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Recap / Voyagers S 1 E 11 Merry Christmas Bogg

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The omni dumps Bogg and Jeff into a Christmas Eve in the middle of the American Revolution, which has gone off the rails because George Washington joined the British Navy as a young man. After they set it straight, they wind up in 1892 Pittsburg, where personal past and history become intertwined as the two have to help labor union leader Samuel Gompers, who happens to know Jeffrey's great-grandfather.


This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Act of True Love: Jeff's great-grandfather (as a young man) suggests to Bogg that he should leave Jeff with him and his wife. Although Bogg is fond of Jeff and it hurts to consider walking out of his life for good, he attempts to do so in the belief that Jeff would be better off with a mother and father and a stable home.
  • Adult Fear: Invoked by Bogg when he's trying to get Mrs. Washington to protest her son's going into the British navy. He cheerfully "lets slip" about the many dangers George is walking into, including scurvy and cannonballs and more moral ones like the temptations of the female sex and alcohol.
  • Blunt "Yes": While trying to explain to Jeffrey why he's attempting to leave him with his great-grandparents, Bogg says that the life they can give him is better for a kid than a Voyager's life. Jeffrey asks if he's ever been heard to complain, to which Bogg replies that he has, multiple times.
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  • Christmas Episode: The Omni keeps dumping Bogg and Jeff into the Christmas Eves of different historical periods. It's still a busy "day" for them because problems with the time stream don't take a break and neither can Voyagers.
  • Embarrassing Last Name: When Jeffrey originally points out Gompers, Bogg thinks he's just remarking on what a horrible last name he has and says Gompers can deal with his last name if Bogg can deal with his.
  • Give Him a Normal Life: Jeffrey's great-grandfather talks to Bogg about leaving Jeffrey with them, saying it's obvious he wants to be part of a real family. Bogg also knows that being with a Voyager is a very uncertain and discombobulated existence. The attempt is thwarted when Jeffrey sees Bogg is gone and suspects what he's trying to do.
  • Go Look at the Distraction: Bogg and Jeff are put in the stocks with another man (possibly Nathan Hale) during their first time jump. When Jeff manages to free one hand so they can omni out, Bogg asks the man if the British soldier who were supposed to let them out is coming towards them. He looks, and the two are gone by the time he turns back.
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  • Historical Domain Character: George Washington, his mother Mary Bell Washington and labor union leader Samuel Gompers are all important characters in the episode.

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