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Recap / Young Justice S 2 E 1 Happy New Year

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Episode 1: Happy New Year!

Takes place on January 1 - 4 (after a Time Skip of 5 years)

When Lobo publicly captures an alien disguised as the United Nations Secretary, a TV Talk show host begins spreading distrust of aliens, including the ones in the Justice League. With help from STAR labs scientist Adam Strange, the League discovers the places on Earth where the aliens are active, and send the Justice Squad (the teen heroes) to investigate. Blue Beetle, Robin (Tim Drake) and Lagoon Boy find their main base and rescue some hostages before it self-destructs.



  • A comment by Captain Atom and some simple math indicates that only 21 Leagers are currently active, while the numbering scheme indicates that the roster has 26 members. Presumably, Zatara and Red Arrow would be some of the inactive ones, but that leaves three others out of action.
  • Adam Strange is not yet a space hero.
  • Dick Grayson (the first Robin) is now Nightwing, and is now the leader of the team. Tim Drake has taken up the Robin mantle and joined them. Batgirl is also now an active hero and member of the team.
  • Miss Martian and Superboy are no longer dating, and M'gann is now with Lagoon Boy.
  • Nightwing, Superboy, and Miss Martian have open invitations to join the Justice League, but they don't feel like it yet.
  • Other new members include Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, Mal Duncan, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, and Garfield Logan as Beast Boy.
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  • The mission the mind-controlled Justice Leaguers can't remember (from the previous episode) was in the area of the planet Rann. Whatever they did was bad enough that there are arrest warrants for the entire League, not just that particular six, in Rann space.
  • Zatanna and Rocket have joined the League. There are also three other members to have joined in that time, one of which is Black Lightning.

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