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Recap / With This Ring Episode 36

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Episode 36: Stars, Crossed, Part 1

Takes place February 22, 2011 (universe 16) and January 7, 2004 (universe 50)

This is a Renegade episode, with just a brief Paragon interlude at the start, where Paul speaks to a group of people at KordTech, discussing how Earth technology is tracking compared to the rest of the universe.

Having obtained the Sword of Second and Third, Grayven sets a trap for Klarion, aiming to remove a serious threat from the world and join the Light as a member or a mole. Since he also wants to make a political/moral point about the limitations of current laws and Justice League rules of engagement with high-end supervillains, he also arranges for press coverage. His bait, looking like a Lord of Order ascension ritual, is successful; Klarion appears, and Grayven uses a burst of Super Speed to behead him. He then hands himself in to the police.


Wonder Woman visits him in jail, disappointed in his behavior, and takes most of his equipment, including the Sword and his ring (which the police were unqualified to handle). However, she leaves Father Box with him, as it is sentient. Grayven is then visited by an alternate universe Batman, who orders him to come and opens a portal to Earth 50.

Batman explains that the Thanagarians have come to Earth, pretending to build a shield to protect the planet from their war with the Gordanians, but they are actually building a device that will destroy Earth to build a warp tunnel for their forces to reach the Gordanian capital. The Justice Lords were depowered some time ago and drifted apart, so he chose Grayven for his combination of power, morality, and ruthlessness. However, Grayven is now largely unarmed. Batman informs him of the location of Sinestro's yellow ring, in a government facility, as Sinestro has been killed in this parallel. With the help of Father Box's boom tubes, Grayven breaks into the facility and takes the ring from novice Yellow Lantern Guy Gardner; the ring recognises him as a "superior potential bearer."


Now armed, Grayven looks at re-establishing an organisation like the Justice League. He is able to re-empower Hawkgirl and Lantern Stewart (gaining access to the yellow ring's personal lantern in the process), but is dissatisfied with the attitudes of Superman and Wonder Woman, while the Flash is dead. However, he then discovers that the president has been replaced with an Apokoliptian infiltrator robot, and in exasperation, he goes full Renegade, attacking the Thanagarian flagship single-handedly. He is seriously injured during the fight, but ultimately succeeds in defeating their commander and forcing them to retreat.

The title is presumably a reference to crossing between parallel universes. The next episode is a continuation of this story arc.

  • Alternate Universe: Grayven visits universe 50, home of the Justice Lords.
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  • Anti-Climax: The entire "fight" against Klarion is over in seconds. Justified because Grayven has extensively planned how to kill the Lord of Chaos and killed him in a staged ambush.
  • Backstory: Mr Zoat gives one for the Justice Lords.
  • Disappointed in You: Wonder Woman feels this way towards Grayven.
  • Exact Words: Grayven had actually asked his ring for whatever information it could give him about radon, but it turns out that the weapons that can badly harm New Gods are radion based.
  • I Know What You Fear: Guy Gardner is able to use a yellow ring to see Grayven's fears. However, it doesn't help him much, because Grayven just doesn't find him very scary, and takes the ring away from him.
  • Immunity Disability: Grayven's divinely empowered body is bulletproof, immune to poisons, resistant to spells, and can regenerate - but when he actually does get seriously injured, his ring can't just reset him to full health like Paragon can, and he can't use painkillers. Furthermore, the Garrick formula, which grants Super Speed, only works on him for a few seconds before his body resets itself.
  • No Nudity Taboo: This applies on Apokolips, as Grayven points out to Hawkgirl after he performs lifesaving surgery on her. She still wants him to leave before she gets changed.
  • Only the Chosen May Wield: Sinestro's ring has its own opinions about what functions are permitted to its wearer.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: This is the best the Thanagarians 50 can hope to achieve.
  • Reality Ensues: The Guy Gardner of Earth 50 realizes nothing they have is stopping Grayven. So he decides to get the power ring in the safe to fight him. He gets a few hits in but is swiftly defeated because it's his first time ever wielding a power ring, with no idea of what exactly it can do, as stated via Word of God.
  • Word of God: The Light's reaction to Paul uplifting humanity varies.


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