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Laura at Bat

Episode number: 5a
Subject: Following your dreams
Focus veggie(s): Laura, a little bit of Jerry

At Veggie Stadium, Larry and Petunia are coaching a little league team called the Cobs, consisting of Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and a bunch of corn kids. Larry is trying to get the team all pumped up by reminding them that they have to work together as a team, though he ends up getting his facts wrong, such as stating that "there's no 'I' in 'win'", or that "there's no 'me' in 'game'". Larry reminds them that they all have goals, before asking any of the players if they have any goals. Laura says that hers is to hit a home run, but Larry then says that "there is no 'U' in 'home run'", before Junior reminds him that there is a 'U' in 'home run', but Larry says that if you take out the 'U' and put in a 'we', what do you get? The answer is 'home r-we-n', which Larry has the players say, before it is time to practice. Soon, all of the players are practicing hard, but when it's Laura's turn to bat, she keeps missing the ball, though when it's Junior's turn, he is able to hit a home run without any problems.


After practice is over, Larry tells the team that they'll come back for practice at "oh-six fifteen thousand hours", while Laura is disappointed that she didn't hit a single ball, but Junior reminds her that that's what practice is for, assuring her that she'll get better. Bob then tells Junior and Laura that he and Larry are having a movie night at their place and asks them if they are coming, before telling them that they're watching a movie about a dog that flies airplanes, which Junior and Laura accept. Later that night, the group is watching the movie, which is entitled "Air Corgi: Puppy Pilot", which tells the story about a corgi who wants to fly in an airplane. A grape pilot notices that the corgi loves airplanes, which the corgi's broccoli owner confirms, saying that he wants to be a pilot. The grape pilot then says that if he dreams hard enough, then he will be. The grape pilot then realizes that he can't deliver the medical supplies and that his plane shrunk somehow, but fortunately, the corgi is able to get into the plane and take over for the grape pilot as he takes off in the plane. The grape pilot then tells the young broccoli that "if you dream really hard, whatever you want will definitely happen and your life will be great forever". This causes Laura to get the idea that if she dreams hard enough, then she'll be able to hit a home run.


The next day at practice, Larry reminds the team that today is their last day of practice before their first big game, and that he wants them "to practice so hard that you break but don't bend". The team is then hard at work, practicing for the game, but then Junior notices that Laura is the only one not practicing, asking her "How do you expect to hit a home run if you don't practice batting?" Laura tells Junior that she knows she will because it's her dream, before Junior asks her if practice should be part of the dream, with Laura answering that her dream is to hit a game-winning home run without even practicing. Junior then wishes Laura good luck with that, before he resumes practicing again, telling Laura that she'll join him if she can, before Laura then says that she'll sit and dream real hard.


Soon, it is the big day of the game as all of the vegetables have gathered to watch the game. Up in the top row of the grandstands, Jimmy tells Jerry to let him have the microphone that he is holding. Jerry says that he wants a turn, but Jimmy refutes this, reminding Jerry that he's not good at public speaking, which causes Jerry to reluctantly and dejectedly hand the microphone to Jimmy, who then announces that it's a real nail-biter on the bottom of the ninth and that it's anybody's game. When Larry asks who's up, Laura eagerly decides to go up, eager to actually hit a home run. Larry then tells Laura that he wants to see her "hit a rocket and win this thing", just as Laura then goes up to bat afterwards, saying that she knows that she can do it because she's dreamed it all along. After Laura goes up to bat, she happily says that this is the moment she's been waiting for, but when she's about to say that dreams really do come true, she ends up missing the ball on the first try. Larry then tells Laura to get her head in the game, but on the second time, Laura misses again, while Jimmy comments that it's "another swing and a miss", while Jerry is still persistent on taking a turn in announcing, but Jimmy tells him that he doesn't want him to embarrass himself. Laura then gets back up again, but she once again misses the ball on the third try, also causing the bat to fly into the air and around the field, so she ends up out as a result.

Laura then dejectedly gets back in the dugout, saying that she should have dreamed harder, at the same time that it is now Junior's turn to bat. With a bit of encouragement from Larry, Junior is prepared to bat. Jerry still wants a turn in announcing so Jimmy finally allows Jerry to have a turn, so he hands the microphone over to him. Unfortunately, just as expected, Jerry finds himself at a loss for words, so he hands the microphone back to Jimmy, who then announces that Junior is really determined to slug the ball. Junior then hits a home run, which lands a victory for the team, while Laura is still upset about not being able to hit a home run. At Pa Grape's store, Pa is giving ice cream to the players, congratulating them for winning, before he notices Laura looking sad, asking her why she's so sad, with Laura answering that her dream didn't come true and that Junior hit the game-winning home run. Junior then tells Laura that she just needs more practice and offers himself to teach Laura how to hit. This time, Laura admits that practicing will be able to help her dream out a bit more.

