enough to destroy Shinji's 4000 ATK monster. Yuya makes a point out of how Tuning Magician, despite everyone thinking it was useless, was what allowed him to win the duel.
  • Not So Different: Yuya briefly says this to Shinji near the beginning of the episode, only to have it rebuked.
  • Not So Stoic: Upon hearing Yuya's proclamation that every card has its use after managing to use Tuning Magician's effect to seal his win, Jack breaks his Perpetual Frowner expression and gives a brief smile.
  • Pet the Dog: Jack gives Yuya some praise for using Tuning Magician to summon Enlightenment Paladin and finish off Shinji.
  • Rule of Symbolism: Enlightenment Paladin represents the Human Realm, which is based on passion, desire, doubt, and pride. A human rebirth is in fact considered to be by far the most advantageous of all possible rebirths in samsara because it is the samsaric realm from which one can directly attain and ensure enlightenment either in the present or future birth. This is because of the unique possibilities that it offers. A human rebirth is considered to have tremendous potential when used correctly, however several humans would usually waste their mortal lifetime in materialistic pursuits, and end up reinforcing our unhelpful emotions, thoughts, and actions. Because of this, it is almost always the case that one descends to a lower rebirth after a human life, rather than immediately going on to another human birth.
  • Underestimating Badassery:
    • After being mocked the whole episode for being 'useless', Tuning Magician is the key card to Yuya's win by allowing him to summon Enlightenment Paladin. Even its drawback turns out to be crucial by making a Gap Power-strengthened Paladin powerful enough to defeat Shinji's ace monster.
    • Jean-Michel Roget preemptively knocks down the black pawn representing Yuya on his chessboard. He eventually changes his mind and is shown contemplating Yuya's piece before walking out of his control center.
  • Villain Has a Point: While almost everyone else fears a Commons uprising as Shinji calls for revolution, Jean-Michael Roget is confident they won't do a thing, because they're all talk and no action, and that's why Security has been able to oppress them for so many years without incident. He's not fully wrong, especially since a running theme of the season is hesitance to take action versus confidence in doing what must be done.
  • Warrior Therapist: Yuya attempts this with Shinji, stating that he can understand Shinji's feelings but that angry actions won't change anything and that the only way is to make everyone smile. Subverted by Shinji laughing mockingly and saying the Commons will smile when they've dragged the Tops to hell.
  • Wham Episode: Yuya Synchro Summons. He has finally completed all the summoning methods, and he didn't even need to go Berserk to do so.
  • Wham Line: Especially In-Universe.
    Yuya: I tune my level 1 Tuning Magician to my level 3 Timesword Magician and my level 4 Silver Claw!
  • Wham Shot: In-Universe. Yuya summoning Enlightenment Paladin shocks just about everyone, and causes Roget to wonder how he can use Yuya to his advantage. Downplayed in real life as Enlightenment Paladin's summoning was spoiled both by the opening and its official release.

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