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Recap / Wander Over Yonder S 1 E 20 The Funk The Enemies

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The Funk

An invasion to a planet is put on hold when Lord Hater is bored with all the same things they do. Peepers attempts to cheer him up by reminding how fun being evil can be by bullying the weak and defenseless.

  • Cameo: Wander and Sylvia appear only at the end to worship the Mooplexians for their wisdom.
  • Chirping Crickets: Heard when Lord Hater fails to make his customary grand entrance.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: A couple bullies picking on somebody who is physically dysfunctional, unaware their victims are mentally capable, and can see and hear everything being done to them.
  • Feel No Pain: The victims of Hater's invasion are actually shells of their mind-dwelling selves.
  • Mind Rape: The Mooplexians do this to Hater and Peepers to show them how insignificant their being evil is.
  • Mugging the Monster: Peepers manages to cheer up Lord Hater by childishly picking on the Mooplexians. This comes back to bite them when they turn out to be not so dumb.
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  • Rule of Three: Peepers introduces Lord Hater three times before he gets tired of waiting for him to show up.
  • Stealth Pun: The Mooplexians refer to Lord Hater and Peepers as "miniscule molecules" because the Mooplexians are mental giants.
  • Villain Episode: Another one that focuses on Lord Hater with Wander and Sylvia only making a cameo appearance.

The Enemies

While trying to reunite both halves of the Sword of Synergy, Lord Hater runs into Sir Brad Starlight, who is attempting to do the same. Their rivalry over this is soon interrupted by Wander who's playing Hide and Seek with Sylvia, so the two work together to see who can capture him first.

  • Comically Missing the Point: Wander thinks Lord Hater and Brad Starlight want to play hide-and-seek while they're trying to destroy him.
  • Decoy Damsel: Lord Hater and Brad Starlight attempt to do this by dressing up as girls tied to a tree in order to lure Wander into a trap. Wander isn't fooled and thinks it's just part of their game.
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  • Disguised in Drag: Hater's idea to trap Wander is to put on a blue dress and a blonde wig to pretend he's a Damsel in Distress. Brad's idea is exactly the same, except his wig is red. Wander also puts on a dress, believing it's a dress-up game.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: The Sword of Synergy. Lord Hater has one half, Brad Starlight has the other.
  • Enemy Mine: Brad and Hater put aside their differences (mostly) to team up against Wander.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Invoked by Brad Starlight as part of his decoy damsel ploy. He insists his plan would work since he is wearing a red wig as opposed to Lord Hater who is wearing a blonde curly haired wig.
  • Near-Villain Victory: Both Hater and Brad were close to destroying Wander with the Sword of Synergy, but he is spared last minute when he mentions teamwork and the two argue, causing the sword to be destroyed.
  • Never My Fault: Brad claims here that Wander ruined his wedding to Demurra. For those who didn't see that episode, Demurra was actually in love with King Draykor, but Brad couldn't accept this due to his delusional fairy tale ideologies, even kidnapping her, only for her herself to soundly take care of him.
  • Never Say "Die": Hater and Brad's plan is clearly to kill Wander with the sword, but they substitute said word with "destroy".
  • Tempting Fate: Sylvia finishes counting to five million and remarks how relaxing it is playing hide and seek with Wander... while in the background Hater and Brad sneak back to the temple to put together the halves of the Sword of Synergy.
  • Villain Episode: Not so much as the above episode due to Wander's involvement, but the focus characters in this episode are Hater and Brad (who, despite his insistence that he's a hero, is also quite villainous).
  • Villain Has a Point: Hater is more than correct when he says Brad is more like a villain than a hero.
  • Wimp Fight: After the halves of the Sword of Synergy are destroyed, Hater and Brad have one of these at the end of the episode.


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