At the stadium field, Junior is helping Laura in hitting the ball, but when he throws it, Laura misses again and ends up hitting herself in the face with the bat, saying that she's terrible, but Junior is able to help her up again. Junior then tells Laura to try again and that "anything worth doing well is worth doing badly", before he starts singing a song about how "Every champ was once a chump", all while still helping Laura try to perfect her swing. After the song ends, Junior then throws the ball at Laura, which she is able to hit this time, which she is happy to see, with Junior congratulating her and telling her that she'll be hitting home runs in no time. After the two friends leave the field, Jerry, who had been at the stadium the whole time is still trying to practice his public speaking skills, to no success, until Ichabeezer shows up and tells Jerry to keep practicing in speaking out loud. Jerry then decides to take this advice to heart after that.

On the day of the big game, Larry is talking with the players, telling them that they each came with the drive to win, and asks them if they are motivated enough to win, which the players elated answer that they are. Soon, the game is underway as Jimmy announces that it's a beautiful day for baseball and that they couldn't have asked for two better teams. The team that the Cobs are facing off against is the Carrot Badgers, with one of the carrots throwing the ball at one of the corn kids who is able to hit a home run, sending the ball flying as it ricochets off the scoreboard and off a drink that one of the corn kids was holding. Jimmy announces that the Carrot Badgers have pitched a gem when the ball suddenly strikes him on the head, knocking him over, while one of the corn kids has managed to make it to first base. Jerry looks down to see if Jimmy is alright, as Jimmy picks himself up, but unfortunately, the impact from getting hit with the ball has left Jimmy unable to speak properly. Jerry realizes that there is trouble if Jimmy can't announce, but after Ichabeezer, who has been acting as the umpire for the game, gives him a nod of encouragement, Jerry takes over as announcer for the game. At first, Jerry can't form proper sentences, but he is able to announce, "The teams are ready to play some serious ball", before his voice then becomes deeper after that, when the Cobs tag one of the Carrot Badgers out. Jerry announces even further, much to Jimmy's surprise, that "in a year that's been so improbable, the impossible has happened. Larry's team appears to be real championship material!" Jerry also announces that the teams have stayed tied for the entire game, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.

After one of the corn kids strikes out, Larry tells the other players that they don't do Mondays and for them to stomp the yard with the eye of the tiger. The Cobs are out in the field while the Carrot Badgers are up to bat, with Jerry announcing that Larry's team is "down a run with two outs at the bottom of the ninth" and that it is anybody's game. When it is the Cobs' turn to bat again, Junior asks Laura if she's ready, with Laura answering that she hopes so and that maybe she'll get lucky, with Junior telling her that she got the hard work part before he goes up to bat. Larry then tells Junior to send the ball back to its home planet, "Baseball-ballonia". Junior manages to get a hit that gets him to first base, before it is now Laura's turn to bat, before Junior tells Laura that he knows she has it in her. Jerry then announces, "Laura Carrot is up to bat. For Larry's team to pull out a victory, it's gonna take a miracle!" Petunia tells Laura that she can do it, but Laura misses the first hit, before she also misses the second hit as well. Larry then tells Laura to give it all she's got.

On the third try, Laura finally manages to hit a home run, which sends the ball flying right out of the field, and sending the players for home base. Laura is about to near first base at the same time that one of the Carrot Badgers throws the ball towards home, but fortunately, Laura is able to slide home, which means that she is safe. Jerry then announces that Larry's team wins while Jimmy says elatedly, "Baseball!" The other players for the Cobs congratulate Laura for hitting the game-winning home run. At Bob and Larry's home, Larry comes in through the door saying, "There's my star hitter. Great job". Junior and Laura both thank Larry at the same time after that. Larry then tells them, "You gave me 110 jillion times two percent. That's all I ever asked for". Laura then admits that her dream changed a bit after practicing with Junior, and that she realized how good it felt to work hard at something and get better at it. Larry then adds, "That's a dream come true for us all!"

Pie Fight!

