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  1. The Age of Magic Begins: When its Three Suns align, the planet Prysmos loses its advanced technology and enters an Age of Magic. The wizard Merklynn challenges the knights of Prysmos to reach his Shrine atop Iron Mountain and rewards the fourteen (seven good and seven evil) who succeed with magical powers.
  2. The Dark Hand of Treachery: The Darkling Lords (the evil faction of the Visionaries) set about capturing the members of the rival group. With three of his followers in Darkstorm's clutches, Leoric consults his Power Staff and is told to "become one with the Circle of Light". Shortly after, Darkstorm launches an attack on New Valarak and the remaining good knights are captured.
  3. Quest for the Dragon's Eye: The Spectral Knights (as Leoric and his followers now call themselves) escape from captivity and take the Darkling Lords prisoner. Shortly after, they learn that the farms near New Valarak are having magic-related problems with their harvest and decide to ask Merklynn for help. But the Darkling Lords escape and ambush the Spectral Knights en route to Merklynn's Shrine. Merklynn sends both groups of Visionaries on a quest to bring back the Dragon's Eye.
  4. The Price of Freedom: Reekon and Mortdredd encounter Belizar, a young man from the city of Khemir, whose inhabitants, believing themselves to be above manual labour, are trying in vain to repair their robot slaves. Darkstorm, alerted by Mortdredd, decides to turn the situation to his advantage and has the Khemirites enslave the Spectral Knights.
  5. Feryl Steps Out: Feryl leaves the Spectral Knights, believing himself to be "too much of a liability". Darkstorm tries to enlist him in the Darkling Lords, but Feryl is still loyal to Leoric, so Darkstorm comes up with an alternate plan: luring Leoric into a trap by making him think Feryl is in danger. Feryl must now single-handedly rescue Leoric from Darkstorm's clutches.
  6. Lion Hunt: Darkstorm seeks the aid of an old witch, who gives him a potion which will trap Leoric in his Lion form. The Darkling Lords convince a bunch of superstitious peasants that a monster is threatening their village, prompting them to ask Leoric for help and giving Darkstorm an opportunity to use the potion. Darkstorm claims Leoric has been killed fighting the monster, but his fellow Spectral Knights soon learn the truth. Witterquick now has until the Three Suns set to obtain the antidote which will restore Leoric to his human form.
  7. The Overthrow of Merklynn: Darkstorm devises a plan to depose Merklynn and seize control of his Shrine. He uses the magic he has stolen to give each of his followers "what they deserve", punishing those whose loyalty is wavering and showing the others how he plans to reward them. But, in his arrogance, he recites the Sacred Secret Spell, unleashing a series of cataclysms. With Merklynn banished, the Darkling Lords must race against time to reach the Wizards' Jail and free him.
  8. The Power of the Wise: When Merklynn refuses to give them the magic to counteract Darkstorm's Power of Decay, the Spectral Knights set off for the Eternal Spring whose waters have rejuvenating properties. Along the way, they are ambushed by the Darkling Lords and Leoric is rapidly aged by Darkstorm's magic. The Spectral Knights continue their quest, during which Leoric reaches a new understanding about his Power of Wisdom.
  9. Horn of Unicorn, Claw of Dragon: A Magical Plague threatens to wipe out the Visionaries. The only way Merklynn can save them is by means of a healing spell, for which he needs two key ingredients: a unicorn's horn and a dragon's claw. With most of the Visionaries affected by the Plague, he sends Arzon, Cindarr, Lexor and Witterquick on a quest to obtain these items.
  10. The Trail of Three Wizards: Merklynn sends the Spectral Knights to the Anarchy Zone to recapture three rogue wizards (Falkama, Bogavus and Wheezasqueeza) who have escaped from the Wizards' Jail. They succeed in their mission, but are ambushed by the Darkling Lords, forcing them to release Wheezasqueeza as a diversion. The Darkling Lords join forces with Wheezasqueeza, who leads them to the Lost Shrine.
  11. Honor Among Thieves: Merklynn gives the Spectral Knights a magic Crystal of Detection which will warn them of an approaching enemy. But Reekon, wearing a "Cloak of Concealment" to avoid detection, steals the Crystal and delivers it to Castle Darkstorm. Taking Arzon along to distract the Darkling Lords, Ectar sets out to recover the Crystal.
  12. Sorcery Squared: When Cryotek is captured by the Darkling Lords and thrown into the Magical Dungeon, he drags Cravex in with him, forcing Reekon to reverse the polarity. Though Cryotek is apparently unharmed, it soon becomes clear that he has gained Cravex's Totem power in addition to his own, causing him to act out of character. His fellow Spectral Knights call a truce with the Darkling Lords so that Cravex's evil magic can be removed from him.
  13. Dawn of the Sun Imps: Merklynn sends the Visionaries to rebury the tomb imprisoning the mischievous Sun Imps, which has been exposed by earthquakes. But Lexor tricks Cindarr into unleashing his Power of Destruction and the Sun Imps get loose. The Imps cause so much chaos that the Spectral Knights and Darkling Lords must put aside their differences in order to recapture them.


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