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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 58 Invitation To The Dark Duel

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Gongenzaka and Dennis go with Gallager to a massive underground duel arena where a Riding Duel is in progress. To their shock, Kurosaki is already there dueling with his Xyz Monsters and defeats Mokuro Enjo. In the locker room after the duel, Kurosaki says he agreed to this to look for powerful duelists, but so far none have impressed him. Gongenzaka tries to tell Gallager about why they're there with regards to the interdimensional war, but Dennis stops him. Gallager says he sought them out to give Kurosaki an opponent that could be more effective, and sees the making of a star in Dennis. He also reveals the winner of the tournament is guaranteed a spot in the Friendship Cup where they'll have the chance to face Jack Atlas. The winner is whoever gets 10 consecutive victories, and so far Kurosaki has 9.


The duel begins. Due to underground arena handicaps, Kurosaki begins with 1000 Life Points to Dennis' standard 4000. The two quickly push each other into a corner, Dennis nearly dealing a First-Turn Kill to Kurosaki while he takes Dennis down to 100 LP on his second turn. During the duel, Kurosaki and Gongenzaka begin to suspect something is wrong about Dennis, since he duels unlike any LDS student they've seen before. On his next turn Dennis performs a Pendulum Summon, stunning the crowd. However, the summon energy is detected by Jean-Michael, who dispatches Security to investigate.

In the Commons, Crow's child friends tell Yuya, Sawatari, Serena, and Reira, about the history of Riding Duels, that Commons invented them by racing while dueling and the Commons see it as an expression of freedom. Crow returns and tells them that Riding Duels have been turned into exhibitions for the Tops, who broadcast them and created dueling lanes for them. Serena accuses Crow of being too afraid of Security to look for Yuzu, and she and Sawatari leave. Reira attempts to go with them to look for Reiji, but Yuya keeps him behind.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Badass Biker: Kurosaki is a Riding Duelist now, and Dennis also takes his turn on a bike.
  • The Cameo: Kurosaki's opponent is Hunter Pace/Mukuro Enjo from 5Ds, and he's got the same Burning Skull cards.
  • Mirror Match: The audience sees Dennis vs Kurosaki as this, once Dennis reveals he uses Xyz Summon too.
  • New Rules as the Plot Demands: Inverted — the concept of Speed Spells and Speed Counters have been dropped from Speed World Neo, allowing Dennis and Kurosaki to duel normally when otherwise the Speed Spell restrictions would render part of their decks unusable.
  • Only Sane Man:
    • Gongenzaka mostly spends the episode grumbling about how the arena is a waste of time and how everyone is acting foolish and stubborn, but he's ignored.
    • Yuya as well. Out of his group, he is the only one that realizes that going around in an area that they have no idea about and where the police are after them is a bad idea and will only further split them up.
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  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Kurosaki's smiling hinted at his dream of being a pro duelist.

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