Episode number: 5b
Subject: Jealousy and being fair
Focus veggie(s): Madame Blueberry, Bob

It is the big day of the Petunia Rhubarb pie contest, with Petunia letting the audience know that in a few minutes, the judges, who are Pa Grape, Jean-Claude Pea, and Phillipe Pea, will have tasted the pies, which is how they'll know who has won the pie contest. Bob asks if they've tried his yet, because he's going to be taking down Madame Blueberry this year, his pie being pecan with a crumble. Larry says that his pie is sarshmallow, which is sardines with marshmallow. When Jean-Claude takes a taste of Larry's pie, he spits it out before saying in disgust, "Le poisson!" Madame Blueberry then comes up to Bob and says that he looks excited, before Larry tells her that Bob says he'll be taking her down, but Bob tries to pass it off as a little playful competitive banter. Soon, the winner has been chosen for the contest, the winner being Bob, much to Madame Blueberry's surprise. Bob is also surprised when he hears that he won the contest while Larry congratulates him. Bob then goes up to accept the trophy, with Petunia congratulating him, telling him that the grand prize is a lifetime supply of pies from Pa Grape's store, before Bob then says that he would like to thank his old Granny 'Mato for the recipe, which she apparently passed on to him.

The second place winner for the contest is Madame Blueberry, with Bob telling Madame Blueberry that second place is still good. When Madame Blueberry goes up to accept the trophy, Petunia tells her that she's won first place every year for a long time but second place is still really good, before asking Madame Blueberry if she has any words. Madame Blueberry tries to protest about her loss, but is unable to before she leaves after that, but not without seeing Larry, Jimmy, and Jerry crowding around Bob, congratulating him for winning. Ichabeezer then comes up to Madame Blueberry and asks her if she really thinks that Bob could beat her at pie-baking. Madame Blueberry admits that she's flabbergasted, before Ichabeezer then says that he smells something fishy and tells Madame Blueberry to look it into, because if Bob cheated, then someone ought to tell on him, which Madame Blueberry decides to do. Later, while everyone is helping themselves to some pie, Madame Blueberry sneaks up to the table where Bob's pie is kept as she takes a slice and places it inside a paper bag while stating that she's going to get to the bottom of this.

At Pa Grape's store, Pa has given Bob and Larry a huge supply of pies as the prize for Bob winning the pie contest, before Bob and Larry then leave after that. Petunia then hops up next to Pa saying, "Surprise win, huh? Who knew Bob could bake?" However, at that moment, Madame Blueberry then comes into the store saying, "I knew Bob couldn't bake! I think we have a fake pie on our hands", with Pa asking Madame Blueberry how she knows that. Madame Blueberry then shows Pa and Petunia the slice of Bob's pie that she took earlier, before also showing them a slice of pie from a shop called Amaze Pie's Gourmet Pie shop. After Madame Blueberry demonstrates this, Petunia asks if Bob really bought a pie from a pie shop then entered it, before Pa then asks if there's any way to know for sure. Madame Blueberry then suggests that they have a judge do a blind taste test. Outside, Archibald hops along while carrying a paper cup full of tea, stating that "hot tea is my favorite". However, when Archibald drinks the tea, it is much too hot for him, so he spits it out, the tea having scalded his tongue and that he won't taste anything for hours, just as Madame Blueberry and Pa approach him, asking for his well-needed judging skills, which Archibald obliges to. Madame Blueberry then asks Archibald to take a bite of the first pie, which Archibald does, before Pa also tells him to taste the other pie. After Archibald takes a taste from both slices of pie, Madame Blueberry asks him if he tastes a difference, but Archibald, because of his scalded tongue, says that he doesn't taste a difference.

Meanwhile, at the home of Bob and Larry, the duo are stacking up the pies that they've collected, while Bob says that Madame Blueberry's pie was good, which Larry agrees with, but says that she didn't realize that she was up against "a pie kind of guy", before Bob and Larry then start singing a song about pies and how they are a staple for dessert, as well having different fillings other than fruits, such as corn, mashed potatoes, and meat, among others. The song then comes to an end just as the doorbell starts ringing, causing Larry to accidentally knock some of the pies over as they hit Bob on the head. Bob then goes to answer the door, where Pa and Petunia are at the door, with Pa telling Bob that they tested his pie recipes against a pie from the Amaze Pies shop and that the judge couldn't taste the difference. Bob protests that his Granny 'Mato made that recipe and that he made that pie from scratch, before Larry also adds, "Yeah, and ingredients!" Despite this, Pa tells Bob that they should have a rematch the next day at the town center, and he can bake his pie in front of them, which Bob has no choice but to oblige to.

