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Recap / With This Ring Episode 5

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Episode 5: Skived

Takes place on July 25-August 4

Paul meets Wonder Woman's apprentice, Troia, at a barbecue, and invites her to spar with Superboy sometime. Although interested, she has limited time available due to her schooling. Based on Paul's close relationship with Superboy, she also gets the impression that he's gay.

A week later, Paul and Kon are at the scene of a bridge accident in Metropolis, and encounter Superman while helping out. After Superman brushes him off, Kon leaves in obvious frustration, and Paul visits Wonder Woman to ask for her help, since she knows Superman better. Kon shows up for combat training with Black Canary, albeit reluctantly, and when she insists on Paul keeping his ring on rather than fighting unarmed, he promptly pins her in constructs and dumps her on the mat, which cheers Kon up.


The team is then given a mission to escort the parts of a dangerous Amazo robot, defeated by the Justice League, to STAR Labs. Orange Lantern's involvement successfully protects one convoy, containing half the parts, but robotic monkeys are able to steal back the other half. The team pursues and destroys the partially-reconstructed Amazo, and Orange Lantern helps Kon to take down the villain responsible, Dr Ivo. Prompted by Ivo's criticism, Kon opens up to Orange Lantern about his feelings of inadequacy compared to Superman, and they share a hug.

Canon title: "Schooled".

  • Accidental Pervert: Paul asks his ring for information about Troia, who he'll probably be meeting that evening, and it is a bit too helpful, leaning toward stalkerish.
    Ring: "Scanning Stacey residence. Genetic and food residue suggest that she likes cereal brand 'Lucky Charms'. Unable to specifically link other foodstuffs at the residence to the subject."
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  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Black Canary tries to teach Paul a lesson by having him keep his ring on during a spar. Since she previously took down Superboy and Kid Flash, this might have seemed reasonable at the time, but she doesn't last two seconds against a power ring.
  • Fake Weakness: When Paul is preparing to spar with Black Canary, he deliberately takes a clumsy stance, appears unskilled with the ring, and even counts down to his attack. But she shouldn't have let him put a barrier all around the arena, supposedly in case he missed her and hit a wall. And of course he didn't actually wait until his countdown reached zero.
  • Ho Yay: Paul and Kon hugging is treated as this In-Universe.
  • Power Copying: The Amazo robot has this. It took the whole Justice League to bring it down - meaning that it had the opportunity to copy all their powers. Fortunately, it was only half rebuilt.


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