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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 19 Nevermind The Buttocks

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Veronica, with Cliff present, is giving a deposition to Ethan Lavoie (John Prosky), Aaron's lawyer. He's asking Veronica about the tapes of Aaron and Lily having sex, whether she watched them, and whether she could tell if they had sex. Veronica says she did, and that she could. When Lavoie tries to ask how she could tell, Cliff warns him off. Lavoie then asks if she knows where Duncan is, and if she still keeps in contact with him. Veronica shoots him a Death Glare.


Later, at the Mars apartment, Veronica is microwaving something when Keith gives her some news; Richard Casablanca's life insurance policy on Dick and Cassidy would pay out to Kendall if both brothers died. Veronica thinks Kendall is certainly capable of arranging for the bus crash; Keith isn't so sure, but he agrees to check around.

Later, in biology class at Neptune High, while Clemmons conducts "random" locker searches in the hallway, the teacher asks Weevil to feed "Buddy", a python being kept in an aquarium. While the rest of the class is slightly grossed out, Weevil seems happy to do it, especially since he's feeding Buddy a rat, and as he says, he has no problem sacrificing a rat. Veronica's eyes narrow at this.

In the hallway, a boy is following Veronica, though she doesn't seem to notice at first. She sees Mac banging her head slowly against her locker, and goes over to join her. Mac explains Clemmons took her cell phone interceptor, which she's been using to listen in on Cassidy's phone calls; what's more, instead of returning it at the end of the day, Clemmons is keeping it until the end of the year. Instead of judging her, Veronica says she'll help...


...and a little later, after Clemmons' secretary goes to check her car after the alarm has "suddenly" gone off, Veronica makes her way to Clemmons' office, only to find out he's changed the lock to the door. A little later, Veronica catches up to Vincent after his class, and asks him to help her. He agrees only if she'll arrange a date with Mac for the upcoming prom. Veronica agrees, and Vincent tells her to meet him after school in the office...

...and a little later, Mac and Veronica both show up at the office, and Vincent lets them in. As Mac and Veronica search through the box of the confiscated items, Vincent starts talking to Mac about prom; Mac, unfortunately, doesn't know what he's talking about, but figures it out, and shoots Veronica a Death Glare. Veronica finds the cell phone interceptor, as well as a copy of Anarchist Cookbook that belongs to Weevil...


...and outside, in the Neptune High parking lot, Veronica finds Weevil fixing his car. She pointedly asks him about Thumper, which he shrugs off, but he gets angry when she shows him the book and asks him why he had it; he thinks she's accusing him of blowing up the bus. Veronica points out Weevil didn't just *happen* to be at the gas station when she left the bus, and the explosion only killed the driver; it was the fall that killed the kids; furthermore, he could have done it on his cell phone without Veronica noticing. Weevil brings up the fact Cervando was on the bus and he wouldn't kill his own, but Veronica says the bomb could have been meant for Dick or Logan, and he didn't know Dick had given his bag of swag from Shark Field to Betina. Veronica sarcastically notes he did it right with Thumper, and walks off, leaving Weevil fuming.

The next day, Veronica is eating lunch outside when the boy who had been following her in the hall, Harry (Tommy Snider), comes up behind her. Without turning around, Veronica figures out he's there, and asks Henry what he wants. Henry says someone ran over his dog, which Veronica is sympathetic about, and asks if she can track down the car that did it (he heard it skid, and he got a glimpse of the back of the car). A little later, in journalism class, Harry picks out a Plymouth Barracuda from a book of custom cars, though he says it was green. Veronica is happy because cars of that model and color aren't prevalent in Neptune. Unfortunately, there are no cars like that registered in Neptune, but Veronica says she'll keep looking. A little later, after Harry has left and journalism class is in session, the editor tells Veronica they need to fill a spot in the paper with a photo. Veronica gets an idea when she sees this and hears it costs only $40 to buy the space.

A little later, in the hallway, Jackie asks Veronica if she can help Jackie get a job at Java the Hut, since she needs money and her family's assets have been frozen. Veronica says she'll see what she can do, and later, at Java the Hut, Veronica asks the manager about Jackie. The manager is skeptical, since Jackie doesn't give any experience, but when she hears Veronica will vouch for Jackie, she agrees.

That night, at the Mars apartment, Keith asks Veronica why Logan would have gotten any calls from Kendall the day of the crash. Veronica reveals Logan was sleeping with Kendall at the time. Keith asks if Veronica knew about this, and Veronica admits she didn't know then. Keith asks her if she'd be willing to ask Logan about that day, and Veronica doesn't look enthusiastic...

...but the next day, in the Neptune High parking lot, she finds Logan and asks him about him and Kendall. Logan can't believe how obsessed Veronica is with his sex life, and when Veronica points out Kendall had a motive to kill Dick and Cassidy, he scoffs at Kendall's ability to do so. He does admit being with Kendall, but says she kicked him out before the bus crash, and before the rest of the family showed up.

