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Recap / Victor And Valentino S 2 E 1 The Guest

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Vic and Val blame each other for eating all the food in the kitchen and making a huge mess. However, they soon discover that a ghost is actually to blame. They enlist the help of Achi to unlock the world of spirits among them and kick the ghost out of their house!


  • Ghostly Goals: The ghost is a former baseball pitcher who lost a game and blames the catcher. The boys figure if they could get the catcher to apologize, that would get rid of the pitcher ghost, but the catcher turns out to be another ghost who blames the pitcher for losing the game. Turns out neither was at fault, and once they realize this and make up, Achi sends them to the Underworld.
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  • Not Me This Time: Chata finds the kitchen a mess and assumes the boys did it. Victor and Valentino each accuse the other of doing it, until they discover that the real culprit is a ghost.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: Each of the two baseball player ghosts claim that the other misread the signals and let to them losing and ruining their careers, and thus never spoke to each other again. Valentino looks in his sports almanac and discovers what really happened: the players were so upset at each other for losing that they failed to notice the flaming pig balloon that crashed into them, killing them both.
  • Retcon: In the pilot cartoon, Victor and Valentino find two enchanted luchador masks in the Underworld that enable them to see the ghosts in Monte Macabre. Here, Achi enchants the boys' own masks to do the same.
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  • Reveal Shot: As in the pilot, this episode ends with the boys seeing through their masks all the ghosts that roam Monte Macabre.

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