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Quick summaries of the adventures of the new Voltron Force.

1. New School Defenders

After the final battle with the Drule King Lotor, the Voltron Lions went on a rampage. There were no casualties, but the Galactic Alliance decided that the Lions were too dangerous, so four were locked away back on Arus while the Black Lion was confiscated by Sky Marshall Wade. Years later, at Wade's GA Academy on Earth, a young cadet named Daniel is enamored with his dream of one day joining the Voltron Force. When he and his new-found friend Vince are finally given such a chance by Lance, former pilot of the Red Lion, they embark on the adventure of a lifetime, starting with a trip to Planet Arus.

2. Defenders of Arus

Commander Keith, Black Lion's pilot, infiltrates Wade's secret base on a mission to rescue his giant mechanical friend. Meanwhile, on Arus, Daniel and Vince are introduced to Larmina, Princess Allura's niece and the third inducted cadet of the outlawed Voltron Force. Far away on Planet Doom, an exiled scientist named Maahox and his partner in crime Kala, revive and reanimate King Lotor through the use of a mysterious substance called Haggarium, and launch a Robeast to attack Arus. The Robeast is stopped, however, by the timely arrival of the Black Lion.

3. Defenders of the Universe

As Keith reaclimates himself to the Castle of the Lions, Wade takes control of the Galactic Alliance, replacing all soldiers with his frightening robots and setting them loose on the public to enforce his martial law. At the same time, Maahox double-crosses Kala and converts her into a new spider-like Robeast through the power of Haggarium. When the Kala-Robeast arrives on Arus during Wade's assault, the Voltron Force is forced to split up to take on the two fronts: Keith and the cadets protect a nearby Arusian city, while the others fight Kala in their Lions. Kala gains the upper hand just as Keith's team finishes off the robots, allowing the latter to join the big brawl. Wade, however, has other plans: his years of studying the Black Lion have allowed him to create a monstrous Lion of his own, which is eventually absorbed by Kala, culminating in the triumphant return of Voltron, Defender of the Universe!

4. Coran, Coran

With the Arusian Royal Advisor Coran still under lock and key, Wade sets a trap for the Voltron Lions just as Pidge has finished their weapons upgrades.

5. Joyride to Doom

Daniel convinces Vince and Larmina to join him in "borrowing" a few of the Lions on an impromtu journey to Planet Doom to grab Pidge a sample of Haggarium to study. But when a Haggarium-loaded Lotor takes such an opportunity to attack the Castle of the Lions, the cadets have to break free and make it back to Arus in a race against time.

6. The Hunkyard

Hunk decides he hasn't had enough bonding time with the cadets like the others have, so when he gets teaching duty for the day, he brings them down to his old scrapheap of a hangout: the Hunkyard. The cadets spend the day building demolition vehicles, and give them a proper field test when several dozen Haggarium-charged Wadedroids combine into a scrap-monster.

7. Lion Riders Return

When the team is called away to Planet Ariel to stop Wade's corite-mining expedition, the cadets tag along and learn more about another culture and their place on the Voltron Force.

8. Flash Form's A Go!

When a hyperfast Robeast invade's Arusian airspace, the Voltron Force must find a way to upgrade Voltron's formation if they want to stand a chance of defeating it.

9. Dark Blue

Vince is trapped in a Haggarium-filled cargo vessel, rapidly sinking into a bottomless ocean planet.

10. Wanted and Unwanted

Keith allows himself to be captured in order to gain access to Wade's secret prison, the Void. Daniel, however, gets captured with him and meets Keith's smuggler associate Manset,note  who helps the young cadet along after Keith is placed in the Black Hole cell with Cheif Kalon of the Lion Riders. After Keith and Kalon are thrown out the main airlock, Daniel must defeat Cloak, the inventor of the Void's invisibility generator, to help save them.

11. Predator Robeast

The Voltron Force faces their toughest challenge yet when a quintet of new Robeasts, that are massive challenges on their own, combine into a twisted doppelganger: the mighty Predator Robeast!

12. Hungry for Voltron

Princess Allura, in her attempts to teach the cadets about tact rather than tactics, drags Larmina along with her and Coran on a diplomatic excursion to planet Ebb, at the request of their ruler Sypat. However, when it turns out to be a trap set by Wade to capture the Princess and the Blue Lion, Larmina has to find a way to escape and help her aunt rejoin the rest of Voltron to finish off Wade's combined robots in Ebb's upper atmosphere.

13. Clash of the Lions

After his last little stunt, Wade has become the Voltron Force's top priority. While Allura refuses to take part in a revenge-fueled attack on Wade's base on Earth, the rest of the Force, including the cadets, are forced to fight on foot when Wade manages to hijack Voltron!

14. Inside the Music

After Wade's defeat, the galaxy is high on uproarious celebration! Allura takes an oppurtunity, and convinces Larmina to organize the Great Galactic Music Festival, a peace concert the likes of which the Alliance has never before seen. But as with all good things, Lotor takes a similar oppurtunity to destroy the fragile peace with a Robeast attack.

