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Season One (2010; Episodes 1-26)

Paul wakes up in orbit around Earth 16, wearing an orange power ring but having no idea where it came from or how he arrived. Furthermore, although he retains his general knowledge of DC Comics, he has completely forgotten universe 16. However, adapting to his new environment, he joins the Young Justice Team for a year as a condition of being given Alan Scott's personal lantern to keep the ring charged. His presence has a variety of large and small impacts on the team's missions, including the capture or death of several villains who escaped in canon (Cheshire, Sportsmaster, Ocean Master, Ra's al-Ghul) and Wonder Woman coming to mentor and later adopt Superboy.


The Renegade timeline appears as just a few snippets scattered throughout the episodes; however, by the time of Reordered, it has begun to substantially diverge, as the Renegade begins impersonating Grayven, the Apokoliptian New God of Conquest, with the help of a Father Box seized from the Apokoliptian scientist DeSaad.

  1. & 2. Dependency Day
  1. Welcome to Happy Hour
  2. Prod Zone
  3. Skived
  4. Exfiltrator
  5. Acceptance
  6. Initiative
  7. Clueless
  8. Tracers
  9. Exaltations
  10. Home Font
  11. Beta Male
  12. Revolution
  13. Inhumanity
  14. Contingency
  15. Reordered
  16. Transparency
  17. Displaced
  18. Half-hearted
  19. Mirage
  20. Minutes
  21. Insincerity
  22. Preparation
  23. Unusual Suspicions
  24. Gude-Willie Waught


Season Two (2011; Episodes 27-52)

This is the beginning of the canon Time Skip, so the episodes here are all new. Paul continues to work with the Team for the remainder of his year, but also works closely with Zatanna and John Constantine in a bid to defeat Nabu and free Mister Zatara from his influence. Larfleeze becomes aware of his existence, but Paul is able to fake his own death with the help of the local Green Lanterns.

There are three full episodes that occur primarily from the Renegade point of view, including a trip to Earth 50, where he obtains a yellow power ring, and adopts a daughter whom he rescued from Anti-Life exposure. He then ends his year of service early, by returning Alan Scott's lantern, and leaves the Team in order to infiltrate the Light. Though he is initially hopeful that they can serve humanity, he eventually gives up on them due to their supervillain attitudes, and kills all except Lex Luthor, who is left under heavy government scrutiny.


  1. Gaolbreak
  2. Ex Perdition
  3. Homecoming
  4. Aberration
  5. Widdershins
  6. What Lies Beneath
  7. Doppelgänger
  8. Prayer
  9. Spring in Blume
  10. Stars, Crossed, Part 1
  11. Stars, Crossed, Part 2
  12. Hullevow
  13. Black Reign
  14. Carpe Tempus
  15. Date Night
  16. Fool's Canon
  17. Triumph of the Will
  18. A Star Reborn
  19. Demeanour
  20. Family Day
  21. Zigzag
  22. Bindings
  23. Escalation
  24. Undermined
  25. Titanfall
  26. Last Supper

Season Three (2011; Episodes 53-78)

Having fulfilled his year of service and freed Mr Zatara, Paul heads out into space, starting with the Vega Systems, where he captures Larfleeze, recovers the Orange Central Power Battery, and works with the Controllers to establish an Orange Lantern Corps with himself as second in command. Once the Corps is established, Vril Dox II (the commander) sends Paul back to Earth, where he reconnects with his friends and gathers resources to fight the increasing power of Hell's demons.

The Renegade is visited by Darkseid and his soul is heavily damaged, causing him to reflect on his choices and soften some of them. However, after mostly recovering, he still goes to Vega, killing Larfleeze, the Citadel Empire, the Psions, the gordanians, and various pirate groups. Returning to Earth, he re-establishes the Light with a more sane and constructive roster, including Cranius, Queen Clea, Teth Adom, Circe, The Shade, and a highly restricted Lex Luthor.

  1. Falling Action
  2. Vega, Baby
  3. Tamanarama
  4. Control
  5. Headhunting
  6. Headhunted
  7. Do-Over
  8. Respite
  9. Authority
  10. Collegiality
  11. Rapprochement
  12. Resolution
  13. Converse
  14. Resurrectionists
  15. Alienated
  16. Pursuant
  17. Mandated
  18. Embattled
  19. Grind
  20. Rampage
  21. Retribution
  22. Gods and Mortals
  23. Excavation
  24. Foundation
  25. Clarion Call
  26. Judgement Day

Season Four (2012; Episodes 79-?)

Currently in progress. Paul has rejoined the Team part time, though he still has work to do in space. The Renegade has reached out to other magic-using worlds to collaborate on magic education, including Mars and Zerox, and makes contact with Earth 50 again.

  1. Z-E-R-O
  2. Field Trip
  3. Hoard
  4. Wing and Dagger
  5. Ways and Means
  6. Angelic
  7. Doppelgängered
  8. Realigned
  9. Jiggity-Jig
  10. Conqueror's Moon
  11. Guys from Gotham
  12. Sprited Away

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