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Vampires Dawn 3: The Crimson Realm demo:

The Demo picks up after the Easy/Evil ending of the second game. With Valnar dead, Alaine refuses to let Asgar use the spell on the stone tablet, fearing that he can destroy the world. The two argue and the come to an agreement: Each will keep half of the tablet, while both will seek for the Book of the Elras - which is a key item in bringing Valnar back from the Blood Realm. After Valnar is back, the three will use the spell together.


Suddenly, the scene cuts to the trio in a dungeon: Valnar and Alaine are being tied upside down, dangling over a pit of boiling lava with Asgar standing next to them. Asgar angrily accused the others of destroying everything he ever has (while carefully leaves out the detail of how and why so as not to spoil the unreleased content). Depending on Valnar and Alaine answers, Asgar will kill one of the pair or both by letting them fall into the lava.

The scene cuts again to a prison cell with three people: an old man, the old man's grandkid and an unnamed woman. The woman tells the other two that the only hope of humanity - two vampires - has been burned to death with lava. After some inquiries from the old man, the woman starts to tell them of the story leading up to the event...

Cuts again to after the agreement between Alaine and Asgar: time has passed, yet the Book of the Elras is still nowhere to be found. Asgar has run out of patience and decided to stop looking for the Book. Instead, he seeks to take the other the half of the stone tablet from Alaine so he can use it for himself. This triggered a war between Asgar and Alaine which lasts for many years. Both sides suffer from heavy damage, but humans are the one who suffer the most. Stuck between two sides of the war, many humans are turned into magically-enslaved vampire warriors while most of the rest is kidnapped and kept as food.


One day, Alaine comes across Jayna's bloodspirit. Jayna tells Alaine of the Book's location and urges her to hurry up: after such a long time in the Blood realm, Valnar's bloodspirit has grown so weak that he cannot manifest in the real world anymore. If this continues, both Jayna and Valnar may not be able to return.

Alaine promptly departs to take the Book and returns to her base to resurrect Valnar. But before she can do so, Asgar has discovered Alaine's hiding place and orders a full-force attack. The two met again after many years, this time each determines to end the other's live. After a brutal battle, Asgar emerges victorious, but Alaine jumped into a nearby sewer and escapes. Unfortunately for her, she finds herself captured by the Elras trio who has somehow reappear in the living world. The Elras toture Alaine endlessly, hoping to find the whereabouts of their Book and the Stone tablet.


Back in the Blood realm, it seems Valnar is slowly losing his mind after years of enduring unspeakable pain in the realm. Seeing that, Jayna laughs at him and gloats that once she get Alaine to resurrect her, Jayna will take revenge on all of the people who made her life miserable.

Meanwhile, Asgar has been feverishly searching for Alaine. His search finally brings him to the Elras. With the help of his underlings, he slays all but one of the mages. Only then does Asgar discover that the Elras has put a special collar on Alaine which will kill her if the last mage dies. In the rush to save Alaine, Asgar risks using a strange rune left behind by the Elras. He seems to succeed, but the moment Alaine regains consciousness is also the moment Asgar collapse...


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