The next day, everyone has gathered at the town center once again for the rematch, with a few random citizens saying that Bob cheated and that Madame Blueberry should have won the contest. Bob replies that he did not cheat and that he made a really good pie, asking if it's a crime. Madame Blueberry then says, "It is if you consider buying a pie from a pie shop 'making a really good pie'", before Bob then says that he'd say that too if he was a second placer. This only makes Madame Blueberry very angry as she calls Bob a gorilla, before Bob then calls Madame Blueberry 'Ginger root'. Pa then tells Petunia that the pie contest has become an insult contest, before Petunia then says that she doesn't know what to do, saying that the way they're talking to one another is terrible. Pa then says that they need to learn that hurtful words are hard to take back, which Petunia agrees with, but doesn't know how, before Pa then comes up with an idea then tells Petunia to start the contest. Petunia then says, "Ladies and Gentlemen, let the pie-baking begin!"

Soon, Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, and Madame Blueberry are hard at work, making the pies to be used in the judging. Larry then pulls out several cans of sardines, Jimmy is stirring the contents before he takes a bite, Jerry is attempting to open a bag of flour, but when he throws the flour into the bowl, the bag of flour then flies back up and explodes after hitting Jerry in the face, leaving him with flour on his face, Bob is shaking some powder into the bowl, while Madame Blueberry is watching him rather suspiciously. Once the contestants have gotten their pies all made, the pies are then placed in the ovens, while Bob asks Madame Blueberry if he cheated this time, before Madame Blueberry sarcastically replies, "Very funny, Bob". After the pies are all ready, the contestants then place their pies on a table that Ichabeezer is sitting in front of, while Bob and Madame Blueberry both glare at each other. Pa then whispers something to Ichabeezer, to which Ichabeezer then lets everyone know that a new rule has been submitted to him, asking them to listen closely if they would like the biggest trophy ever.

Everyone's attention is then directed to a large trophy, before Pa then tells everyone that in order to win, everyone must un-bake their pies, with Petunia adding that whoever can separate all the ingredients back out, and put them back into their packaging will be the winner. The contestants are surprised when they hear this, wanting to know how they're supposed to do that. Ichabeezer then tells the contestants that they have 20 minutes, before Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, and Madame Blueberry then scramble as they take their pies off the table then return to their baking tables to see if they can try to separate the ingredients from the pies that they made. While Bob is trying to un-bake his pie, Madame Blueberry then looks over and notices that one of the ingredients that Bob used when making his pie is Hazelnut Powder, which is something that Amaze Pies does not use in their pies. Upon making this discovery, Madame Blueberry then begins to realize that Bob did not cheat at the contest after all. Bob is still trying to un-bake his pie when Madame Blueberry comes up to him, saying that she needs to admit something. Unfortunately, Bob then accidentally flings his pie into the air before it hits Madame Blueberry on the head, causing her to stumble around, until she accidentally bumps into Jerry, which causes him to fall over and throw his pie as it hits Jimmy on the head. Jimmy then throws his pie as he yells, "Pie fight!" Soon, the contest has erupted into a full-scale pie fight, as pies end up getting thrown all around the town center.

During the whole fiasco, Bob is trying to dodge pies while Madame Blueberry is trying to get him to listen to her, before she gets hit in the face with another pie after that. Bob then takes refuge behind his baking table as he flips it onto its side and throws his pies as well. When Madame Blueberry approaches Bob, Bob tells her that this is his shield, but Madame Blueberry is able to apologize to Bob about what happened and that she was wrong about him because she saw his ingredients, which makes her realize that Bob didn't cheat, which Bob is surprised to hear. Ichabeezer states that this is chaos and for it to keep going before he also gets hit with a bunch of pies as well. Madame Blueberry then yells for everyone to stop, just as the pie fight comes to an abrupt stop, but not without Junior getting hit by one last pie. Madame Blueberry then tells everyone that she wants to apologize to Bob, saying that she was jealous that he beat her and that she said mean things about him. Bob also apologizes, saying that he got carried away saying mean things to Madame Blueberry too. Petunia then tells everyone that there's a good lesson here, which is that pies are like mean words, because once you say them, they cannot be unsaid, and that you cannot un-bake the pie or unsay the words.

