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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 57 Crow Hogan The Black Whirlwind

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Surrounded by Security, Yuya and his friends are saved by the arrival of Crow Hogan and his gang of D-Wheelers. Crow takes them to his home and they tell him that they came from another dimension, but he doesn't believe them. Elsewhere in the city, Yuzu and Yugo tell the civilians about the war, but are ignored. Two children under Crow's care, Tanner and Frank, use them as a distraction to steal food from a restaurant. When the two get home that night, they mistake Yuya and Serena for Yugo and Yuzu, and Yuya realizes Yuzu is in the Synchro Dimension. Crow goes into the city to search for the two.


In the city, Dennis and Gongenzaka perform Dennis' magic act to try and get some money through pan-handling, but Gongenzaka wants to look for Yuya. They get on television with their fame, and Dennis suggests a duel with Gongenzaka to amuse the kids. Dennis' antics anger Gongenzaka and the antagonism between the two quickly turns authentic. Dennis plays along with Gongenzaka and announces himself a villain, and activates a Pendulum Summon and then an Xyz Summon, declaring them summons of a villain. Gongenzaka prevails with his Synchro Monsters and wins. After the duel, they're approached by a duel promoter named Gallager (Lucas Swank), who watched them duel and offers them the chance to face some "real duelists."


This episode contains examples of:

  • Batman Gambit: Presumably from Dennis. While acting as a Card-Carrying Villain on city-wide television, Dennis activates a Pendulum Summon and then an Xyz Summon. No one has seen these summoning methods before, and it's going to make things harder for the rest of the group going around using those summon methods.
  • Call-Back: The crowd watching Dennis Pendulum Summon declares he's cheating, just like some people though Yuya was when he first used Pendulum Summons.
  • Cassandra Truth: Of course, no one believes the crazy people babbling about interdimensional wars.
  • Mr. Exposition: Crow explains how social structure in the City works to Yuya and his friends.

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