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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 70 An Out Of Reach Shout

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The last match of the tournament's first day is Selena versus Tony. Though Tony brings out three powerful Synchro monsters, Selena is able to defeat them and win the duel. Counting Yuzu, the win-loss record for the Lancers stands at 2-2. Inspired by Yuzu's words, Yuya decides that when he duels tomorrow, he'll stand up on his own again.

The Executive Council invites Reiji and Reira to dine with them, and inform them Jack Atlas is coming with them as well. At dinner, Jack explains his origins to Reiji, that he was a child in Commons who found a card that fell from the Tops. Jack resolved that one day, he would return it to the Tops, and began forming a deck, learning to duel, and won his way to the top. Further, Jack says that Reira's eyes remind him of his own eyes at that time, and tells Reira he must not hesitate and must overcome his fears.


In another room in the penthouse, Duel Chaser 227 receives a letter from Jean-Michael Roget. The letter explains that, in lieu of revenge against Yugo, he will duel Yuya tomorrow. Jean-Michael has included a card with the letter to help him do it; the Fusion Monster "Goyo Emperor."

This episode contains examples of:

  • Breather Episode: Selena's duel with Tony is glossed over with only the last turn shown. The focus is actually on Jack's backstory and setting up plot and character points for future episodes.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Duel Chaser 227 reappears after his defeat by Yugo more than a dozen episodes ago.
  • Determinator: Jack resolved as a kid to win his way to the Tops one day, and after years of work, he did.
  • Not So Different: Jack sees Reira as being similar to him when he was a child.
  • Pet the Dog: Jack's more humane side comes out here in his relating to Reira and his encouragement to him. He also notes he considered Yuzu the strongest duelist of the day, which says something given the other duelists that he saw.
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  • Wham Line: Roget's plan is to make Sergey defeat both Serena (Considered by Roget as the strongest of the participants) and Jack which would bring chaos to the entire city.
  • Wham Shot:
    • The card Jack found that started him on his path the Tops is Tuner Magician; the same card he gave Sam. It's a major hint that Jack's reasons for giving him the card aren't what Sam presumed.
    • Roget gives (former) Duel Chaser 227 a card that would help him defeat Yuya. It's a Fusion Monster.

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