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Recap / Young Justice S1 E7: Denial

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Episode 7: Denial

Takes place on July 27 (Opening), August 19 - 20

Kent Nelson, once the mystic hero Doctor Fate, is captured by Abra Kadabra (a supervillain who pretends to be a sorcerer) for Klarion the Witch Boy (who is a real sorcerer), so they can find the former source of his powers, the Helmet of Fate.

Red Tornado sends The Team to investigate Nelson's disappearance. Wally (Kid Flash), who doesn't believe in magic, pretends to do so just to get on Miss Martian's good side. But this causes problems when they try to enter Fate's Tower and its mystical defenses detect the lie.


Later on, Wally helps Nelson reach the helmet, but Klarion kills the old man. Wally then puts on the Helmet of Fate and it takes over him, turning him into Doctor Fate, who defeats Klarion by striking at his familiar, a cat. Nelson's spirit then convinces Nabu (the spirit inside the helmet) to let Wally's body go free.

Wally takes the Helmet to Mount Justice for safekeeping, and doesn't tell the team the full story of his possession (and insists he still doesn't believe in magic.)


  • Madame Xanadu, the fake seer in the episode's opening, IS a real sorceress in DC Comics - Merlin's former lover Nimue, in fact. However, she eventually becomes a real one by Season 4, and the best one there is.
  • Robin is absent from this episode, supposedly out on a mission with Batman. This was expanded on in issue #11 of the tie-in comic.
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  • Similarly, Klarion is not a Lord of Chaos in the comics.