A little later, in the hallway, Gia finds Veronica and holds up the issue of the Neptune Navigator with the ad Veronica placed (asking if anyone who had seen a Green Plymouth Barracuda to contact her, and they'd get a reward). Gia mentions the car passed by the limo right before the bus went off the cliff, and someone in the car mooned her. She didn't see who it was, but assumed it was college kids because there was a mascot sticker on the car. Gia also mentions her father called around that time to check up on her. Veronica thanks her and walks away, troubled.

Meanwhile, behind her, Wallace and Jackie are talking in front of the lockers. Wallace doesn't want to be Just Friends anymore, and says since it's been two weeks since he broke up with Jane, and Jane has moved on, he thinks he should be able to as well. Jackie doesn't take it well, though, when Wallace says Jackie's reputation can't be hurt any worse than it already is, and leaves.

Later that afternoon, Veronica goes to Harry's house, and is greeted by Harry's younger brother Billy (Matt Bush), who's sporting a black eye. He tries to come on to Veronica until she sticks her finger on his bruise, and he yelps. He tells her Harry is in the back. Outside, Harry is practicing with his bow-and-arrow on a fake deer. Veronica, after joking about fake deer, tells Harry she has a slight lead concerning the sticker Gia saw. Harry doesn't remember a sticker, but seems real determined to find the person responsible, and Veronica is a little unnerved by this.

That night, Weevil is working in his garage when Hector shows up. Hector admits the PCHers made a mistake in getting rid of Weevil, and pleads for him to come back to get the Fitzpatricks out of their hair. Weevil, however, is unsympathetic, even when Hector brings up the fact the Fitzpatricks may end up killing them. Hector storms off.

The next day, at Mars Investigations, Veronica is looking up a classic car website when Keith comes in with some news. It turns out Kendall's real name is Priscilla Banks, and she and the real Kendall were involved in a car crash, where the real Kendall died. Not only that, but Priscilla took Kendall's identity after getting arrested for wire fraud. Just then, Veronica gets a message from someone who claims to know where the green Barracuda she's looking for is. Keith thinks she should be more impressed with him, but Veronica, apologizing, says she has a lead on Harry's case...

...and a little later, she's in front of a house. To Veronica's surprise, an old woman named Mary (Patricia Place) opens the door, and when Veronica tries to cover by asking if she's seen the car, Mary says she can barely see anything because of her cataracts, and more importantly, the car is hers. Veronica claims her dad is looking to buy a car like that, but Mary says the car, which belonged to her late husband, will stay in her garage until she's dead, and she dismisses Veronica. After checking to see if she's being watched, Veronica sneaks into the garage and finds the car. She sees some stickiness in the back window where a bumper sticker used to be, and is able to determine a leprechaun sticker was once there. She also goes inside the car to bug it, but is horrified to discover a gun in the glove compartment.

Meanwhile, back at Mars Investigations, Keith, posing as a member of the alumni association, calls Priscilla's father and asks for her address. Her father says all they know is she lives in Neptune.

At the same time, Veronica is in the reception area of the office when Weevil enters, asking her to sneak into Clemmons' office for him. He explains the paddle of Thumper's that Clemmons confiscated contained license plate numbers, and those numbers likely referred to the Fitzpatricks' customers that he delivered to. He also reveals what Hector told him about how the Fitzpatricks were treating the other PCHers, and guesses the paddle would work as leverage against them. Veronica admits the possibility of this, and asks once again why he was following the bus before it crashed. Weevil admits he was keeping an eye on Cervando, since he wasn't that street smart and would do things such as brag about hustling Liam in pool. Veronica says she believes him. Keith says he's heading out and leaves, but not before he and Weevil eye each other warily. Weevil then asks for the key to Clemmons' office; he gets mad when Veronica tells him her key doesn't work anymore after she gives it to him, but she points out she made copies of the paddle, which makes him happy.

That night, at Java the Hut, Jackie is faring quite well on her first shift, and Veronica is happy to see it. Wallace shows up, apologizes about what he said earlier, and says he meant to say she shouldn't worry about her reputation, but if she doesn't feel the same way about him that he feels about her, he'll understand. Jackie admits she still has feelings for Wallace, but she's going to the Sorbonne the day after graduation, which means they only have five weeks.

A little later, Veronica sees from her tracker that the Barracuda is moving. She asks if Jackie can cover for her, and when Jackie says yes, she takes off. Later, on the street, she catches up to the Barracuda and manages to follow it at a safe distance. The Barracuda pulls in front of a house behind another car. As Veronica takes pictures, the driver of the car, a man, gets out and joins a woman who was in the other car. Veronica hears her tell the man about someone in the house, and the man asks for his gun. At this, Veronica calls Keith, and tells him she thinks someone is going to get shot. Keith, however, asks Veronica where she is, and when she does, tells her to pull in front of the house and wait for him with the engine running. Veronica is puzzled and concerned.

