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Recap / Urban Legends

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  1. Chapter I: The Arrivals
  2. Chapter II: Time Reset; Reawakenings
  3. Chapter III: Reunions; Mythological Waves
  4. Chapter IV: Second Mythological Waves; Divine Interactions
  5. Chapter V: Spiritual Trainings; Akihabara Explorations
  6. Chapter VI: Cryptid Incursion; Dancing in Starlight
  7. Chapter VII: AnimeJapan; Welcome to Otaku Paradise
  8. Chapter VIII: Pokémon Rumble; Post-Con Blues
  9. Chapter IX: Coming of Spring; Transitional Tranquility
  10. Chapter X: The Consortium's Invite; Evening Dance Ball
  11. Chapter XI: Hello, Miura Beach; Beautiful Boy Lovers
  12. Chapter XII: Parallel Dimensions; Crimson World
  13. Chapter XIII: Fractured Love; Take My Heart
  14. Chapter XIV: Hot Springs Fun; A Spanish Guest
  15. Chapter XV: Halloween Nights; Thieves and Revenants vs. Dracula
  16. Chapter XVI: The Consortium Strikes; Resurfacing Lost
  17. Chapter XVII: Vamkyries, Reptiles, and Successors; The Mad Scientist's Cruel Gambit
  18. Chapter XVIII: The Envoys of Vein; A November to Remember
  19. Chapter XIX: A White Christmas Joy; New Year Full Circle
  20. Chapter XX: Yggdrasil Dreamscape; Opening Acts of Wulf-Edda
  21. Chapter XXI: A Fatalistic Love; Kriemhild's Madness
  22. Chapter XXII: Ragnarök War; Closing Acts of Wulf-Edda
  23. Chapter XXIII: Clone Battles; Entry to a Vein World
  24. Chapter XXIV: In the World of Vein; Prelude to Ragnarok Vein
  25. Chapter XXV: Ragnarok Vein Begins; The Eight-Headed Conspiracy
  26. Chapter XXVI: The Soaring Vamkyries; Protect the Weeping Tree
  27. Chapter XXVII: Ragnarok Vein's End; Yami Matter Reaction
  28. Chapter XXVIII: Final Yami Matter Event; The Ethereal War
  29. Chapter XXIX: Rise of the Yami King and Eve; Yami Matter Avatar
  30. Chapter XXX: The Ethereal War Ends; Moving Forward