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Recap / With This Ring Episode 33

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Episode 33: Doppelgänger

Takes place February 5

With Nabu supervising the Team for a week, Paul moves out of the Mountain into a hotel in protest. There, he comes across Dana Dearden, previously an intern at GBS News, who is angry about getting fired for putting him on a radio broadcast without (in her excitement) letting him know it was live. Paul is able to talk her down, and agrees to put her in contact with any Team members willing to be interviewed.


He and Zatanna then visit John Constantine to test whether Zatanna can safely draw power from the Star Sapphire instead of relying on her own reserves. The test is successful, but focusing on love causes her to become further attached to Paul, and she invites him to stay in a spare room at her home instead of a hotel.

While there, they receive a ring-call from Alan, but the wording doesn't sound like him and the transmission doesn't reflect the damaged state of his ring. They investigate and find their Earth -14 counterparts, Power Ring Blue and Zorina Zatara, in Alan's house. Blue wants to exchange information to help free Zorina's and Zatanna's fathers from Doctor Chaos and Doctor Fate respectively; Orange Paul provides him with designs for magic-draining ammunition, magic-binding chains, and Io's magic metals, while Blue Paul hands over the design for a unit that drains and stores magic energy.


After the visitors return to Earth -14, LexCorp is attacked by copies of several Team members. The Team enters the building and subdues most of their counterparts, but is in something of a Mexican Standoff until Blue Paul turns up and offers a truce. The Young Offenders are allowed to leave, in exchange for plane-shift-blocking technology so that Earth 16 can be protected against a repeat.

There are no Renegade chapters, but there are several chapters from Earth -14, showing how Power Ring Blue came into conflict with the Syndicate and was strong-armed into joining rather than getting into a full-scale fight with no personal lantern.

The title refers to Paul's copy visiting Earth 16. Note that in episode 85, when Paul returns the visit, the title is "Doppelgängered" ie Paul becomes a doppelgänger from the Earth -14 point of view.



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