Turns out Keith is inside that house, and he turns off his flashlight and his phone despite Veronica's concerned yells, and hides himself.

Outside the house, Veronica pulls up directly behind the Barracuda.

Inside, Keith hears footsteps walking away and is prepared to head out when he hears a voice behind him. Turns out it's Liam, who's overjoyed to find Keith in his house, since he can legally shoot him and get away with it. Keith pleads for his life, but Liam isn't interested, and pulls the trigger of his gun. Unfortunately, there's no bullets inside. Once Keith realizes this, he rushes Liam and the two start to fight.

Outside, the woman starts towards Veronica's car, asking what she's doing there. Turns out it's Kendall, and the house is her mother's. Just then, Keith and Liam come crashing through a window, still fighting. Keith manages to get a few good shots in before breaking free and heading towards Veronica's car. Once he gets in, Kendall steps in front of the car, but Veronica yells at her that she'll run her over unless she moves. Kendall moves towards the sidewalk, and Veronica speeds off. Kendall asks Liam what Keith was doing there, and says it's bad he was even there. Liam suggests he track Keith down and ask, but Kendall nixes the idea.

Meanwhile, in Veronica's car, Keith tells Veronica what happen and marvels at the fact Liam's gun was empty. Veronica then points out she emptied it of bullets earlier. After looking at her a long moment, Keith puts his hand on her head and they both smile in relief. As they both indicate they found what they were looking for there, Keith reveals he also found Kendall's hard drive...

...and later, at Mars Investigations, Mac hacks her way into the drive, though she says she's doing it for Keith and not Veronica, since Vincent is still serious about the prom. She agrees to print up all the e-mails and documents for Keith.

A little later, at the warehouse where the PCHers are headquartered, Liam shows up and complains the bikers are short on cash. Hector tries to point out kids aren't buying but Liam and his friends suggest they motivate the other bikers. One of Liam's friends point to Billy and they hang him on a hook. Liam says he'll cut Billy down when the PCHers fill his hat with cash; meanwhile, one of the Fitzpatricks starts using Billy as a punching bag. Just then, Weevil shows up. Weevil shows up, shows the list of clients that Thumper kept, and says Liam would be finished if the list went public. He also says he has several copies of it for insurance. Liam laughs, but knows the jig is up, and he and his friends leave. Hector and the others thank Weevil, who says he's retired and wishes them luck.

Meanwhile, back at Mars Investigations, Veronica tells Keith she's figured out Mary is Liam's maternal grandmother, but hasn't gotten anywhere else. Keith tells her he's found the connection between Kendall and Liam; she and Liam's brother Cormac were partners as con artists, and she did jail time for him so he didn't have to serve a longer sentence. Veronica wonders if Liam was driving near the bus as Kendall's roper, and says while Logan and Kendall were together the day of the crash, he had left by the time the bus crashed.

Meanwhile, back at Java the Hut, Wallace tells Jackie five weeks is good enough for him if it's good enough for her. He asks her to the prom, and she says yes.

The next day, at the Mars apartment, Keith tells Veronica the news just reported they found Aaron's Oscar trophy in the Kane's pool, and it's the weapon used to kill Lily. He also says Duncan's hair and Lily's blood were on the statue. Veronica is stunned.

Later, at Harry's house, Veronica sees Billy's motorcycle. When Billy answers the door, she guesses Billy is one of the PCHers, and also guesses Liam was the one who killed Harry's dog because Billy was late with payments. Billy admits this, but pleads with her not to say anything, because Harry would go to jail for murdering Liam. Veronica considers it wouldn't be so bad to Liam to die, especially since he tried to kill Keith, but when she goes to Harry's room, and he asks if she found anything, she claims she didn't.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Call-Back: The manager at Java the Hut. Also, in pleading his case to Weevil, Hector brings up Arturro, the PCHer wannabe responsible for the pizza boy muggings.
  • Foreshadowing: Jackie going to France, and her waitressing ability. Also, Cormac Fitzpatrick, and Aaron's Oscar trophy.
  • Ironic Echo: In biology class, Weevil says he likes feeding the snake because it makes him feel like he's "top of the food chain". Veronica uses that same expression when she accuses him of killing Thumper.
  • Literary Allusion Title: The title is a play on the title of the Sex Pistols' only album, Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.
  • Running Gag: Weevil and Keith calling each other "Eli" and "Sheriff", respectively.
  • Shout-Out: Veronica says she knows about sex because she watched Animal Planet.
    • Veronica jokes about Keith having Rick Springfield hair in high school.
    • Mary complains Veronica is making her miss Wheel of Fortune.
    • In blackmailing Liam, Weevil points out Heidi Fleiss was never the same when her client list went public.

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