15. Rogue Trip

The cadets upgrade their crush cars, including a new combination function, and Hunk sends them off the Earth in their new mech for a pizza run. While there, they meet Dudley, a seriously-obsessed Voltron fan who turns out to have sinister intentions. Meanwhile, back on Arus, Pidge accidentally activates Black Lion's security programs, causing it and the other Lions to run amuck and the Force to track them down on foot.

16. Brains

When Pidge is growing distressed after not hearing from his twin brother Chip for quite some time, the Voltron Force makes a trip to their teammates home planet Balto to find out why. Once there, they discover that Pidge's people are under Lotor's control, transforming them into ninja scientist zombies. When the team splits up while on the run, Daniel, Vince and Pidge are captured by Maahox and his zombie hoard; while the rest of the Force fights Lotor, whose Haggarium armor allows him to become the deadly Samurai Robeast!
  • Premiere of Larmina's Voltcom upgrade to Voltron's systems, allowing for faster reflexes in close-range combat


17. Ghost in the Lion

Blue Lion attacks the team during their time at the beach, but when the Lion-jacker turns out to be its original pilot Sven, the Voltron Force follow him to planet Crydor, an inhospitable tundra world. Upon arrival, Allura heads off on her own, only to discover that Sven's infant son has been kidnapped by Maahox and Lotor, with Blue Lion being the ransom to get the boy back.

18. Gary

Vince downloads Maahox's latest Robeast creation, a Hard Light gremlin-like creature that can multiply by magnitudes, leading to chaos around the Castle.

19. Five Forged

The Voltron Force follow the Lions to planet Ariel, and must brave the trials of the Path of Lions to reach the Den of Creation, where Voltron was first built long ago, in an attempt to finally repair Black Lion's Nexus core.

20. Dradin, Baby, Dradin

Manset offers the Voltron Force a weekend stay at his resort on planet Dradin, but they discover his ulterior motives when a renegade Drule mafia start muscling in on the building.

21. I, Voltron

The Kala-Spider Robeast returns, springing Wade just as he's being sentenced for his crimes. Meanwhile, Vince's latest attempt to learn more about Voltron leads to Daniel's mind being trapped in the body of the Defender of the Universe! Now the Voltron Force has to save one of their own from both himself and a combined threat intent on integrating with Voltron, before any of this is beyond reversible.

22. Crossed Signals

The Voltron Force tracks a distress signal to a century-old Arusian cruiser, and must fight and race to beat Lotor to the hidden Voltron-related treasure hidden within.

23. Roots of Evil

Allura is having a hard time balancing her duties to both the Voltron Force and the people of Arus, and this only leads to trouble when Maahox sends a demonic Haggarium tree to take root and take over a nearby Arusian farm. Daniel and Larmina fight both the tree and the former's Haggarium infection, and ultimately Allura decides she's needed more as the Queen of Arus, passing the torch of Blue Lion to her niece.

24. The Army of One

Coran seeks to keep Allura distracted as the others put together her surprise coronation party. Meanwhile, Maahox clones Lotor an army with which to assault the Castle of Lions, but when the Drule King anticipates treachery among the ranks, he breaks out the Predator Robeast to keep the army at bay as he alone seeks to claim the honor of Voltron's destruction!
  • The combining Predator Robeast returns and is destroyed
  • Vince becomes the new pilot of the Green Lion

25. Deceive and Conquer

Daniel's Haggarium infection is reaching a peak as the Lion-Spider Robeast attacks the newly-refinished Castle Doom, and when Lotor further combines with it, Keith hands over control of Black Lion to Daniel to finish the Drule King for good. But as the Voltron Force celebrates back on Arus, Maahox puts his grand plan into action, transforming Castle Doom into a massive Robeast before setting off towards Earth...

26. Black

Maahox lands his Castle Doom Robeast on Earth, destroying the Galaxy Alliance HQ as an opening act. Coran manages to evacuate the delegates and call the Voltron Force, who mobilize immediately with Daniel now in the lead, but the new Black Pilot's inexperience leads to problems in the field as soon as they arrive. With Voltron on the ropes, Allura seeks guidance from her late father, who (in his last act as his daughter's mentor) activates the Castle of Lions' ultimate secret: a massive spaceship, capable of traveling to Earth from Arus in mere minutes. With Daniel unconsious in Black's cockpit, Keith comandeers control and reforms Voltron, leading to Maahox's final defeat at the lion-headed hands of the Defender of the Universe. Later, as the Galaxy Alliance celebrates the end of the Haggarium threat, Keith retakes his position as Black Lion's pilot, Daniel agreeing that he's not ready just yet. But is it just his inexperience and ego keeping him from his role as leader of the Voltron Force...or is there something more?

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