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Recap / Victor And Valentino S 2 E 2 Energ G Shoes

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When Vic uses trickery to buy a pair of super cool sneakers from Maria Teresa's yard sale, the shoes try to walk him to his demise as punishment.


  • Cursed Item: Valentino points out that many of the items at Maria Teresa's yard sale were cursed by Tez to protect the family. That includes the Ener-G shoes, which try to kill Victor after he buys them for less than they're worth.
  • Do You Want to Haggle?: Victor claims to be a great haggler and tries to lower the price of the shoes from $800 to $10, but neither Maria Teresa nor her grandkids are willing to do so. So he swaps the tags on the shoes to trick Maria Teresa. The shoes, unfortunately, won't take this lying down.
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  • Literal Cliffhanger: The shoes try to drop Victor over a cliff. Fortunately, Valentino arrives to pull him back up.
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: The Ener-G Shoes have lights, a pump and even talk. What's more, this particular pair happens to be cursed and sentient.

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