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Recap / Welcome to the Wayne

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Season 1

  1. "Rise and Shine Sleepyhead"
  2. "Like a Happy, Happy Bird"
  3. "Mail Those Cards, Boys!"
  4. "Today Was Wassome"
  5. "Some Kind of Tap-Dancing, Beekeeping Whaler"
  6. "Like No Other Market on Earth"
  7. "Beeping the Binklemobile"
  8. "Spacefish"
  9. "A Pair of Normas"
  10. "It's the Mid-Season Finale"
  11. "Hit It, Toofus!"
  12. "Wall-to-Wall Ping-Pong Ball"
  13. "Swap Shop Hop & Bop"
  14. "8:08:08"
  15. "Flutch"
  16. "What's For Linner?"
  17. "Leave the Funny, Find the Bunny"
  18. "Gimble in the Wabe"
  19. "Keep an Eye on the Nose"
  20. "So This is Glamsterdam"

Season 2

  1. "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Cup"
  2. "Welcome to the Wassermans"
  3. "An Olly-Day Miracle!"
  4. "That's Squidjit Bowling"
  5. "We're the Wayniacs"
  6. "Curious Brains of the Wayne"
  7. "Wiles Styles You Over"
  8. "The Best Buddy I Never Had"
  9. "Some Sort of Bad Luck Curse"
  10. "Whoever Controls the Wayne, Controls the World"

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