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Recap / With This Ring Episode 4

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Episode 4: Prod Zone

Takes place on July 19-23

OL takes Superboy and Miss Martian to look for Swamp Thing, in hopes of making a useful contact; however, there is no sign of him. While out, Superboy chooses the name 'Kon-El', with the alias 'Conner' for his cover identity.

Three days later, the team is sent to investigate a factory on the island of Santa Prisca, producing the combat steroid Venom for the criminal Bane. Since orange light is not well suited to stealth, OL takes up a monitoring position, using the ring to track sites of interest and concentrations of enemy forces. Also, as a result of his influence, the team takes advantage of Miss Martian's telepathy to coordinate their efforts. This assistance causes the team to avoid patrols with more success than in canon, and they enter the factory undetected, discovering that the Cult of the Kobra has taken over and used the factory to produce a new mixture of Venom and the Blockbuster formula, with much more potent effects than regular Venom.


When Bane launches an attack to recover his factory, and discovers the team in the process, OL drops his monitoring position and intervenes to assist in protecting the team and taking Bane down. The team then disables Kobra's helicopter, while OL intercepts and incapacitates a nearby Venom Buster enhancile, and then prevents the helicopter's occupant, Sportsmaster, from escaping with a sample of Venom Buster.

In the Renegade timeline, OL goes further, turning Sportsmaster into an orange construct and injecting himself with the Venom Buster sample. As a result, he grows to 2.5m tall, with corresponding superhuman strength and toughness, though with greatly reduced skin sensation.

Equivalent canon episode: "Drop Zone". The meaning of "Prod Zone" is unclear.

  • The Assimilator: The Renegade does this to Sportsmaster, turning him into an enduring orange construct, retaining his knowledge and personality but completely subservient.
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  • Evil vs. Evil: Bane's mercenaries are fighting the Cult of the Kobra for control of the Venom factory, and it's hard to say who would have eventually won without the team's involvement - although Kobra's interest looks like it was probably temporary.
  • Fanservice: Paul inadvertently sends Miss Martian a mental image of Superboy pumping iron with his shirt off. It puts her off balance.
  • No-Sell: Sportsmaster attacks OL with exploding javelins, a plasma crossbow, a smoke grenade, and finally unarmed. They're so ineffective against a power ring that OL actually became uneasy, thinking that there must be some hidden threat he was missing.
  • Super Serum: Venom Buster. Stated to be three times as strong as regular Venom, and with permanent effects. After using it, Renegade!OL was able to punch through a tree "like jelly, it just parts around my hand." Baran Flinders, another enhancile, proved to be resistant to OL's stunning constructs.
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  • Tactical Rock–Paper–Scissors: Paul points out to Superboy that it makes more sense for himself or Miss Martian to intercept a big strong metahuman, since they can bypass his strength, instead of sending Superboy to directly compete with him. "You beat rock with paper, not with more rock."
  • Telepathy: Miss Martian connects the Team mentally, allowing them to talk freely and securely. This leads to a better coordinated mission than in canon.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: When Sportsmaster throws a javelin at him while wearing a hockey mask, Paul panics and thinks that he's Casey Jones. Since the Turtles show actually exists on Earth 16, the Team is puzzled by him thinking that a cartoon character was real.


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