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Recap / With This Ring Episode 6

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Episode 6: Exfiltrator

Takes place on August 9-10

Artemis joins the Team, despite the misgivings of Robin and Kid Flash, who are upset that Red Arrow refused. OL, who is less concerned, partners with her during their first mission: protecting Doctor Serling Roquette while she devises a countermeasure to some nanotechnology stolen by the League of Shadows. Unlike in canon, OL's monitoring makes it easy to intercept and counter the three assassins.


In the Paragon timeline, all three attackers are arrested, although OL is briefly taken down when Cheshire/Jade Nguyen kisses him with drugged lipstick in thanks for arresting her father, Sportsmaster. He soon purges himself and recaptures her.

In the Renegade timeline, Jade is allowed to escape, but Renegade!OL follows her to a safehouse and tells her that he intends to use her as an informant to help him destroy the Shadows. She doesn't agree to cooperate, but he's unfazed.

In the aftermath, OL begins training with Lantern Gardner, which later develops into a firm friendship.

Equivalent canon episode: "Infiltrator". "Exfiltrator" is likely a reference to the nanomachines' ability to extract information.

  • Combat Tentacles: OL uses these to restrain Cheshire after he purges himself of the poison she used on him.
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  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: Dr. Roquette keeps complaining about how the Team protects her.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: OL easily handles all the assassins by himself.
  • Drugged Lipstick: Jade uses poisoned lipstick to incapacitate OL.
  • Exact Words: Paul's ring told him that no poison was detected inside Jade's mouth. Which was true, since the drug was in her lipstick.
  • Nanomachines: The Fog that the Shadows compelled Doctor Roquette to create, designed to eat computer systems and store their data.
  • Oh, Crap!: Paul, when he realizes that his new teacher, Guy Gardner, is going to be rough on him, mostly for insulting his mentor and friend Kilowog.
  • Psychic Static: Cheshire attempts to stop Miss Martian reading her mind by thinking of an annoying song, then counting pi. But it doesn't work when she gets distracted.
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  • Troll: OL messes with Artemis, whom he knows is not really related to Green Arrow, by trying to get her to judge his chili, as he knows her mentor is something of a chili enthusiast.


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