Madame Blueberry then says that they have a lot of cleaning up to do, while Pa says rather dejectedly, "What a waste of great pies", which Jean-Claude and Phillipe agree with, saying, "Oui, oui, it is a tragedy". However, Ichabeezer disagrees, saying that that was the most interesting pie contest he's ever seen. Petunia then tells everyone to gather what they can together, because she has an idea. Working together, the veggies are able to collect the pies that have been thrown, before they start placing them inside the trophy (but not without Jimmy helping himself to some of the pie slices). Once all of the pies have been cleaned up, Petunia then says that they have invented "pie pie", with Bob saying that it's a pie made out of pie, which he finds to be really funny, before Madame Blueberry tells him, "Bravo". Pa then asks who's ready to dig in as he pulls out a bunch of plates and forks afterwards. Bob and Madame Blueberry are the first ones to take a bite of the pie pie, while everyone is now also helping themselves as well.

Tropes found in Laura at Bat:

  • Baseball Episode
  • Big Game: The plot point of the climax of the episode.
  • Circling Birdies: Happens to Jimmy after he gets hit by the ball during the big ball game, with baseballs circling his head.
  • Deteriorates Into Gibberish: Jimmy ends up doing this after getting beaned by the ball during the game, rendering him unable to speak properly, which prompts Jerry to take over for him and able to announce very fluently.
  • Epic Fail: Laura believes, after watching "Air Corgi: Puppy Pilot", that if she dreams hard enough, she'll hit a home run without having to practice. On the day of the game, however, it turns out as well as you'd expect.
  • Heroic Dog: Air Corgi from the Show Within a Show movie of the same name has shades of this, being able to fly a plane after just dreaming about it.
  • The Hopeless Replacement: Jerry ends up taking over for Jimmy in announcing the ball game after Jimmy gets beaned by the ball, despite the fact that Jerry isn't good at public speaking.
  • Pep-Talk Song: "Every Champ Was Once A Chump"
  • Rousing Speech: Larry gives several of these to the team when getting them pumped up for the big game of the season.
  • Shout-Out: The movie that Bob, Larry, Junior, and Laura watch, "Air Corgi: Puppy Pilot", tells the story of a dog who dreams about flying in an airplane, similar to that of Snoopy's World War I Flying Ace persona.
    • Also, during the big game, Larry tells the team "Eye of the tiger!", to get them ready for the final inning of the game.
  • Show Within a Show: "Air Corgi: Puppy Pilot"
  • Third-Person Person: Jerry slips into this when trying to get Jimmy to let him announce the ball game, saying, "Jerry wants a turn".
  • Training Montage: Junior puts Laura through one of these, when helping her practice in hitting home runs.

Tropes found in Pie Fight!:

  • Broken Win/Loss Streak: Madame Blueberry, who has apparently won the pie contest for years, gets her winning streak broken when Bob unexpectedly takes first place.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Larry appears to be this, since the pie that he made, sarshmallow, is actually made out of marshmallows and sardines.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: Happens to Bob during the "Pie Kind Of Guy" song, after taking a bite out of a slice of spicy pie.
  • Food Fight: The characters end up getting into one of these, which starts when Bob accidentally throws his pie into the air and onto Madame Blueberry, resulting in all of the vegetable citizens throwing pies at each other.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Madame Blueberry ends up becoming this after losing the pie contest to Bob, determined to find out whether he really cheated or not.
  • Secret Ingredient: While Bob, Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, and Madame Blueberry attempt to "un-bake" their pies, as instructed by Pa Grape, Madame Blueberry then notices that one of the ingredients that Bob used when making his pie is Hazelnut Powder, which the Amaze Pies Gourmet Pies shop does not use, which causes Madame Blueberry to realize that she made a mistake in blaming Bob for cheating.
  • Shout-Out: When Jean-Claude, who is acting as one of the judges of the pie contest, along with Pa Grape and Phillipe, tastes Larry's sarshmallow pie (which is actually a pie with marshmallows and sardines in it), he yells in disgust, "Le poisson!".
  • Sidetracked by the Analogy:
    Petunia: Pies are like mean words.
    Larry: Delicious and better with ice cream?
  • Spit Take: Archibald does this after drinking really hot tea, which scalds his tongue pretty badly, making this the second time that Archibald does this since 1996's Dave and the Giant Pickle.
  • Volleying Insults: This exchange between Bob and Madame Blueberry when they have a rematch in the pie contest:
    Bob: I did not cheat. I made a really good pie! Is that a crime?
    Madame Blueberry: It is if you consider buying a pie from a pie shop "making a really good pie".
    Bob: I'd say that too if I was a second-placer!
    Madame Blueberry: You gorilla!
    Bob: Ginger root!


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